Game Dev Blames FPS, Resolution Improvements For Recruiting MRAs, #GamerGate
Bayonetta FPS
(Last Updated On: April 16, 2017)

South African game developer, Danny Day, the maker of Desktop Dungeons, decided to use his public  platform on social media to talk about how catering toward hardcore PC gaming enthusiasts with high-end PC ports of former console exclusives is encouraging the growth of Men’s Rights Activists, misogynists and #GamerGate.

Archives of Danny Day’s Twitter conversations and arguments with gamers reveals that Danny feels as if companies pushing for higher specs in software is the equivalent of opening the door for MRAs and #GamerGate.

Reddit user B-Volleyball-Ready on Kotaku In Action archived the timeline of Danny’s discussions in order to capture the relevant parts of the Twitter outbursts. Danny started by saying…

“PC gamers can now play at 512fps and 2673×21111122!” Do you want MRAs? Because this is how you get MRAs.


“Men’s Rights Activist” whiny shitbags that think feminism is bad and men are the real downtrodden ones. Wastes of calories, drown in glue.”

The most recent console exclusive to arrive on PC was Platinum Games’ Bayonetta, with improved frame-rate performance and 4K resolution support, along with added SSAO for stunning new ambient occlusion rendering, and enhanced shadow mapping.

The PC port of Bayonetta provided PC gamers with a rendition of the game that just wasn’t technologically possible on the far inferior hardware of the PS3 or Xbox 360 when the game released  eight years ago. In result of being a far better looking and far better performing release on PC, Bayonetta has endured a great deal of positive feedback from the gaming community, and a lot of PC gamers have praised Sega for properly porting the game to PC and taking advantage of the incomparably powerful hardware that can only be found on a PC gaming rig.

Catering to the Glorious PCMR has already netted Sega nearly 50,000 in sales since re-releasing the game on April 11th, according to Steam Spy. Positive word of mouth and a cheap price will likely continue to push sales.

Danny Day has an issue with this, though, claiming that this perpetuates and encourages a culture of misogyny and MRAs…

“Wait, just in case you’re serious: Via the PC “master race” bullshit, kotakuinaction, gamergate and misogynist gamer dick measuring. “


[…] I do not like MRAs, so if we had better reporting around ports instead of fostering hardware divas, maybe things’d be less shit? I am a goddamn dev and I’m telling you that obsession with PC hardware purism let’s the bad people pretend they’re your friends.”

Danny began complaining about his mentions on Twitter being occupied by MRAs.

He also complained about the PC Master Race, taking aim at hardcore gamers who use the moniker like those on the PCMR sub-Reddit or actor Terry Crews, who announced he joined the PCMR on a Facebook post.

Danny states…

“MRAs seem to be weirdly comfortable in the PC gamer communities that need messaging of their superiority to other gamers. Can you use your hardware to its full potential without a Nazi moniker? Isn’t all hardware playing a game at full potential, res regardless? I think the tendency of PC hardware obsessed dick measurers to be friendly towards MRAs is weird. Most players don’t do that.”

Danny goes on to say that praising the numbers and advancements “weirds” him out, and that by focusing on these numbers it makes gaming hostile and keeps people out of gaming, even though it was the numbers and graphical advancements that actually drew Terry Crews and his son into gaming…

“Its the breathless fantasy of games “coming to the right place” and finally getting fast enough to be good… Weirds me out. Because those same games were bad on slower console, lol. Its the same double standard of covet the sexual woman/denigrate the slut.


“MRAs and gamergaters can fuck off and not buy my games 🙂 Devs don’t have to cater to shitty humans because they’re “customers”.


“[…] Breathlessly leading with bullshit numbers in reporting reinforces divisions that make gaming hostile and unwelcoming.”

In a separate set of tweets, Danny Day does say that he does like Bayonetta but that sites that encourage talking about specs, refresh rates, resolution and the evolution of gaming technology are just “encouraging” Men’s Rights Activists…

“*whispers* I like Bayonetta.


*keeps whispering* I also think caring about super high refresh rates/resolutions is weird as hell.


“Yes, I think that people who write breathlessly only about how many pixels a port can do are encouraging the kind of stupid that makes MRAs.”

Danny continued to argue, but also told people to stop harassing him about the comments he made, given that a lot of people have been asking him to back up his statements with some sort of statistical analysis or figure showing that improving video game frame-rates, resolution and graphics lure in and reinforce MRAs, or what the actual connection is to #GamerGate.

Given Danny’s stance on higher specs allegedly being tools used to recruit MRAs and #GamerGate types, does this mean Microsoft is catering toward #GamerGate with the Project Scorpio’s 4K resolution at 60fps?

(Main image courtesy of 741DAN)

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  • Omnia Incendent

    ok, I’ve read the whole thing with puzzled look on my face, still have no idea how refresh rates and MRAs are related. or how one causes another.

    I do agree with him on his fuck off and not buy my games line though. I’m glad I won’t have to cater to feminists and SJWs.

    • Reven

      The one problem with that line of “Fuck off and not buy my games” line… he’s made ONE game, like 4+ years ago… and it wasn’t a really great game at that, some minor time sink thing when you have 10 minutes and are bored enough.

  • Jai

    Someone should tell this guy about how the ‘first wave feminists’ were essentially all white-supremacists who hated black men and couldn’t stand the idea of black men getting the vote. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • ronin4life

    Lol, South Africa is just really having fun with Feminism these days huh?

  • This guy was caught saying nonsensical shit that was pretty obviously meant to signal to his feminist peers that he’s totes progressive, but instead of admitting it when he got called out for it he doubled down with shit that only got more nonsensical as he went along. There was no substance to any of it, and he never bothered to explain how he came to his strange conclusions. It was all so very retarded.

  • keroko

    “I think the tendency of PC hardware obsessed dick measurers to be friendly towards MRAs is weird. Most players don’t do that.”

    Boy, let me tell you about a little something called ‘console wars’, because if you think PC gamers are terrible over the whole hardware obsession, you are going to shit your pants over how far we console players can take that shit.

    • BlueLight

      I have more t-flops than you 😛

      ~ Sent with Love

  • jlnod15

    Sooo what games did this guy make?

  • Phasmatis75

    Annnnd Off my wishlist that goes.

  • Shogun1x

    What a fucking idiot

  • Mr.Towel

    I think high resolution and high frame rate DOES foster the growth of shitlords in this industry…

    Because SJW diversity hires can’t code for shit.

  • FlamingoJet


  • ParasiteX

    Higher frame rates now makes you a nazi. Scientifically proven!

    • VersVlees

      Hey man 30 fps makes your games more cinematic.

      • ParasiteX

        Then they should make games in 15fps. Twice as cinematic!!!

  • AlecJ

    How does one become this particularly obnoxious type of paranoid jackass?

    It really seems like he has some personal issues to deal with that have nothing to do with the subject at hand. I can only assume there is a relatively impressive amount of deviancy bouncing around in his pinhead.

    My experience has been that these types of douche machines lash out in an attempt to project their hypocrisy on others…..its a typical psychosis of the virtue signalers.

    This guy doesnt have to worry about me buying his games….that will be zero problem.

    • Like with Matt Hickey, Devin Faraci, Sun Patel, and other SJW male feminists, you’re probably not far off. The more gung-ho they are for feminism the more likely they are to be a rapist.

  • A shitty dev that made one very shitty casual game back in 2013 has the nerve to judge me because I have a dick and actually care about gaming!? Fuck him!

  • buddyluv324
  • Meteor

    We’ve reached an unbelievable level of mental retardation here…gees.

    • I don’t think we have. There’s simply no limits to SJW retardation.

  • Disqusted

    Sounds like a supreme asshole. He probably learned how to draw nonsensical correlations from the mainstream media. They teach a full-time course of that every day, on every media platform. Of course their minions are going to think MRA are evil when the mainstream has only ever portrayed them as such. Just like the media is doing with Trump.

    Wake me when idiots realize reality has more than one side to it. Anyone with a brain should realize something is wrong when the mainstream only ever presents one perspective. That’s what we usually refer to as “propaganda”.

  • GuyGuysonEsquire

    “Progress is mysoginy !!!”
    As if we needed more evidence that SJW politics hold gaming and humanity as a whole back.

    • There’s a reason they’re called the “Regressive Left”.

  • giygas
  • Alistair

    The buzz word “master pc race” is the new racism eh lol.

    Better frame rate is the new misogyny and gamergate eh Danny.

    Another idoit cuck to put on my avoid list.

  • Migi

    Doesn’t this kinda proof a point that men do a better job than all the diversity Bullshit?

  • “MRAs and gamergaters can fuck off and not buy my games 🙂 Devs don’t have to cater to shitty humans because they’re “customers”.

    Say hi to Sunset for me!

  • Gozu Tennoh

    Mental Illness.

    It needs to be recognized that the bridge to these people can no longer be crossed.

    • Implying there was a bridge in the first place, lol.

      • Gozu Tennoh

        A few years ago when I’d see something like this I’d think “Wow, that persons gonna regret how stupid they’re currently being!”.

        Present day me knows that mental asylums or a culling are the only way to help these people now.

        • CymTyr

          Not all mentally ill are as stupid as this dev. I know people with mental illness that are far more together than he could hope to be.

  • savaze

    Maybe he just needs to make better games and quit creating conspiracies on why people aren’t buying his stuff – and maybe he should actually talk to gamers instead of the overly loud professional victims…

  • Michael P

    Oh look, another hipster indie dev virtue signals his feminism? Well colour me shocked!

    You know who convinced me to finally get a gaming PC? Jim Sterling.

    The unfunny bore injects his SoJus politics into every other rant whilst also denying SJW’s are even a thing but there’s still a sliver of common sense that his wife hasn’t sucked out of him yet and his Jimquisition vid/articles on the benefits of gaming PC’s and the debunking of myths (like having to constantly upgrade) is probably his best work. Everything he said turned out to be true.

    It’s an open platform, maintained not only by devs but gamers themselves. Has the widest/deepest pool of genres and is the cheapest place to buy games. Then there’s mods, which is almost like a whole new hobby in and of itself.Being able to crank up the resolution and frames is just a sweet cherry on top.

    And Danny boy has obviously never been to the Steam forums, there’s back and forth between every group imaginable, including GG and SJW’s. For want of a better term, PC gaming is pretty diverse (shudders) so he should pull his ignorant head out of his ass and chill.

    • Jai

      Dude, don’t go into a self-serving sermon about how PC gaming is the best and only gaming. You sound just as bad as this tool.

      • Michael P

        Never said it was the “best and only” (best is up to the individual), I only mentioned the benefits of PC gaming.

        Btw I game on almost everything, the only platform I don’t own is a Nintendo because their exclusives don’t interest me.

  • Keystone

    Dude sounds straight up schizo, more so than your average SJW.

    • CymTyr

      Don’t insult schizos like that.

  • anopolis

    I’m having a hard time understanding what it is, I just read. Is he mental? He sounds like a loon mad at something, but doesn’t what it is he’s pissed off about. So instead of any kind of rational thought taking place, he just googled some terms and railed against them. High res gfx are tied to mra’s?? huh? how? who? huh? what? …somebody forgot to take their medication.

    • Liberalism is a mental disorder. And, unfortunately, it is contagious and fatal.

      • anopolis

        yeah…its like a bunch of shitty people trying their damndest to be altruistic. but they’re still shitty people…so they fuck it up.

        • More like they want to appear altruistic. It is all about how they appear, not what they accomplish.

  • darksparda4

    God I could care less about PCMR (I consider console gaming to be a more pleasant and convenient experience) but those comments were just retarded as all hell for any type of gamer.

    • Poor little peasant. We of the PCMR shall wait until you get woke.

      • BlueLight

        #PCMR take a look at this guy. This Wayne guy is called a PC peasant. Instead of trying to help a gaming brother out with cheaper & faster hardware, cheaper games than used that earn the devs money, and more capable machines; he has just insulted someone and likely stopped future opportunity to explain his position. It will now likely be harder for other PC gamers to start conversation with him, even if it’s to drop a #PCMasterRace link,like: .

        Lets not forget the general information of subreddit side bar.

        In other words, stop being such a dick Wayne.

        • Hey BlueLight. Get a sense of humor and stop being offended for other people. Finally, Fuck you, cunt!

          Please Die in a fire. Best wishes.

          • BlueLight

            Please, if you’re going try to deflect criticism, at least get my motives right. I did it either for me, or group (PCMR) i’m a part of.

            I wear your comments “[…] Fuck you, cunt! Please die in a fire” with pride. You may now go peasant! I doubt there is much more you can do to entertain me.

            I saved only the best bits.

          • Nice edit. I absolutely love how those with something to hide like to take everything out of context.

            Again, develop a sense of humor and stop virtue signalling.

            Fuck you, cunt. Die in a fire. Have a brilliant day.

          • BlueLight

            1) So me editing your post in photoshop with obvious “Trim down edit” on right, bugs you?!… Hhhhmmm… and you just posted again?

            2) … but your post would have always been out of context so long as i didn’t also copy every comment before it. Removing 2 sentences and leaving only you swearing at me might not be productive, might not spread your argument, but is sure is funny as hell to have just 100% bonifed Wayne swears @ me.

            3) Thank you. I enjoyed making that edit.

            4) Opinions? Is my humor getting better or worse?


            Personally i think the “Context out of everything” was a bit much. It didn’t really add anything. Also i didn’t get the spacing between context & out, correct.

          • Well, I do love cunt. So there is accuracy in your poor attempts at shaming. Maybe you should visit a college (take a few classes while you are there) and learn from the SJW masters.

          • BlueLight

            Shaming? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

            I just edited your post in ways, that would bring me the most entertainment. For instances.

        • Oh, and did you forget, in all your faux fainting virtue signalling, that you were not on reddit?

          Fuck you, cunt.
          Die in a fire.
          May your day be AWESOME!

          • BlueLight

            I realize there was a point in his post, but it went over my helmet.


          • Did you get in the PCMR on a retard waiver?

            Oh, I’m sorry, BlueLight will now chastise me for all the helpless retards out in the ether.

          • BlueLight

            I have no problem with you using the word retard. It’s a really good insult. I understand you have a problem with criticism but i just want you to know, none of us think you’re retarded.

  • daniel_ream

    MRAs and gamergaters can fuck off and not buy my games

    Challenge Accepted.

    • RichardGristle

      What does the retard even make? Another name for the boycott list.

      • Lyle

        He made a game in 2013. That’s it.

        • Russell Smith

          So he’s the Brianna Wu of male developers. Gotcha.

    • Ted Harrold

      8-bit retro turd creator cries about gamers wanting real games and not lazylazy indie garbage from jackasses looking to cash in on the current nostalgia fad. That’s all this is, he worries he’s already going to stop selling shittier games to people.

    • ImJust1Joe .

      Jokes on him, I don’t even know who this guy is let alone heard of Desktop Dungeons.

  • Another load of faeces spewed by another pile of faeces.

    Just goes to show that Feminism Is Cancer.

    Danny continued to argue, but also told people to stop harassing him about the comments he made

    Aww. Poor SJW-feminist attacks and slanders two entire significant movements and does not like it when people question him.

    Let’s all break out a violin for this c**t.

  • ptitty

    Boo fucking hoo Danny boy, cry me a river. Im a console player and even I know PCMR is just running gag about high resolution (which admittingly is amazing) and that PCs have better access to more games. And the “dick measuring” you seem keen on bitching about is a euphemism for harmless one-uping another person. Youre doing it right now to your whiny SJW borgs so that they in turn can either echo your sentiment or take it a step further so that they can be the new beta-alpha in your self-induced Oppression Olympics.

    How instead of being perpetually offended, make fucking games since your some sort dev Ive never heard of. Or is that too hard when youve got your balls clamped down by your over-bearing feminist “friends” from being such a good ally to do anything substantial?

    • Fear Me I Am Free

      Oh, Danny boy. The MRAs are coming.

  • Vrenna

    So he has a potato computer and feels oppressed by it or something?
    I also have a potato computer and I’m part of the Peashy Master Race.
    I like old and low-spec games. I also agree that games going too high spec is a pain in the ass. No return you know? Investment is too high, fun is too low. These AAA games barely pay their cost for both the company and the player.

    But this man’s logic is just… Actually using the word logic was a mistake, excuse me, uhhh… God, which word do I use to describe his insanity?… … … Oh!

  • Dreiko

    My pc is shit and I don’t use it to play anything that requires a high end pc. I play most of the multiplat games on consoles. I don’t care about refresh rates or 4k.

    You know what I also don’t care about? I don’t care about other people liking all these things. I don’t care that someone enjoys those frame rates. Unlike this guy, I feel BAD for people who didn’t get to play Bayonetta cause it wasn’t up to their standard for all this time.

    I sense some very very weird inferiority complex where his manhood is threatened by people talking down on him. His attitude is not the one had by confident, secure people. I’m thoroughly happy with my crappy console framerates and graphics (since I mainly play games for the story or fighting games which do run at least at 60 fps) so I don’t feel as though the people who are super into their expensive PCs are slighting me every time they are happy with a port of a game they’ve missed out for in all this time.

    In the end, that you both enjoy the same games ought to override any and all other conflict points.

  • Mordoum

    We are reaching new levels of autism. Increasing resolution makes you an MRA? Wew lad.

    • RichardGristle

      We need to come up with new levels and labels for the spectrum at this point.

      • Gozu Tennoh

        We need to reach some kind of FINAL SOLUTION for these people.

        (omg, my refresh rate must be too high, I’m hitler now!)

  • Lyle

    Yaknow, I’m still half-expecting this to be some sort of trolljob. Or that he will try to spin it as such.

    • The night is still young.

  • Erthwjim

    How does one measure time like this?

    released eight eyes ago

    Also isn’t it his ilk that speaks of gaming’s need to evolve? I guess there’s only one right type of evolution.

    • How does one measure time like this?

      Ah, you see you multiply the amount of eye-rolls times facepalms in every SJW topic, and then you divide that by the amount of f**ks given by normal people, and then add the difference in salt from SJWs getting BTFO to blocking someone posting facts on their timeline, and that’s how you come to that figure.


      (but seriously, thanks for spotting that. *Fixed)

      • daniel_ream

        You’ve got a divide-by-zero error in there.

  • Gorgon

    >catering toward hardcore PC gaming enthusiasts with high-end PC ports of former console exclusives is encouraging the growth of Men’s Rights Activists, misogynists and #GamerGate.

    That is one impressive logical somersault there.

    • Vrenna

      He could be eternalized in olimpic gymnastics with that move as unbeatable.

    • Jaycephus

      In other news, G-sync will lead to the rise of the next literal Hitler.

      • OMG…. this means native cloud computing will produce…



      • So with that men there will be two “literal Hitlers”? As we all know that Trump is literally Hitler.

        • Bamf

          Who’s we?

          • Phasmatis75


          • In this particular instance, cucks, libtards, snowflakes, progressives, and other “woke” vermin.

    • Ted Harrold

      gymnastics? Fuckboi barrel-rolled right past logic.