Bethesda Mistakenly Invited Kotaku To Prey Event, But Then Quickly Uninvited Them
Prey - Kotaku
(Last Updated On: April 19, 2017)

Bethesda blacklisted Kotaku back in 2015 after they leaked a lot of stuff about their games in the past, including spoiling some of Fallout 4’s story many, many months before its release, as reported by Forbes.

Recently, during the rounds of sending out invites for a preview press event for Prey, a third-party PR firm working for Bethesda mistakenly sent out invitations to Kotaku’s staff, including editor-in-chief Stephen Totilo. When Totilo responded back to confirm a date for the team, they let him know that there were no slots available for Kotaku staff, which seems to fit in line with Bethesda’s continued blackout on providing Kotaku with press privileges.


Over on TheGG, they provide a bit more of an in-depth analysis on Totilo’s tweets, as well as the possibility of whether or not Bethesda even sent them invites in the first place.

Even still, Kotaku’s Jason Schreier attempted to laugh it off, re-sharing the tweet with his social media underlings.

Beneath the haughty exterior and jocular manner in which this tweet was made, there appeared to be something broken and longing within Schreier…

Little did he know that Kotaku’s day would become much, much worse.

Polygon’s Ben Kuchera made a sloppy attempt to defend Kotaku after developers began mocking the outlet, but he ended up putting them into the public cross-hairs of further scorn. By proxy, he made Jason Schreier a victim of ridicule. It was almost equivalent to the failed chivalry Jon Lovitz’ character from High-School High attempted in order to save Tia Carrere.

It was in that moment that Jason Schreier realized his pride had been sodomized… by the haphazard writing of Ben Kuchera.

Schreier took to NeoGaf to complain about the Kuchera incident, where he felt as if the Polygon writer had thrown Kotaku under the bus after developers began mocking Schreier and Kotaku. Meanwhile, the gaming social media metaverse chalked it up to another instance of drama that spawned laughs at the expense of both Kotaku and Polygon.

In the end, though, Kotaku suffered a major PR snafu, especially with Polygon throwing them under the bus and then Bethesda seductively teasing them with a PR invite, only for them to then pull the “nope” rug out from underneath them.

The staff at Kotaku probably felt as forlorn as that pitiful high school virgin who gets called over to the house of the really hot cheerleader, only for the cheerleader to tell that said virgin face-to-face… that she’s friendzoning him.

(Thanks for the news tip Senator Armstrong)

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  • Phasmatis75

    Kotaku got blacklisted because Bethesda got tired of their politically loaded questions, not because they leaked stuff. “We got banned because we leaked stuff,” was the excuse they tried to use, but at the time everyone refuted this by showing how absolutely obnoxious they had been toward Bethesda.

  • Thank you for the mention =)

  • Corvus Dove

    Maybe someone just needs to bet Bethesda that they won’t take the ugliest news source to prom so kotaku can reveal its reallly been a great reviewer the whole time.

  • Muten


    My heart goes out to kotaku, i’ve been in similar situations before :^(

  • If anyone is thinking of praising Bethesda (both developer and publisher) for this, consider this abortion of a “female” character design before handing out the praise.

  • Bamf

    Kotaku review: “Ugly female protagonist not ugly enough.” 2/10

  • Bamf


  • Keystone

    Really hoping this combined with this year’s E3 letting real gamers attend helps to speed up the death of Kotaku, Polygon, and all the other poorly veiled agitprop rags.

  • Jeremy Berkland

    A company that leaks other company secrets? For shame! Honesty is a dying art.

  • durka durka

    Tia was so hot when she was young.

  • Disqusted

    Haw. Suck it, self-proclaimed master game designer who has never actually made a game but bashes others, devilspawn Schreier Kuchera.

  • Mr.Towel

    Bethesda was probably like

    -“We need to do a preview, tell the PR Team to call the press”

    “Wait, who called Kotaku?”

    -“The Freshman on the PR Team, sir”

    -“Oh, tell them to fuck off, we don’t like them”

  • Gozu Tennoh

    I actually gain energy from news like this.

    Schadenfreude ftw.

    • Disqusted


  • SevTheBear

    Polygon and Kotaku can’t die fast enough