Battlefield 1 Nivelle Nights Map Can Now Be Played Through The CTE

Want to make a difference? Want to see a change or alteration in EA and DICE’s Battlefield 1? If so, a new map can be tested and played that is specifically in an early state via the CTE for you and your friends to change. The whole point of this session is that you, the player, can help shape and mold this community-project map, Nivelle Nights, to feature whatever it is that you want.

Update: The Nivelle Night map will be for free unlike what a lot of people are saying. For those who don’t know, EA has confirmed that it will be like Giant’s Shadow.

A new map, just like Giant’s Shadow, will be coming to all players for free — although it would have been better if the map in the ANZAC campaign “The Runner” was added at night instead. But, the good part is that the map will be free to all players when it releases. However, those who are signed up to participate in the CTE program can shape the map since it is in an early “doughy” state that is open for player feedback and shaping.

We have a guide-like thing that explains how to join the CTE if you want to join in on the fun and help cultivate  Nivelle Nights for the better, or just give feedback in general.

The map is said to take some hints from the single-player War Story in the flying oriented “Friends in High Places” campaign’s stage Fall From Grace. However, I wonder if the devs will add to the trench filled night map where holes, canals and trenches can fill up with water when it rains like in the map Soissons? And if the map doesn’t, remember now is the time to start suggesting things if you want to see a change, because this is essentially a map that you have control over via the CTE.

It is said that more free maps and content are coming down the line, which will go through the CTE so that you and others can help shape. As of now, Battlefield 1 is out for PC, Xbox One and PS4. For more information on the Nivelle Nights map, Westie has a video for you to watch below.


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