Destiny Guide: How To Complete The Templar Challenge Vault Of Glass Raid

Looking for a Destiny guide on how to beat the Age of Triumph’s Templar Challenge in the Vault of Glass Raid? if so, this guide will cover some tips and tricks on defeating the Vex Ultra Hydra, which is better known as the Templar. Bungie’s Destiny is out now for Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One and PS4.

The Templar is known to lie outside the boundaries of time, and have a direct correlation to the Oracles; this allows the powerful entities to shape time itself, making them a devastating foe to contend with.

Upon fighting this entity, it has a shield resembling that of a Hydra’s, but it surrounds the entire body. This shield can only be destroyed by using the super ability of the Aegis found in the room.

Team work and communication is something that is key to defeating this boss, although that should come as a no-brainer. One important step when fighting the boss is to make sure that the Templar does not teleport, which means that preventing it from warping around the room is essential.

It’s best to remember that every time one of your teammates uses the relic’s blast to remove the Templar’s protective shield that prevents damage, the Templar will try to teleport to a new location.

Locating the next warp spot is very simple in that a red highlight circle will appear with a ray of light emitting from it. Stand on the designated spot to prevent the act of teleportation and wait for the text “The Templar calls for its Minotaurs” to appear.

It is best to keep a rhythm when dealing with the Oracles and the Templar, and making sure that certain players on your team do specific things that do not overlap or undo the situation, causing a break in the pattern you and your team have going.

If you are looking for a visual guide on beating the Templar, YouTuber KackisHD has a guide showing how to beat the challenge. If you want to jump ahead the video starts around 2:00.

Destiny is out now for Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One and PS4.


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