Huffington Post Forced To Apologize For Racist Propaganda; Editor-In-Chief Resigns
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(Last Updated On: April 25, 2017)

Retribution has been paid to the Huffington Post in the form of the editor-in-chief of the South African division resigning, and a scathing critique of the publication’s advocating of racism and sexism spawned from a satirical piece written by a South African man who wanted to prove that ethical standards have been foregone in traditional mainstream media.

Age of Shitlords picked up the news from various articles covering the hot-button topic, mainly from Huffington Post’s South African parent company Media24.

One of the South African subsidiaries under the Media24 brand called News24 did a report on the Ombudsman’s findings after a formal investigation was launched into the incident. The investigation came about after a worldwide blow-up over a piece written by a supposed “Shelley Garland” that Huffington Post editor-in-chief Verashni Pillay published, which was entitled “Could It Be Time To Deny White Men The Franchise?”.

The Ombudsman, Johan Retief, commanded the Huffington Post apologize. They did so while also noting that they would be taking necessary corrective measures to remedy the situation…

“The Press Ombudsman of South Africa has found the Huffington Post South Africa guilty of the publication of hate speech.


”HuffPost SA apologises unreservedly for the publication of the blog titled Could It Be Time To Deny White Men The Franchise on 13 April 2017.'”

Retief went on to further criticize the publication for even publishing the piece that was actually written by a researcher named Marius Roodt who penned it under the pseudonym “Shelley Garland”, a supposed South African college student going for her masters degree in philosophy, and a supposedly staunch third-wave feminist. Roodt had also criticized the Huffington Post for not fact-checking his piece, which was littered with factual inaccuracies. He purposefully added in the inaccuracies in an attempt to expose the fact that the mainstream media would publish the most extremist of views so long as it toed the line and fit within their mandated agenda and sociopolitical worldview. Roodt compared the incident to the hoax known as the Sokal Affair.

Retief stated…

“By publishing this blog without having identified the author, The Huffiington Post was not true to this commitment, and contributed to the erosion of public trust in the media,”


“The blog was discriminatory and denigratory to white males, and impaired the dignity of some men in this group. By publishing, she also impaired the dignity of some white men, a breach of Section 3.3 of the code which cautions the media to ‘exercise care and consideration in matters involving dignity and reputation…'”

The Huffington Post violated multiple statures of the South African Constitution, especially in regards to their anti-discrimination stance and adherence for press to avoid using “objectionable” and “racist” propaganda.

As a way to get back at Roodt, the Huffington Post exposed him to the public and attempted to smear him as someone creating civil disturbance, which resulted in Roodt having to resign and lose his job as a researcher at the CDE, a think-tank in Johannesburg. In reality, however, the Huffington Post was at fault for not adhering to South Africa’s Press Code, and for violating their Constitution by pushing and defending a clearly racist and sexist piece of propaganda.

Following this embarrassing turn of events, including the scathing critique from the Ombudsman, former South African editor-in-chief Veashni Pillay was forced to resign.

According to News24, the head of the parent company of Huffington Post, Andreij Horn, issued a statement about the matter, saying…

“With immediate effect, Ferial Haffajee, The Huffington Post SA’s editor-at-large, and Pieter du Toit, the site’s deputy editor, will take over the editorial management of the site until we have appointed a new editor. We have the utmost faith in their ability to lead the site through both the changes we are making to address the internal issues that made this situation possible in the first place, and the impact it had on society at large, the company, and its staff.”

Ferial Haffajee and Pieter du Toit were the two journalists who exposed Marius Roodt, the man behind the Shelley Garland pseudonym. Whether or not they will correct the clearly regressive agenda being pushed by the Huffington Post across the board remains to be seen, but this is one of the few times since #GamerGate started – a movement about fixing ethics in media journalism – where clearly defined consequences have been applied to an unethical outlet for advocating the institution of discrimination, racism and sexism.

This isn’t the first time the Huffington Post was caught being an advocate for clearly biased political leanings when it comes to agitprop. They were also one of the many mainstream outlets outed in the Podesta e-mails published bv Wikileaks, where it was revealed that the original owner, Arianna Huffington, wanted to use the Huffington Post as an “echo signal” to help Hillary Clinton become President of the United States.

(Main image courtesy of SuperSoftly)

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  • SuperSoftly

    Mind sourcing my art? Thanks! My name is SuperSoftly, formerly wakeuplena and I drew Vivian James and Hulk Hogan 🙂

    • Oh wow, thanks for chiming in. Do you have a link to your website so I can link to that as well?

  • UncleMikey515

    Is there anything more hilarious than people believing HuffPo has any journalistic standards whatsoever?

  • Johan Anderson

    “Ombudmasn” Ombudsman is how you spell it. Close though!

    • Can’t believe I missed that. Thanks for catching the typo.


  • Alistair

    And another one bite the dust.


    “BUT…..BUT. WE CAN’T BECOME LIKE THEM. WE HAVE TO SIT ON THE FENCE WHILE THESE PEOPLE DESTROY LIVES AND RUIN LIVELIHOODS BECAUSE OF JOKES.” No, fuck that. WE HAVE TO FIGHT THE FUCK BACK. If these people can get someone fired for an off color joke, then it’s about time they suffered for the same thing, don’t you think? Eye for an eye. You can’t have rules for one group of people then have them not apply to another simply because you agree with their politics. The rules apply to all, or the rule needs to be thrown the fuck out.

    I’m fucking GLAD this bitch got fired for the record. I’m just venting my frustration on the usual fence sitter. There’s a time for sitting the fence, but that time has ended when schools start actually forcing new students to take Social Justice classes in order to enter the school (see: Clemson University).

    • mizter zebra

      that’s a thin line you’re balancing on. take care not to become the thing you hate.

      • Jim Mason

        Not doing anything will result in becoming the things we hate, just by force instead.

        I will take the chance on maybe being a hypocrite down the line vs definitely becoming a slave to Orwellian SJW policing.

      • MONAD

        There’s becoming the thing you hate, and there’s also using these retards’ own logic to push back against the insanity. I’d wager a good majority of us are just here to throw this shit back in their face and then laugh at their dumbasses flailing around, attempting to justify their dumbassery. We can’t passively sit by and let these people ruin everything that makes society work all because of “FEELINGS”.

  • Went on social media, chans, Reddit, etc. to see people’s reactions to this.

    The overwhelming reaction is good, as most people are in agreement that the racist/sexist Editor-In-Chief has resigned.

    But as usual, you got significant portions of the Moderate Moral-High-Horse Fence-Sitting brigade saying that we shouldn’t have pressurized the case to make her resign, and that we’re apparently “acting just like SJWs”. They said exactly the same thing about the Manheer Veir situation as well.

    So basically their line of thinking is that when these SJW/feminist maggots spew their anti-white male garbage and inject their ideology into entertainment media, we should be the moral-good-guys, sit back, do nothing and let SJWs get away with it. Or even worse, reason with and come to some sort of “middle ground” which means accepting SJW censorship.

    I’ve yet to see what being a Moderate actually achieves. If anything, being a moralfag actually aids and helps the SJWs/feminists, because the Moderate mentality refrains and prevents people from defending/attacking back at SJWs. So what results from this is that all the normies and sheeple will see no dissent against the SJWs, and think that it’s the widely-accepted opinion. All for the sake of “we’re the moral good guys”.

    You simply do not win a war by being nice. I know this for sure because I was a Moderate all those years ago. Sitting on the fence gets you nowhere and just makes the SJWs stronger.

    • But as usual, you got significant portions of the Moderate Moral-High-Horse Fence-Sitting brigade saying that we shouldn’t have pressurized the case to make her resign,

      Well it’s a darn good thing the Ombudsman had the balls to throw all of them under the bus. He didn’t ask for her job but that was basically what he implied, and the parent company obliged.

      • Would be interesting to see if there is any kind of political bias within Ombudsman. They don’t seem to have any problems with all the other mainstream media articles demonizing Caucasians and men over the last few years.

  • RichardGristle

    As entertaining as it is to watch traditional media in their final death throes, I wish they’d hurry up and end already.

  • Jack Thompson

    >This was caused by the person who fed them a fake article, much like how most “peer reviewed” papers in academia aren’t really peer reviewed anymore.

  • NeoTechni

    This is awesome. If this was the government’s/whatever’s response to the “gamers are dead” articles, there would be no gamergate today.

    • mizter zebra

      yeah. now that there’s legal precident. lets see what can be done

  • mikebrand83

    Even bets that the “journalists” who went after the poor guy that exposed HuffPOS, will get away with nothing but a slap on the wrist for going after the guy personally, just by using the Nuremberg defense.

    • They’ve been temporarily promoted.

      • mikebrand83

        Damn, I had missed that earlier.

        Freaking unbelievable that they’re basically rewarded, temporary or not, for playing a part in trying to destroy an individual personally.

    • Bitterbear

      Of course they do.

      It’s even nastier in Tech/Gaming sites. Someone leaves Kotaku for Polygon, then another one leave Polygon for PC Gamer, then another leaves PC Gamer for Gamasutra, which makes someone else leave it for Kotaku, etc., etc., etc.

      At this point I’m surprised no one has made a cartoon gif loop of the usual suspects doing a circular conga dance.