Injustice 2 Video Footage Covers Reverse Flash Premiere Skin, Flash’s Super Moves
Injustice 2 Reverse Flash

One of the villains in NetherRealm Studios’ upcoming Injustice 2 is the Reverse Flash, a super villain that has been a pang in the side of the Flash throughout his adventures. Well, the newest trailer for the game puts all its focus on the mustard and ketchup-colored antagonist.

The video was posted up over on Dynasty’s channel on YouTube, featuring just a minute’s worth of gameplay for the upcoming fighter. You can check it out below.

Dynasty pulled the footage from a NetherRealm live-stream featuring intros and gameplay for some of the characters, including the Reverse Flash, which is an alternate skin for The Flash.

The premiere skin for the Flash was just showcased to give gamers a taste of what he looks like. A second video captured from the live-stream via CabooseXBL focused on the actual gameplay of The Flash, where he unleashed some combos and beat up on Bane a bit. You can check that out below.

Fanboy scale 11/10.

The super move from The Flash looks pretty good, but I was hoping for like a whole lot of pummeling, rather than just slamming people into objects.

The video also covers other features like The Flash’s gear setup, where we learn that different gear actually opens up all new moves for some of the characters, such as giving The Flash a new projectile.

The video also covers how the premiere skins will be available as a pre-order bonus for those who commit to an early purchase of Injustice 2 when it launches next month on May 16th.

I kind of wish we saw a bit more intense, back and forth gameplay to really hype up the appeal of the fights. It feels like a lot of fighting games these days don’t really focus on the intensity of a good back and forth, save for EA Sports UFC games – which is ironic given that the last place you would expect a quality fighting game from is EA… but there it is.

As mentioned, you can look for Injustice 2 to roll out next month for the Xbox One and PS4.


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