Could Elder Scrolls 6 Or The Next Fallout Feature Online Multiplayer?

Bethesda recently posted up a job listing for an upcoming game that it has under its sleeve, and this job listing calls for a senior Core Tech Engineer whose job is to help bring and improve online multiplayer environments through development.

Bethesda’s games usually sees a player exploring a world in a single player focused realm that offers up multiple routes for a player to navigate. We usually don’t see that many online multiplayer games by the studio. According to publication site GameRant that could change very soon.

Many people believe that the next Elder Scrolls game or Fallout title could be candidates for this new job listing that sees “core engine technology” and “online multiplayer” at play in one of said titles.

Looking deeper into the job listing, it reads that Bethesda is looking for a Senior Core Tech Engineer to help maintain, optimize and extend core engine technology. The individual must be experienced in C++ programming and must be experienced in the said trait of online multiplayer.

A lot of people believe three things are to come out of this: A new game/IP that features online play, The Elder Scrolls VI featuring online support, or a new Fallout game featuring support for online.

In my honest opinion it would seem like online support would just glitch up the latter two games and add even more problems, given how broken Fallout 4 and the Elder Scroll V were at release.

Seeing that Bethesda is working on three upcoming games that are supposedly “big”, it’ll be interesting to see if the games will feature the aforesaid support. But, with Godd Howard saying that the titles will be “bigger than anything we’ve ever done. They’re a bit different, but definitely in the wheelhouse that people are used to from us.” We might just see online multiplayer support in an even glitchier Elder Scrolls or Fallout title, or maybe in a new series altogether.

What’s for certain is that Bethesda is looking for a Senior Core Tech Engineer, which more info on the job listing can be found by hitting up jobs/


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