Dead Rising 4: Frank Rising Gameplay Walkthrough
Dead Rising 4 Frank Rising

Capcom released the Frank Rising DLC for Dead Rising 4, featuring the events that followed the ending of the original story mode in the game. The DLC showcases what happens with Frank after dying and turning into a zombie. For gamers curious how the things really end, there’s a walkthrough guide available.

The true ending DLC is only an hour long, and you must kill humans in order to keep Frank a healthy zombie. You use ‘X’ to melee and ‘Y’ and ‘B’ together to use the special attacks. The right bumper can knock enemies over, not unlike pushing people aside when running in Assassin’s Creed.

YouTuber RabidRetroSpectGames has the full DLC walkthrough, which you can check out below.

The first thing you’ll need to do is kill the humans and make your way through the mall, avoiding gunfire along the way.

The engineer, Hammond, will end up trying to kill Frank. Dr. Blackburne manages to give Frank some treatments and partially manages to cure Frank’s zombism.

You’ll only have an hour and a half to complete the entire campaign mission, so you’ll have to move fast.

The zombies will be after you along with the human soldiers.

The yellow nav marker will tell you where to go once you get the key and exit from the holding room where Blackburne is.

Head to the checkpoint and press ‘B’ to suck up the Swarm to unlock the Pounce ability, which you can use with LB.

Kill the guards and then head to the next checkpoint.

Catching the loose “Princess” Swarm will trigger a short mini-game where you’ll need to kill some human looters within the limited amount of time.

Head to the store and grab the painkillers. You’ll need to kill some of the soldiers before you can get into the convenience store.

Next you’ll need the control key for Barnaby’s machine, so head into the pub and go downstairs and you’ll find the control key in a storage room inside of a crate.

Head to the hardware store and collect the Swarm. This will unlock a new ability for Frank, enabling him to fire bile using the right trigger.

Remember, if you need health just beat up some zombies and eat them by pressing ‘Y’ + ‘B’.

Next up you’ll need to head to the shopping mart and pick up some overproof liquor.

Once you get the liquor Blackburne will direct you to the bus depot. You can pick up another Swarm or battle through the horde and go inside and grab Blackburne’s phone from the locker.

Follow the nav markers to the next checkpoint; defeat the evo zombies. Defeat the Royal Evo in order to move on to the next mission segment.

Eventually Frank will be led to the barn where Hammond and a few other rebels are located. Frank will need to kill the soldiers. It’s best to take out the ones near cover so you can use the cover and avoid being shot down.

Proceed to the winery where the secret lab is located and clear out all the soldiers before time runs out.

In order to purge the parasites, follow the instructions from Blackburne until you complete the final segment.

You can check out both the good and the bad ending for the DLC courtesy of MKIceandFire.


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