Call Of Duty: WWII Adds Strong Female Character, Diversity; Polygon Still Not Happy
Call of Duty WWII

Game developers have been bending over backwards since 2012 to appease SJWs like Jonathan McIntosh and Anita Sarkeesian, as well as hate-bait websites like Polygon and Kotaku when it comes to “representation” and “diversity” in games. Many studios have completely ignored the gaming’s history of strong, well written characters in favor of adopting depictions of characters that fit what SJWs deem to be “progressive”. Well, even Call of Duty wasn’t immune to the SJW propaganda.

During the recent Call of Duty: WWII livestream, the developers at Sledgehammer Games and the lead actors who worked on the game made it a point to reiterate that Call of Duty: WWII is a progressive, diverse game, and that the cast of characters is made up of a diverse selection of individuals.

You can check it out at around the 24 minute mark in the livestream presentation below.

Michael Condrey, one of the co-founders of Sledgehammer Games, setup the talking point for diversity using the following prelude…

“We want to showcase how ordinary men and women came together to accomplish the extraordinary. And while the story follows the First Infantry division, we also follow a story of diverse cast of characters, like Major Crawley from the SOE, now he’s a UK intel officer who earns recognition for his heroism earlier in the war […] [and] he coordinates with the French resistance activities.”

Glen Schofield, the second co-founder of Sledgehammer Games, followed up on what Condrey said, stating…

“…And while fighting through the German lines in France, players will be introduced to other great characters, such as Rousseau, the powerful female leader of the French resistance, who forms a close bond with all our cast of characters as the story progresses.”

He also notes that the main character’s best friend is a Jewish-American private, and that there are “blacks” who are part of the cast of characters as well.

The only box they didn’t check (yet) is the LGBTQI one, but I know they’ll somehow manage to squeeze that bad boy in there somewhere, Papa McIntosh is counting on it. Perhaps they have a gender fluid Nazi who has an existential complex when he recognizes that transracialism exists after having a Rachel Dolezal moment, and he begins to contemplate suicide once he discovers that he is actually a Jewishkin? Maybe there’s a pansexual tank operator who finds out he’s upgraded his sexuality to being an anthrosexual, and develops a sexual relationship with his Panzer tank? The sky is the limit, folks.

Even still, ticking boxes and running the gamut of representation wasn’t enough for some people. Sledgehammer Games’ attempt to add Strong Female Characters™ only peeved off the perpetually pissed Polygon.

Owen S. Good and Allegra Frank penned a piece on April 26th, 2017 for Polygon, with the title “Call of Duty: WWII’s ‘diversity’ is nothing more than marketing”.

They go on to deride the livestream for essentially seeing Sledgehammer and the actors pander to the loud, vocal minority of SJWs who have ruined gaming by politicizing everything and dragging identity politics into every single aspect of every single entertainment medium on the planet. The daftly dynamic duo write…

“It reads like a marketer’s checklist for suitable diversity, a roster of token characters that pats the publisher on the back more than it acknowledges their experiences. Sledgehammer staffers’ repeated references to “brotherhood” also speak clearly to the fact this game will be told from a very traditional perspective.


“From what we saw and heard about this game today, that tradition doesn’t genuinely include brothers of other races, or brothers who don’t identify as male”

Ha, so even when you suckers cave to SJWs, you still can’t win!

By Jove, it’s like SJWs forbade anyone from playing a game for which they can simply have fun.

Not only must developers hit those token “diversity” checkpoints for that sweet, sweet “progressive” virtual signal karma, but apparently they also have to mean it, too. It’s like when Winston couldn’t just toe the line, he also had to do it without the bad attitude, lest Big Brother reeducate him in the Ministry of Love.

Apparently adding token Strong Female Character™ is no longer enough. SFC™ also needs to star in the game like in Star Wars: Battlefront II or otherwise the developers aren’t being that grammatically misused term millennials have been spouting on and on about on social media… what’s it called? Oh right… being “woke”.

Oh right, and if you have any issues with the SJW’s SFC™, you’re a sexist, misogynistic transphobe.

Call of Duty WWII - Jeffrey Pierce

So let’s go over the checklist again:

  • If you don’t have a strong female character or minorities in your game as main characters, you’re not “woke”.
  • If you do have the characters in your game then they can’t be token checks on the back of the box, otherwise… you’re still not “woke”.
  • Now, even if you do have these characters in the game and they’re more than tokens, they also have to have prominent roles in the game that speaks to their oppression, otherwise… you’re not “woke”.
  • Now even if you do manage to hit all those checkboxes, you also have to make sure there’s no sexy time (unless the characters identify as queer), and you can’t promote a straight white male as being a savior, otherwise… you’re not “woke”.

If you manage to hit all those checkpoints, then the SJW authoritarians in media might give you pass because your game is like Horizon: Zero Dawn. If not? Well, like what happened with Call of Duty: WWII… prepare for the SJW Offendatrons to be offended.


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