Hello Games Is Looking For New Technical Director And Experienced Programmers

Hello Games, the infamous studio behind No Man’s Sky, AKA One Man’s Lie, is currently looking to hire some new employees to fill in some pretty important job vacancies.

After the initial release of No Man’s Sky, both the game and the company received a lot of hate for the fact that there were a lot of features promised in the game that weren’t actually there at launch. And although the company has been trying to remedy that problem with a series of massive new updates, it still wasn’t enough to atone for what happened when the game launched.

For those of you wondering what No Man’s Sky is like now, the recent version 1.1 Foundation Update has made quite a few changes to the gameplay. YouTuber Eurogamer explains the 7 major things that the new update changed since the game first launched. For those of you interested, you can take a look at the video linked down below.

But it looks like things aren’t so sunny at Hello Games and there might be some inner conflict going on behind the scenes. Last November, Hello Games designer Gareth Bourn quietly bowed out and left, heading on over to join the fleet of a new captain at Cloud Imperium Games to work on Star Citizen’s Squadron 42 Campaign, according to the report by idigitaltimes. idigitaltimes also mentions that Bourn had been a long time employee for Hello Games for close to 6 years.

Although it is quite common for developers to switch companies to keep a steady stream of income coming in, it does raise the question why did he decide to leave now?

Alone this may not sound like special news, however, based on the jobs page on the official website for Hello Games, Bourn may not have been the only one that left the company, since they currently have openings for a new Technical Director, an Experienced Programmer, a Graduate Programmer, as well as a spot for a PA & Office Administrator. Both the Technical director and the graduate programmer are tasked with knowing their way around code, solving complex problems, and more importantly spotting and fixing bugs. So it appears the studio is trying to rebuild by hiring in some top-notch talent to add in the content that was promised.

We could also look at this in a more positive way, maybe there is no behind the scenes drama and they simply need more hands on deck for bigger better projects. Ethan, a fellow writer here at One Angry Gamer, recently wrote an article about Hello Labs launching new projects using procedually generated content, so the new positions could be for an entirely new game project and they simply need additional help to get the project off the ground. Fingers crossed they try to do things right this time.

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