Kingdom Come: Deliverance Features 60 Hours Of Voice-Over Content
Kingdom Come Deliverance

There’s a new developer diary from Warhorse Studios covering the story and script for Kingdom Come: Deliverance. They talk about how the game sports 60 hours worth of voice-over content and how they’ve fleshed everything out to give the world and the characters weight and presence.

The developer diary clocks in at 11 minutes, and they showcase some of the cinematics, facial animations, and some of the voice acting featured in the game. You can check out the video below.

They talk about the 3D scanning and how they captured the actors for the scanning more than two dozen times to get the different facial poses and expressions.

They recorded about six hours a day for about a month to make the motion capture come to life right proper. It’s crazy because despite being a crowdfunded game on a small budget, Warhorse’s efforts clearly outshines a lot of other AAA studios, most particularly the new Mass Effect: Andromeda, which lacks the facial animation and attention to detail all the way around compared to what little we’ve seen of Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

The plan on integrating these scenes throughout the gameplay, and they’ve had to re-record the same 2,000 generic NPC lines 50 times, because they had 50 different voice actors contributing to the project and each one had to record those lines for the character they played. That’s some real dedication on the part of Warhorse.

What’s most impressive to me is just how much time and effort they’ve put into bringing the game to life.

It’s amazing how far they’ve come along since they introduced way back in 2014. They continued the crowdfunding efforts over on their official website following the Kickstarter, and the game is currently available in beta if you decide you want to give it a go and play-test it ahead of the official release.

They’re planning on launching the game on PC, PS4 and Xbox One once it’s done and finished.


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