Eon Break, 2D Time And Space Manipulation Game Lands On Greenlight

Indie developer Glad Rock seeks to bring Eon Break — which is a game about Tesla going back in time to prevent the Third Reich and the Nazis from taking control of most of Europe — to Steam. The 2D Sci-Fi, Metroidvania game is currently seeking votes on Greenlight and aims to release on PC.

Eon Break is all about time manipulation, platforming, battling Nazis and fearsome creatures in a realm that requires players to think to solve challenging puzzles. Action also finds its way in some instances, but the game heavily focuses on bending reality to your advantage during an alternate 1943 setting.

“1943. The Third Reich has seized control over most of Europe, suppressing any and all resistance with powerful weapons and fearsome creations. Reinforced with alien technologies, the Nazi are sure that their regime would become millennial. Nikola Tesla travels back in time to find the root of all evil and prevent the invasion!”

The game uses different environmental props that allows players to utilize them so that they can reach other places with ease. This also applies to enemy weapons like rockets and deadly traps that sit and wait for players.

The indie game, especially for Greenlight, is looking pretty decent at the moment. It also surprises me that there is actual gameplay shown in the trailer, which is something that most Greenlight videos never feature.

Speaking of the trailer, you can check out Tesla using his all-purpose tool gun to battle the Third Reich in Eon Break, which the video itself comes in by Glad Rock‘s YouTube channel.

If this game looks like something worth voting for you can head on over to Steam Greenlight to vote for Eon Break. If you want more information in regards to the developers and the game, you can head on over to eonbreak.com for additional info.

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