Crytek Shanghai Reportedly Failed To Pay Employees Leading Up To Closure
(Last Updated On: April 18, 2017)

Reports are beginning to surface that Crytek’s Shanghai office has closed, which employed around 20 or so individuals at the time of its closure. TechRaptor took note of the news from various posts made by industry economic analyst Daniel Ahmed, who posted up the information on his Twitter account.

Ahmed also follows up the allegations with proof of an e-mail sent by the Shanghai offices to employees stating that they would be paid eventually… even though it supposedly never happened.

For those of you who can’t read the picture in the tweet, it states…

“To clarify the payroll issue and people not attending office. We will pay for full salaries up until Oct 31st [2016] for those that are still with the company now. Of course people that quit earlier will be paid until their last work day.


“Starting from Nov 1st [2016], if staff does not come to office, it will be accountant for as a unpaid day for staff.”

Apparently even up until October 31st, employees reportedly were not paid.

According to the tweets from Ahmed, Crytek Shanghai shutdown after they were unable to pay rent.

This is a mirror story from December, 2016, where Crytek announced that it was shutting down five of its studios around the world, including in Hungary, Bulgaria, South Korea, China and Turkey.

According to VentureBeat they don’t mention if the Shanghai studio was part of those five studios – particularly the one in China – but Eurogamer does. Surprisingly, though, the website for Studio Shanghai is still up and running.

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  • Disqusted

    Well, that sucks. For the people who got screwed over, and also Crytek going down the gutter. I liked Crysis 1, but hated 2 and didn’t even bother trying 3.

    I remember hearing about game companies screwing employees over, long before GamerGate: failing to play employees, overworking them, treating them like shit, etc. It sounds like it’s a pretty common thing, but the media doesn’t seem to talk about it much. They’re too busy attacking gamers and whining about political correctness bullshit.

    I’ve had some assholes ask me to do work for them for free. They’re
    like, “we can’t pay you now, but we can when the game is finished!”
    Yeah, right. One of my friends worked for a guy, outside of a contract, and never got paid. Turns out the same guy approached tons of people over many years and exploited them without pay, but never got in trouble for it. All anyone else could do was try to warn people on public forums about him. I hear that such people often try to exploit fresh college graduates. This was several years ago now, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he was still at it.