Little Nightmares Gameplay Walkthrough
Little Nightmares Walkthrough

One of the more visually enticing games to come out in recent times is Tasier Studios’ Little Nightmares, the Unreal Engine 4-powered 3D thriller. The game is currently available for the PS4, Xbox One and PC, and for tgamers who may have a bit of a difficult time getting through the game, there is a gameplay walkthrough available to help give you some hints, tips and much needed direction on where to go and what to do.

YouTuber MKIceandFire has the complete gameplay walkthrough that you can check out below.

The beginning of the game starts with a little girl in a dark room. You’ll need to run over to the lantern on the floor and light it up. In order to do so bring out your lighter using Circle on the DualShock 4 (that would be ‘B’ on the Steam Controller or Xbox One controller).

Once the area is lit, you’ll need to open up the hatch in the wall. You can open it using the right trigger. A brief outline of the controls can be viewed below in case you need help with maneuvering around and interacting with the environment.

Little Nightmares - Controls

You’ll need to proceed into the room and hop up to climb inside the little access way. In order to do this you’ll need to jump and then hold down the right trigger to grab the ledge and climb inside.

Proceed toward the refrigerator and open it up; use the shelves to climb up like a ladder.

Keep following the path until you get to a doorway covered by boards. You can pull the first board off and crawl through.

Continue to follow the path until you get to the area where there’s a crank to open the door across from a suspended platform. You’ll need to crank the shaft and then sprint using the Square button (or ‘X’ on the Xbox controller) to run and jump to the other side before the door closes.

When you get into the area with the bathroom and the electric gate, grab the box of toilet tissue and pull it over to the lever, climb up and flip it to disable the electric gate.

Inside the next room, use the seesaw to get up on the dresser and crawl through the opening in the wall to go back into the bathroom if the lights come on before you can exit the playroom. Turn off the electricity and then squeeze through the bars to go into the playroom and then quickly sprint to the end of the room and squeeze through the next set of bars.

For the all-seeing-eye room, simply hide behind the objects and wait until you can run to the other side.

Proceed to climb up and head into the room – you’ll find a breakable doll inside.

In the next room there’s a scary dude who will come in looking for you. Hide under the bed until his back turns and then head out of the room. Use the cage to climb up and exit the room through the air duct.

Keep going through the hall until the little girl keels over from a stomach ache. Wait for the other person in the other room to throw her some bread; eat it and then proceed onward.

In the room with the other electric fence, you’ll need to use the crates, cages and boxes to climb up to the top of the room. Use the lever to bring the crate on the chain link close to you and then push the lever to the far left and run and jump onto the crate so that it can carry you over to the other side.

In the next room, use the file cabinet drawers as platforms by opening them up and climbing up to get to the lever.

Proceed onward and downward into the next segment where another all-seeing eye will attempt to track you. Use the janitor’s bucket to hide behind and avoid being spotted by the security eye.

After narrowly escaping from a retracting bridge, follow the stairwell until you reach a proletariat room with a suitcase – use the suitcase to climb up to the top of the room and grab the key. There’s also a doll you can break.

In the next room, use the stuffed monkey to throw it at the switch on the wall to call down the elevator.

After getting captured, you can rock the cage to break it open and get out. Use the other cage to push under the lever to open the door. Don’t fall, though. Instead, swing back and forth until you can jump through the open door.

One of the long-armed janitors will be inside – he can’t see but he can smell and hear you, so be very, very quiet.

Make your way into the next room and crank the lever so you can hop down into the trap door.

You’ll need go through a series of rooms to escape the long-armed janitor. For the room with the broken grandfather clocks, wait for them to make noises and then run and pick up one of the shoes and throw it at the button on the wall to open the door.

Continue through the library until you get to the room with the television. Use the paint can to throw it at the button on the TV and turn it on. The nightmare will come through the door to check on the TV. While he’s occupied with the TV, take the crank and leave the room and head into the next area where you can use the crank to pull up the piano and use it as a platform to get to the other side.

During the segment where the long-armed janitor is chasing you, race into the room where a measly crate will be keeping the door open. Wait for his hands to stretch across the room and then run up to the crate and pull the bars. Continue to do this until the crate is crushed by the weight of the door, and the arms are severed by the door.

Continue through the storage areas into the kitchen where the butcher is.

Little Nightmares - The Butcher

Head through to the prep area and use the shelves at the back of the wall to climb up to the rafter and area and head across into the next room.

Head into the bedroom where one of the butchers will be sleeping. Climb up on the desk to get the key.

Take the key downstairs using the elevator and head back through the kitchen and the prep area toward the locked door at the back of the room.

When you get to the sausage processing room. Climb up on the desk, drop a piece of meat into the grinder. Grind it using the crank. Take the dumbwaiter up to the next area and you’ll find a breakable doll by the heaters in the next room. In the room with the dumbwaiter, climb up on the crate and then the shelf. Jump across the hook and latch onto the piece of ham-hock. Drag the two pieces of meat onto the trap door and then take the dumbwaiter back down and pull the lever on the grinder. Use the crank to push out more sausage, which you can then use as a piece of rope to get to the next area.

Call down the elevator, avoid the butcher and then take the elevator up to the next floor. While the butcher is preoccupied with the meat, head into the next room and throw the can at the button to start the grinder. When the butcher is distracted, head back into the room with the chopping block and take the key. Take the elevator back down and use the key to open the locked door and then use the mailbox to open it up and climb inside. There’s a breakable doll in the room below.

Head into the room on the right side of the dish washing area and activate the switch so that the hooks will start moving. Head back into the dish washing area and wait for the butchers to get distracted so you can climb up the plates and grab onto the hook. Ride the hook into the next room and then outrun the butchers to make your daring escape into the next area.

The next level is basically a lot of platforming. Simply follow the path and platform your way through each of the segments. There’s a bit of stealth required to escape past the fat gluttons, so it’s probably best to avoid being seen.

During the feast of the gluttons, head to the far end of the dining hall and there’s a stool you can move over to head into a secret compartment where a little nightmare will be located. Light up the lantern and then head back into the dining hall and climb up on the table.

Proceed through the feast of gluttons until you escape the dining area and make your way into the bathroom. The butcher will chase you into the bathroom – hide until the butcher exits. When the can drops you can throw the can at the mirror, which will open up a new area. You can use the pathway to access another doll, which you can break. Proceed up the elevator and escape from the ravenous gluttons who will give chase.

For the final boss fight against the ghastly maiden, grab the mirror from the room. Head back into the large room with the spotlight and use the mirror to aim it at the maiden to defeat her.


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