Hover: Revolt Of Gamers, Jet Set Radio Spiritual Successor Launches May 31st
Hover Revolt of Gamers

Jet Set Radio was one of those rare games that managed to carve out its own following thanks to its dance-worthy and irreplaceable soundtrack and stylishly funky art-style. The game has never been imitated or mimicked by other major studios due to how niche the game series was, but French indie developers Fusty Game and Midgar Studios decided to take up the challenge of pushing further into the genre than where Jet Set Radio had gone with their new game Hover: Revolt of Gamers.

The title was Kickstarted as a spiritual successor to Sega’s Dreamcast and OG Xbox outings, and they promised even more content than what Jet Set Radio delivered by throwing players into an ever-growing, and diversely entertaining open-world. A wide variety of races, activities and multiplayer content helped flesh out Hover, and now the game is officially launching on May 31st, according to the recent press release that’s been going around.

The press release was accompanied by a trailer that you can check out below.

It’s amazing how well they managed to capture the4 look and feel of Jet Set, and yet at the same time manage to carve out an identity for Hover that’s all its own.

The music is pretty cool, too. The EDM and psy-transfusion rock works well for the game’s platform centric gameplay and racing.

The actual story isn’t unlike Jet Set Radio Future, where a group of gamers are fighting against the dystopian propaganda and totalitarianism being imposed upon them by the powers that be. It’s literally up to the gamers to red-pill the nation and free them from the oppressive propaganda of the lying media.

Oh boy, doesn’t that story sound familiar? Almost like some sort of social movement that took place online where gamers tried to red-pill the crap out of normies about all the FUD being spread by lying mainstream media and attempted to advocate for better ethics in journalism.

Anyway, Hover: Revolt of Gamers will launch on May 31st, finally graduating from the Early Access run its had for the past few years. This is definitely a game worth keeping an eye on if you really like original, unique 3D platformers or racing games. You can learn more by checking out the Steam store page.


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