Destiny Age Of Triumph Guides, Glitches And Exploits

In this compilation of Destiny guides, glitches and exploits for the newly certified Age of Triumph event, folks will learn how to get the Exotic Vault of Glass Raid chest solo, how to get a skin/ornament by using an existing weapon, and how to get the Year 3 Vex Mythoclast fusion rifle.

Standing as an old glitch that was found way back when, this old time glitch still helps folks out today looking to solo the new Exotic Vault of Glass Raid. The glitch allows folks to obtain free exotic loot.

I’m sure quite a bit of people are doing this glitch as of this moment and into days to come, but for those who are unaware and seeking a better prospect of good exotic loot that can reach up to Light Level 400, a video guide by DJ Daily Destiny & More shows how to do said glitch.

The next entry on this list is not all that useful, but it can quench your visual thirst (if that makes any sense). If you are looking for a specific skin or certain Ornament that you want but you don’t own it, a guide by Violent Privilege Gaming teaches you how to obtain an Ornament through an unorthodox way.

Standing as a guide to get the newly implemented Year 3 Vex Mythoclast fusion rifle — which arrived in the Age of Triumph event — that comes in by Arekkz Gaming, the weapon can be obtained in an RNG type fashion.

In addition to the RNG part, it is best to use Knuckles of Eao to increase the chance of getting the Vex Mythoclast when fighting Atheon. You can check out the video below if you want a visual guide.

As of right now, Destiny is out for PS3, Xbox 360, PS4 and Xbox One. Rise of Iron is only available across PS4 and Xbox One.


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