Cyber Lily, Mega Man-Inspired Platformer Receives Enemy Trailer
Cyber Lily
(Last Updated On: April 21, 2017)

Indie developer Erobotan released a new video for his upcoming sexy side-scroller, Cyber Lily. The game first came onto the scene back in late 2016, where some of the platforming and player mechanics were put on display. The wall-sliding, jumping, shooting and running were all highlighted. Well, fast forward a few months and now Erobotan has updated the game to include new enemy types.

The trailer starts with a quick look at one of the futuristic stages, and Lily hopping down to battle some of her robot foes. She uses a standard blaster and a charged shot to cut through her enemies. You can check it out below.

Not only does she have a rapid-fire blaster, but she can also use a laser sword for her melee attacks. We see that Lily’s SP goes down when using her blaster, so players will have to pick and choose how they dispense of enemies with their weapons.

Additionally, we also see that combining the roll with the melee attack is a good way to close the distance on some enemies and do away with them before they deal too much damage.

Erobotan is known for making action games with a sexy side-twist to them, usually featuring risque material or scantily clad lead female characters. For the few games that have made their way to Steam Greenlight there have been a lot of complaints, controversy and some protest to either get the game removed from Greenlight or to force him to censor the content.

This also sparked up during a time where it’s become taboo to feature sexy women in video games these days. The only time you’ll see that is from import games or from 18+ erotic titles. The standard of including a sexy female has become outlawed in Western society, so whenever brainwashed gamers see a sexy lady in games, they’ve become conditioned to rally against it, since the media tells them that depicting women as sexy is wrong and lusting after sexy women is wrong.

Anyway, updates and details for Cyber Lily, which is inspired by the Mega Man series, can be viewed by visiting the Patreon page.

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  • Looking good, nice level of detail in this for the characters. Also like the hit-sparks as well.

    Constructive Criticism: I think she needs a few more animation frames when she gets up after falling down (0:27 in the video). It looks a bit choppy right now.

    • EroBotan

      ooh you’re right, most likely need 1 or 2 more frames. Thanks !

  • verytirednerd

    Looks promising, I like the idea of sexy anime girls but the art, animation, and effects all need a lot of work yet.

    • EroBotan

      can you be more specific?

      • Disqusted

        I think the animation looks kinda stiff. Her head is almost always around the same height, she doesn’t move much (poses are too generic/dull). Overall presentation and use of color doesn’t feel very appealing. The attacks feel sort of unsatisfying because of the animation, effects, etc.

        I expected her to be a lot smaller than the mechs (don’t know why). I think it looks kinda dull how they’re mostly the same size as her. More variation would be good.

        Overall, it doesn’t look BAD, but it doesn’t look like something I’d really want to play. Still looks better to me than Mighty No 9 though (no cutscene dialogue, designs don’t irk me, it’s not covered in ugly lighting 3d effects).

        Edit: Oh, you’re the author. Keep working on it, I’m sure it’ll get better. I don’t know what your scope is, or what you already intend to implement, so I’ll just list stuff I’d personally do.

        I’d try to make the action look a little more exciting/faster-paced, have more dynamic poses (not standing upright as much) with horizontal and vertical movement, and maybe try to have more “oomph” with each attack (eg. time the animations so that there’s more “anticipation”/delay before the character swings her limbs, and less time during the visible slash effect, to make it look more weighty/fast). If you make it more faster-paced, I think it’d be good to give players a way to fast recover when knocked down.

        Color-wise, I think maybe try to make the characters/enemies stand out more, like use reds instead of brown? I think because you’re going for an anime style look, try to use more bright/saturated colors, while maintaining a good contrast between foreground/background and characters. It looks like you already know that, though. Maybe look for sci-fi animes with similar colors and see what colors they used.

        Effects-wise, I think people love to see independent particles flying around. Maybe check out how the mechs look when destroyed in Another Metroid 2 Remake (I recall destroying mechs feeling really good in that), and I think the Metal Slug series? Have little bolts, nuts and scrap pieces burst outwards, trailing smoke and flames, or something.

        If possible, try to have more gravity/weight (I like less floaty, but that’s me), and more actionreaction exchanges between player and enemies (eg. dodging/guarding mechanics). I think enemies need more visible feedback when hit, such as hitshake or recoiling in some way. I think screen-shaking when there are explosions would be nice.

        I kinda feel like I’d want to zoom out the camera, but I don’t know how that’d be without testing it. I personally like characters to feel speedy and cover large distances quickly.

        This actually kinda reminds me of that ICEY game. Maybe check that out for some references? I recall the attacks in that looking pretty awesome, though I didn’t play much of it.

        • EroBotan

          For color, generic pose, etc. Those are going to stay, I don’t have the budget to redo them, sorry T__T. As for the explosion effect like exploding part, etc are already planned. It’s just not implemented yet in this demo. And I’ll try to make her heads goes up and down more ^^.

          The mech here is a miniboss, there are bigger boss than this one. However the big sized boss won’t appear in the 1st stage (unless there is a change of plan). There are also bigger grunts too so don’t worry about it 😀 !

          As for slowing down the animation before the swing etc I think it will be implemented with the other character Joan who is melee based and use katanas. Yuzuha is only using a dagger so i think the current flow of speed is good enough since it’s light and easy to use? For recovery move, it’s already in the game, i just i fail to use it in the video ^^. it will be like in my previous game Blitz Angel Spica, go to 0:25 to see the recovery move in action
          Some enemies in Blitz Angel Spica also has dodge/block skill so these feature will be in Cyber Lily too, don’t worry! I think these skills are better reserved for the bosses and maybe few elite enemies though, so the enemies that are shown in this trailer won’t have them. The enemies are already get pushed back after receiving some damage right? There is also screen shaking when explosion happen but it’s probably too small since you didn’t see it, I’ll try to shake it harder!

          I’ll try to play around with more gravity too

          As for zoom out, I don’t know how to do it sadly but you can get a much wider view if you set your resolution to 1080p (the video is 720p, thanks to low HD, RAM, and VGA)

          I’ll check ICEY, thanks for the reference (and also for all of the suggestions!!