Beat Cop Cheats Add Infinite Stamina, Money
Beat Cop Cheats
(Last Updated On: April 17, 2017)

Pixel Crow’s Beat Cop is one of the most hardcore games to release in recent times. It’s completely unabashed about its adult themes, and they don’t pull any punches. If this were a movie it could only be made in the 1970s or 1980s, before America got pussified with all this SJW nonsense. Anyway, thankfully this game was made for those of us who know a thing or two about playing games made for people who don’t need safe spaces to co-exist with the real world, and there’s even a cheat trainer for those of you who can’t seem to squeeze by on a cop’s minimum wage in Beat Cop.

One of the challenges of the game is maintaining enough money to survive. You’ll also have to pay alimony in the game, and it’ll zap all your money dryer than a nun’s cooch. So to help you out, there’s a cheat trainer that you can download right now from over on the Mr. Antifun page.

The trainer only has three cheats, but they’re good ones. You have:

  • Infinite Stamina
  • Infinite Money
  • Freeze Time

Each of these cheats are highly useful for your Beat Cop exploits. Infinite Stamina means you won’t ever get tired from chasing after perps in the game, something that happens frequently. Infinite money means you don’t have to worry about alimony zapping away all your cash. Instead, your wallet will be more full than an abuse shelter for women at the end of St. Patrick’s Day.

The last cheat lets you freeze time, meaning you can get more work done and clean up the streets without worrying about racing against the clock.

There are a couple of caveats to using the cheat trainer, though. You’ll need to first start the game and generate a world on the first day before you can activate the timer cheat or the stamina cheat. Also, before you can activate the infinite money cheat, be sure to either spend your money or accept a bribe, and then activate the cheat. The following day the infinite money cheat will be in effect.

Beat Cop is available right now if you don’t already own it, and it’s a game that doesn’t pull any punches. It’s hardcore – and by hardcore… I do mean hardcore. So you can grab a digital copy (if you’re into pixel games) from the Steam store for $14.99.

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