Impact Winter, Apocalyptic Survival Game Delayed To May 23rd, 2017

Namco Bandai and developers Mojo Bones’ new a post-apocalyptic adventure survival game, titled Impact Winter, has just received some sad news that it will be delayed.

Before we get into the news, many of you may not know what this game is or what it’s about. Impact Winter places you in the shoes of Jacob Solomon, a man that lost his wife and daughter to the disaster but is now the leader of a small group of survivors that are held up inside a church attempting to survive the harsh conditions of the eternal winter that surrounds them.

12 months prior to the game’s current timeline, a giant meteor impacted with the earth, which apparently messed up the climate and has sent Earth into an everlasting winter environment — hence the title of the game, Impact Winter. Your objective is to survive. However, there is hope on the horizon!

Ako-Light, your robot companion that follows you around, has intercepted and unscrambled a mysterious radio transmission that informs you that help is on the way within 30 days, all you have to do is last that long and keep your group together. The developers say that there are also RPG elements in Impact Winter, but instead of leveling up and earning experience, you instead increase your odds of survival by bringing the 30 day rescue timer closer to zero, which increases your odds of being found and rescued sooner.

Impact Winter appears to have a pretty large scale world environment for you to explore and scavenge, and attempt to survive. Take a look at the official trailer down below to see a bit of the game for yourself.



However, according to the official developer’s journal site, Impact Winter will no longer release on April 12th 2017, and instead has been pushed back to a May 23rd release date as they work on bugs and further polish the game before launch. The developers posted on their blog saying —

“Unfortunately Impact Winter will now release a little later than expected, hitting Steam on 23rd May 2017. Why the delay? Well, the truth is, Impact Winter has become a LOT bigger than we first expected: a pretty complex beast with lots of different systems and mechanics. Everything is in place, but one of our main priorities in the run up to release has been making sure that the initial stages of the game aren’t too overwhelming and that the overall experience is evenly balanced. Given the scope of the project and our team size it’s taking a little longer than expected. Ultimately, it’s all in aid of giving everyone the best experience possible which is the No.1 priority.”

If you are interested in learning more, you can visit the official website for further details, or check out the Steam Store page for additional information about the game.

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