Cyber Lily, Mega Man-Inspired Platformer Receives Enemy Trailer
Cyber Lily

Indie developer Erobotan released a new video for his upcoming sexy side-scroller, Cyber Lily. The game first came onto the scene back in late 2016, where some of the platforming and player mechanics were put on display. The wall-sliding, jumping, shooting and running were all highlighted. Well, fast forward a few months and now Erobotan has updated the game to include new enemy types.

The trailer starts with a quick look at one of the futuristic stages, and Lily hopping down to battle some of her robot foes. She uses a standard blaster and a charged shot to cut through her enemies. You can check it out below.

Not only does she have a rapid-fire blaster, but she can also use a laser sword for her melee attacks. We see that Lily’s SP goes down when using her blaster, so players will have to pick and choose how they dispense of enemies with their weapons.

Additionally, we also see that combining the roll with the melee attack is a good way to close the distance on some enemies and do away with them before they deal too much damage.

Erobotan is known for making action games with a sexy side-twist to them, usually featuring risque material or scantily clad lead female characters. For the few games that have made their way to Steam Greenlight there have been a lot of complaints, controversy and some protest to either get the game removed from Greenlight or to force him to censor the content.

This also sparked up during a time where it’s become taboo to feature sexy women in video games these days. The only time you’ll see that is from import games or from 18+ erotic titles. The standard of including a sexy female has become outlawed in Western society, so whenever brainwashed gamers see a sexy lady in games, they’ve become conditioned to rally against it, since the media tells them that depicting women as sexy is wrong and lusting after sexy women is wrong.

Anyway, updates and details for Cyber Lily, which is inspired by the Mega Man series, can be viewed by visiting the Patreon page.


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