Marvel Fires Artist For Putting Anti-Semitic Messages In X-Men
Marvel SJW Artist

The contract between comic artist Ardian Syaf and Marvel Entertainment has come to an end. The company has effectively terminated Syaf from his duties of working on the X-Men comic book series following the revelation of anti-Semitic and anti-Christian symbolism added to the X-Men Gold comic.

CBR received a statement from Marvel, which reads…

”Marvel has terminated Ardian Syaf’s contract effective immediately. ‘X-Men Gold’ #2 and #3 featuring his work have already been sent to the printer and will continue to ship bi-weekly. Issues #4, #5, and #6 will be drawn by R. B. Silva and issues #7, #8, and #9 will be drawn by Ken Lashley. A permanent replacement artist will be assigned to ‘X-Men Gold’ in the coming weeks.”

This came after controversy erupted when fans found numbers and symbols hinting at implicit anti-Semitism and anti-Christian sentiments. The numbers 51 and 212 were featured throughout Syaf’s artwork in X-Men Gold #1, including a t-shirt that Colossus was wearing featuring the numbers and symbols QS: 51. They relate to passages of the Qu’ran and a recent protest that took place against a Christian politician who Muslims labeled as a blasphemer.

The symbols point to the passage from Qu’ran Surah 5:51…

“’O you who have believed, do not take the Jews and the Christians as allies. They are [in fact] allies of one another. And whoever is an ally to them among you – then indeed, he is [one] of them. Indeed, Allah guides not the wrongdoing people.”

Following the media rounds covering the controversy, Ardian Syaf took to Facebook on April 10th, 2017 to explain himself, saying that his career was over…

“My career is over now. It’s the consequence what I did, and I take it. Please no more mockery, debat, no more hate. I hope all in peace.


“In this last chance, I want to tell you the true meaning of the numbers, 212 and QS 5:51. It is number of JUSTICE. It is number of LOVE. My love to Holy Qur’an…my love to the last prophet, the Messenger…my love to ALLAH, The One God.


“My apologize for all the noise. Good bye, May God bless you all. I love all of you.” [sic]

A similar incident also occurred recently in the video game world, where a game designer at BioWare named Manveer Heir also came out with openly racist remarks made public on Twitter. [Correction: The previous sentence implied Manveer was Muslim, but that statement has been removed.] His antics were spread far and wide throughout the gaming community, with many petitioning for him to be fired from the company. However, Heir stated that he had the support from the studio heads at BioWare to say the racist things that he did on Twitter.

Heir’s contract with BioWare expired after he helped ship the highly controversial Mass Effect: Andromeda, and he left the AAA game company to begin work on a new game at his own independent studio.

In this case, however, Syaf attacking the Jewish and Christian community seems to have spelled doom for his future endeavors.

This was yet another black mark on Marvel, who is still reeling from a massive year-over-year drop in sales across various comics after they spent the last few years focusing on instilling SJW propaganda into their mainline comic book series, and altering fan-favorite characters to fit the extremist agenda of regressive liberals.

After acknowledging the massive dive in sales due to pervasive SJW topics being badly written and shoehorned into many popular comics — and canceling various comic series in the process — Marvel stated that they would be scaling back on their SJW agenda and returning to more traditional storytelling in the fall.



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