Capcom Expects Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite To Sell At Least 2 Million Copies
Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Sales
(Last Updated On: April 29, 2017)

During its launch quarter, Capcom has plans on selling at least 2 million copies of Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite. This fits in line with their estimated margins that they had for Resident Evil 7, which also moved 2 million out of the gate.

According to one of the forward looking charts for Capcom’s remainder fiscal year starting from the third quarter, it shows that they have high hopes for Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite when it launches this fall. The piece was shared by Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad…

The stats seem about par the course for many of Capcom’s projections for their games lately. However, they’ve been a bit off with some of those projections due to their business practices. Games like Street Fighter X Tekken ended up falling short of the projections due to the disc locked content that pissed off enough gamers to the point where a lot of gamers decided to pass on the game or only pick it up used, causing it to fall below Capcom’s internal estimates.

Capcom also had high hopes for Street Fighter V, aiming to move 2 million SKUs, but the game fell well below expectations and only managed to move 1.4 million during the launch quarter, and only slowly gained a hundred thousand more players over the course of the year, as reported by PlayStation Lifestyle. The biggest issue that game suffered from was launching without a lot of features and content that gamers expected to be in at launch… like an arcade mode!

Hitting 2 million should be easy if the game launches properly without a bunch of on-disc DLC, microtransactions and other skeezy tactics that gamers abhor.

In the case of Resident Evil 7, it was easy to sell more than 2 million because it was a well done game and the DLC wasn’t necessary to complete or enjoy the experience.

Already some people are leery about Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite because Capcom is already advertising six DLC characters well ahead of the game’s September launch. So it sounds like it could be repeating the Street Fighter X Tekken model again. Hopefully Capcom learned their lesson, but some companies are stubborn. It took two Worst Company of the Year awards for Electronic Arts to finally straighten up and turn their ship around. Hopefully Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite won’t have to fail for Capcom to start doing right by their audience.

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  • Shocker Rider GG

    2 MILLION ????? with that awful roster , those crappy graphics , and dlc announced before the release ? COOL STORY BRO!!!!!!

  • Aleksandre

    Capcom is notorious for releasing incomplete games and trying to sell overpriced dlc which should have been free or included on disc at release. This game is literally a UMVC3 reskin with each returning character having the exact same animations and same moves. The game is 2v2 which is a big red flag saying the roster will be very small. Guaranteed each dlc character will run you at lease $5 a pop. No new game play? 4 months until release? Not even 20 characters confirmed? You’re about to be robbed out of $60.

  • Disqusted

    Crapcom can suck my ass.


    I highly doubt we’ll see a repeat of the Street Fighter x Tekken situation. Remember, that pissed a LOT of people off. It would be foolish of Capcom to even entertain the idea of locked disc DLC again. Then again, there are people that were stupid enough to buy Street Fighter V at launch (tourney players), so I don’t know. At this point, it’s too early to judge without seeing what the final roster is going to be like, considering they’ve only revealed a handful of characters.

  • EroBotan

    Capcom, just merge with Konami already and become Capkona

    • Disqusted

      You mean “Crapcrap”.

  • 2 million? With that DLC plan? J. Jonah Jameson is in fucking tears right now.

    • Disqusted

      He’s probably DLC too.

  • RichardGristle

    I know the FGC/tourney scene is minor in regards to sales numbers, but so far the general sentiment isn’t of the “it’s gonna sell at least 2 million” variety.

  • Bamf

    Story Mode coming in 2020.