Here’s Why Cyberpunk 2077 Could Feature Gore And Nudity
(Last Updated On: April 3, 2017)

A lot of people are interested in CD Projekt Red’s upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 and want to know more about the gameplay aspects. And speaking of gameplay, what will the game have players doing and how will it let folks go about completing objectives? Well, given that many gamers are combing over every morsel and bit of detail surrounding the game, another piece of info — that’s not official yet — regarding the game’s rating recently caught the eye of gamers offering a glimpse into what the game could sport.

Upon doing some more research on Cyberpunk 2077, I’ve recently stumbled across a new thread talking about the title and how one particular user is concerned about the game. Upon reading the discussion it lead me to the bottom of the post where there’s an ESRB listing for all of CD Projekt Red’s titles: the ESRB rating at the bottom of the screen carries an ‘M’ for Mature label, listing off each of the things contained within CD Projekt Red’s games.

As of now, we might have an understanding as to what the game may contain when it does come around to fruition.

Although other rating sites like the ESRB do not list the game with its rating just yet, you’ll notice that on the official website the Mature label is listed for all of CD Projekt’s games. The first image comes from (very bottom of the site) and details the following content.

Yes, on the official website the label lists all of the content that they’ve notified the ESRB about for each of their games, this contains: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Nudity, Strong Language, Strong Sexual Content and Use of Drugs.

Looking over to official Witcher store page (at the bottom of the site), you’ll see the ESRB rating where it rattles off what the game is rated for.

The image clearly reveals: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Nudity, Strong Language, Strong Sexual Content and Use of Alcohol.

The difference between the two is that the former label sports Use of Drugs, while the latter contains Use of Alcohol. This is because in The Witcher 2‘s ESRB rating does contain “Use of Drugs”, but it’s interesting that it’s not featured on the official shop page for The Witcher . So clearly they’re compacting all of their ESRB labels into one label and have it slapped on their official website at the bottom.

What’s interesting, however, is that the only other websites showing Cyberpunk 2077’s rating is a summary over on IGN and MetaCritic that both still show “RP”. Again, it’s interesting that Cyberbunk 2077’s official site used to show “RP”, but now it just has the “Mature” label that seems to represent all of CD Projekt Red’s games. It would seem like they would have both a “Mature” label and a “Rating Pending” label to represent The Witcher games and Cyberpunk 2077, since the latter game hasn’t been rated yet.

It’s almost as if they already expect the game to get an ‘M’ rating for all of the things listed at the bottom of the site, so they just have the label there as a placeholder, or it could be that they’re expecting ample amounts of gore, nudity, strong sexual content, language and violence, and are giving people a heads-up before the game actually gets rated. There’s also a pretty high expectancy from those on the CDPR forums that the game will get the ‘M’ for Mature rating based on the aforementioned adult subject matter.

It’ll be interesting to see if the above is all true and how the game will be on release seeing that CD Projekt Red’s visual effects artist, Jose Teixeira, revealed that…

“Cyberpunk is far bigger than anything else that CD Projekt Red has done before. Far, far bigger. We’re really stepping into the unknown in terms of complexity and size and problems we encounter.”

Cyberpunk 2077 is said to come out when it’s ready.

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  • GraduateAnalyst

    Instead of debating Bethesda VS CDPR, celebrate the glorious competition between the two and how it can only better their product. No competition is a bad thing. Skyrim came out earlier and really sold other devs on pursuing Open World even harder. Sure I liked The Witcher 3 better, but who knows what Skyrim would have been if TW3 came out first.

    Either way, these 2 devs are kings of the genre. Rockstar, when not focusing on online crap, is the king of the modernized pop culture satire open worlds. I still replay the entirety of GTAV single player periodically just to see Trevor’s antics and everything once Michael appears in Franklin’s boost. That trifecta really worked. The only thing I didn’t like was Lamar because I am not into the gangsta slang, but I acknowledge the quality because that is how I feel about it in real life as well.

    CDPR, Bethesda, and Rockstar, I bow to you!

  • Raging Papist

    The thought of this game, especially now in the wake of Andromeda, excites me in ways it shouldn’t.

  • Muten
    • RichardGristle

      Banned in Australia.

  • Gorgon

    Eh, Cyberpunk 2077 will feature gore and nudity because all CD Projekt’s games feature gore and nudity. Plus, it’s just built into the setting. I mean, was that ever even a question?

  • Pratim Gupta

    Blow Bioware out of water, we are with you CD Project

    • john anderson

      Too easy. Beat Bethesda Game Studios at their Open World Sandbox RPG game.

      • Pratim Gupta

        CD Project admitted that Witcher 3 would not have existed if not for Skyrim. no matter what RPG comes, Skyrim is a legend, like the Original Doom

        • john anderson

          What Skyrim lacks is character of the quality that Witcher 3 has. Witcher 3 is very different from Skyrim in that the world is crafted differently, you can’t make your own character, you don’t have a first person perspective, and it’s not a sandbox so it’s not completely open world. Cyberpunk 2077 is going to do all those things, but they value story and characters more than anything else. An animator of theirs said “Story is king, gameplay is queen”. How many games are there like Skyrim? nobody makes this type of games, they’re friggin’ huge. The truth is Skyrim has no competitors because Elder Scrolls and Fallout are the only modern games of their kind, and I love those games, but they are missing good characters and stories. Cyberpunk 2077 is going to be exactly this kind of game, and I can’t wait to play it.

          • Pratim Gupta

            Elder Scrolls are a create your own adventure type of game, do what the hell you want, want to play as a Berserker,Stormcloak,Centurion,Knight,Demonic being,Werewolf,Vampire etc.. no restriction, build your own story, its called the C0da, your own lore.mix magic and weapons, or go unarmed, join a faction, download millions of mods (have your game CTD in no time, lol), Elder Scrolls gives us total freedom that no games even Witcher doesn’t give us.

          • john anderson

            Total freedom that no modern game gives us*
            The old Fallout games did this, maybe better than the modern Fallout and TES but the gameplay wasn’t as good.
            Cyberpunk 2077 is a make your own adventure game. I believe this is the best part of gaming, and having this kind of game with characters that are interesting is the next minestone in this genre that is so ambitious that only Bethesda and CDPR do it today, and only Bethesda was doing it for 20 years.

          • Pratim Gupta

            Skyrim is like the original Doom, Great Grandfather of all of modern FPS, or in this case RPG, Fallout 4 was a good game but it wasn’t a Fallout game, Todd admitted it, it was a more Taken like personal story.

            Cyberpunk is following old Fallout’s formula just like Witcher followed Elder Scrolls formula

          • john anderson

            Witcher didn’t follow the Elder Scrolls formula. Very very different games. Witcher is a multiple separate maps, while Skyrim is one. In Witcher you’re Geralt, in Skyrim you’re whoever you want. In Skyrim you go anywhere, whenever you want. You can’t do that in Witcher. Witcher 3’s world is more designed for traveling during quests, TES is designed with a point of interest every 5-15 minutes of walk in any direction. That’s what makes exploring fun. TES wasn’t the first RPG, so I’m not sure about the comparison with DOOM, but it’s as important as DOOM because it’s been the only make your own adventure open world sandbox RPG for 20 years. Cyberpunk 2077 is trying to be a game like TES. I think it’s more likely that CDPR execute Cyberpunk 2077 well than it’s likely that Bethesda make their next game have characters as good as Witcher 3.

          • Pratim Gupta

            by Formula, i mean the core, open world exploration. just like games like CoD followed Doom’s FPS, Skyrim formula is open and no restriction unlike DA’s corridor focus.

            TES Arena was released in 1994, just few months after Doom was released on December 1993 on MS-Dos

            Witcher is story driven series while TES is make your own adventure and Lore.

            i’m gonna wait until GOTY edition of Cyberpunk is released, then buy it all at one

  • Fear Me I Am Free

    Yeah, it wouldn’t be a good cyberpunk game without nudity and gore.

  • Migi

    It should be ”Here’s Why Cyberpunk 2077 should Feature Gore And Nudity”
    And the reason would be, Cause life is full off it! And the Bladerunner style look is just awesome so it need to be that sleazy futuristic place.