Mobile Strike Ad Banned By ASA For Sexually Objectifying Plus-Sized Women
Mobile Strike Ad Banned
(Last Updated On: April 6, 2017)

The Advertising Standards Authority over in the U.K., deemed an ad from Machine Zone as offensive, and had it banned on the grounds of being sexually objectifying toward women.

The ad aired back in spring of 2016, featuring three plus-sized women playing the game Mobile Strike, a typical free-to-play, base-building PvP game. The ad is a minute long, sporting three swimsuit-clad, plus-sized models battling it out in Machine Zone’s freemium PvP game. There are tanks and helicopters flying around, superimposed over the live-action foreground and background shots where the models are, giving the impression that the game has come to life.

You can see the ad below.

According to the ASA, they’ve deemed the ad offensive and sexually objectifying.

As reported by Eurogamer, the ASA’s verdict on their official website reads…

“The ASA noted that the images of the women wearing swimwear bore no relation to the product being advertised – a combat-themed mobile game app. We also noted that in some of the scenes, the mannerisms of the women were seductive or sexually-charged.


“[…] We noted that the ad featured plus-sized models but we considered that fact was irrelevant. For those reasons, we considered that the ad objectified women and was therefore offensive.”

Machine Zone had previously replied stating that the ad was showing that you could play Mobile Strike anywhere, including lounging around in a bikini while sitting in a lawn chair.

To their credit, the ad at least featured some images of the game’s units in the real world while the women dueled in the actual game.

There have been plenty of commercials like this in the past, or themed commercials that didn’t necessarily have to do with the game or a product, like this old commercial of a kid being bullied who then turns into a bully after getting his hands on a Sega Genesis.

Or how about the Super Mario World 2 commercial where a fat guy explodes and his insides land on everybody in the shop?

I guess it’s good the ASA wasn’t overseeing broadcasting media back in the 1990s or we never would have had that gem.

Then again even after the ASA took over for broadcast and online commercial media, they haven’t entirely been consistent with doling out punishments. They did come down on Electronic Arts for Dungeon Keeper for misleading people about the requirement of microtrnasctions, but the ASA gave Hello Games a pass on No Man’s Sky, saying that the promotional advertising for the game was not misleading or dishonest, much to the shock and dismay of most gamers.

What’s odd here is that on the opposite end of the spectrum, Machine Zone received various amounts of criticism from the media for sexual objectifying Kate Upton in their Game of War: Fire Age commercials. The typical labels of “sexism” and “male gaze” were used to describe the company for running the ad, like in this piece from GameCrate.

However, using plus-sized models for the sake of “diversity” still didn’t score Machine Zone any points for their mobile game, Mobile Strike, from the typical SocJus crowd. Well… they didn’t receive much love from the media, but Machine Zone told the ASA that the ad garnered a lot of support from their user base, which is explained in the report by the ASA…

“[Machine Zone] said they had run the ad globally for a number of months and had not received any other complaints about it. In fact, they said they had received considerable support from their players for featuring real-sized women in their ad, as they were often under represented.”

I suppose if you can’t win you may as well go all in… something that THQ did for Juiced.

I can only imagine what the ASA would say about that commercial if they had an issue with plus-sized models playing a game while wearing swimwear.

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  • Galbador

    Techraptor made an article about it and WONDER NO LESS the (sjw) staff writer was for the ban.


    “Honestly, it’s about time. Advertising that uses cheap sex appeal
    for video game marketing needed to be cut down on – especially where it
    holds no relation to the subject matter of the game. Free-to-play
    browser game Evony was a particularly egregious example of this. While an argument can be made for the validity of the Game of War adverts featuring Kate Upton
    – since she’s in some way involved in the game – it’s clear that the
    use of women in this advert was for sexual appeal. We’re not stupid.”

    ~Mark Jansen

    I once liked this page, but it seems like that even this raptor got corrupted.

    • Well that’s the thing… how much involvement must the subject matter be involved with the game for it to be relevant to the game?

      Most Call of Duty commercials don’t even SHOW the game, just some Hollywood actors doing stuff you can’t even do in the game. Is it because it’s non-sexual that makes it okay?

      There was a Diet Dr. Pepper ad (I think?) where a bunch of guys were doing “manly” things because they said it “wasn’t for women”. What did that have to do with with the soft drink?

      I mean we can go right down the line for a bunch of commercials that actually have little to do with what’s being advertised.

      Heck Matthew McConaughey spent one of those Lincoln commercials in a restaurant looking at the rain for the most part. Should it also be banned?

      It would be different if the ad didn’t show the game, but it clearly does, all throughout. I’m not saying the Mobile Strike is a good ad, but it does show the game.

      Do we need some sort of counter where X amount of a product must be on display in order for it to be okay? And if sex appeal is used in any way it must have X percentage of content relevancy for it to pass the censor bar?

      It’s pretty ridiculous.

      I think effective advertising is more important than content relevancy in advertising.

      • Galbador

        Like I said, the world goes more and more ridiculous and trigger happy.

  • just can’t win pandering to these people.

  • Raging Papist

    Soooo thiiccccc.

  • Γεώργιος Αρχαιοκαπηλίδης

    Screw you, feminazi!

  • Alistair

    Well i got a idea, since it all one sided and them hijack our hobby with censorship.

    I shall start some censorship of my own, by not commeting to SJWs, If i see one or know one I shall walk away. As they becoming “Irrelevant” And they hate that word.

  • Alistair

    Hmm I got my hand out for ASA when they on the gamers/Comsumers side for misleading ads like No man sky till they cop out on that saying NMS didnt mislead comsumers.

    Now this will be another nail in the coffin for them, Really ASA since when you turn a regression left SJWs. Oh wait the ASA CEO is a woman.

    The banned is Irrelevant as that too is not in the intrest of comsumers Who gives a flying fuck of that AD, who gives a dam about “Any” questionable Content outthere.

    No ones cares If you easily offended then there No hope for you.

    • Oh wait the ASA CEO is a woman.

      The result would’ve been the same even if it were a male CEO, he would’ve cucked himself out. I mean, since when have institutions/ratings boards ever dared to hold a differing viewpoint on the issue of so-called “sexism” against women and so-called “racism” against non-whites? Never. Because anyone who even tries to reasonably counter it or deny it gets lynch-mobbed to the point where he loses his job and has his entire life ruined.

      But I do agree with what you’re implying though, a woman in charge is far more likely to push/inject Social Justice feminism of her own will into everything she does.

      In the Men’s Rights Movement/MGTOW circles, I’m already hearing of more and more cases of woman bosses/CEOs blatantly refusing to hire men on the basis of their gender, in order to “even out” and enact “revenge” for the “oppression” women faced in the workplace over the last 500 years.

      Whilst maybe it is true that women may have faced discrimination in the workplace in the past, it is not as bad as feminists make it out to be. Oppressing the “oppressor” is simply not the way forward, and quite frankly in my opinion makes the ex-victim just as bad as the oppressor.

      The banned is Irrelevant as that too is not in the intrest of comsumers

      The “irrelevant” excuse is used to ban anything they dislike. If you think about it, they can easily apply this excuse to anything. For example, if an advert is selling a table and there’s a cat sitting on it, they can say that the cat has nothing to do with the table and ban it on those grounds because of “irrelevancy”.

      It was roughly the same excuse they applied to the Protein World female advert as well. BUT guess what? They didn’t apply this to the male version of the advert of course.

      • The “irrelevant” excuse is used to ban anything they dislike. If you think about it, they can easily apply this excuse to anything. For example, if an advert is selling a table and there’s a cat sitting on it, they can say that the cat has nothing to do with the table and ban it on those grounds because of “irrelevancy”.

        Exactly. This is the thing that got to me. Like… you could literally apply that logic to almost half the commercials out there, especially perfume ads that usually have NOTHING to do with perfume at all until like the last two seconds.

        Heck, the Mobile Strike commercials actually show more of the game than the Kate Upton commercials did, so I have no idea how they’re using the excuse that the focus was too much on sexually objectifying the women.

  • Salt Miner

    Are these a new type of heavy tank they’re adding in the game?

    • TheScienceEnthusiast1130


  • Muten

    I dont get the ad. you should play the game by the pool with your girlfriends?

    • …or boyfriends…

  • Michael P

    Hang on, I thought we were supposed to be attracted to the plus sized women too?

    Don’t sexualize them = fat phobia deeply rooted in muhsoggyknee and racism

    Sexualize them= BAN THIS SICK FILTH!!11!

    Honestly, the ad is cringy as fuck but charming in it’s own way…..not gonna lie those girls got ass!

    • Disqusted

      Probably worked out for them anyway, because of that no publicity is bad publicity stuff.

  • Disqusted

    While I’m not a fan of ads that have little to do with the product unless they’re clever and entertaining, I think it’s bullshit that they whine about “sexual objectification”. Anyone who says females being sexy is “objectification” are just projecting their own beliefs onto everyone else.

    Just about anything a female does can be perceived as sexually attractive. Females are also completely capable of intentionally being sexually attractive. It’s not “objectification” for males to react to that. Especially because they wouldn’t react the same way if it was an actual object, and not a person.

    • I think it’s bullshit that they whine about “sexual objectification” Anyone who says females being sexy is “objectification” are just projecting their own beliefs onto everyone else.

      It’s only “sexual objectification” if the sexy females are designed and marketed to appeal to men.

      It’s never been a problem to them for the most part if sexy females are used to market products to appeal to women. That’s why we still see make-up, perfume, body cream adverts, etc. which feature beautiful /scantily-clad women.

      If anything that just shows how misandrist they are. They simply do not want straight men enjoying anything.

      • Alex Reynard

        And if lesbians enjoy looking at sexy women too, fuck them I guess. Worth it to keep men from ever experiencing an iota of pleasure, apparently.

    • Alistair

      Well i dont watch Ads as i use my telly as a monitor now for gaming.

      It was the best thing i ever did, not paying for a TV license to “fuel” More diverse in Tv shows, more SJ in Tv shows and wave banhammer like there no tomorrow.

      Now they can continue to do that with out my money. the money goes on games.

    • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

      Exactly 😀

  • Fuck Machine Zone for trying to promote landwhales for Social Justice and fuck the ASA for being over-sensitive SJW-feminist pieces of shits.

    Apparently the ASA suddenly decided this due to one complaint (according to the article). Sounds suspicious to me but then, companies/authorities are complete cowards these days when it comes to a possible lynching from the SJW/feminist mob.

    Still, the Kate Upton advert was quite good though, half-credit to Machine Zone for that. Even though it had nothing to do with the gameplay? lol

    I wish more people would speak up on this blatant authoritarianism from the ASA though, this happens in the UK all the time. Whenever an advert/commercial on mainstream TV features sexy women that appeals to men, it’s banned very quickly.

    It should also be noted that there is a Diet Coke advert here that clearly “sexually objectifies” men for the female gaze, and it’s got nothing to do with the actual drink itself. Guess what? Tumbleweed from the ASA and feminists about that. These double standards are a disgrace.

    I think the ASA are the same group which sided with the feminists and banned the Protein World advert I think, which then lead to Sadiq Khan, the current Mayor of London, completely banning any advert/commercial that “objectifies women” in the London Underground. I’m not even sure if its just the underground, it could possibly be the entire city of London. But yeah, SJWs/feminists are in control of society in the UK, don’t let the Brexit crap fool you, because even if that goes through, it doesn’t change the fact that the UK is a very leftist-SJW society, and these people will continue to influence politics and law. Men in this country are very gynocentric as well. We kind of need our own Donald Trump to ignite the anti-SJWs to counter it all, but we won’t get that.

    • Bamf

      Yeah, she’s fat too.

    • Also, I read the comments section of the Eurogamer article. It was mixed, but it seems that the majority didn’t like what the ASA did.

      However though, most of the people there (all male except maybe one or two females) were complete white knights and it seems that they only disapproved of the banning because the advert featured an overweight/fat woman. If it had featured a skinny sexy woman instead these same people would’ve approved the banning.

      But then I expected this from Eurogamer readers. Seems to be filled with cucks.

      A good sign however is that a few people have pointed out the double standards of the Diet Coke advert.

      • Disqusted

        Eurogamer is very anti-GG, if I recall correctly. Don’t know if they changed their stance on that, but if they needed to be pushed into changing it to begin with, then they’re still assholes to me.

        • They removed Booth Babes from their events a while ago I think. That speaks for itself.

        • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

          Eurogamer is a mainstream news media website, it is obvious that Eurogamer often is stupid towards its audience.

      • Gozu Tennoh

        There were some good men over at eurogamer but its an absolute cuckfest now.

        Even before GG they used to whine about girls in gaming, for which I enjoyed trolling them almost everyday.

        • TheScienceEnthusiast1130


    • Disqusted

      Many in the West seem to believe that men are little more than worker ants who can only think with their penis, so you can’t “sexually objectify” them because they’re already treated like objects.

      Unless it’s someone with a certain skin color, sexual orientation or extra gender, in which case suddenly their feelings matter somewhat.

      • “male power fantasy”
        “he has agency”
        “he is still strong and powerful”
        etc etc etc

        • Disqusted

          Whining about “male power fantasy” is so ridiculous. If males are so powerful, why would they need to fantasize about it?

          • Alex Reynard

            That is a goddamn fantastic point. I’m stunned I never thought of it that way before.

    • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

      The modern-era hatred of male humans, is derived from religious traditionalism (mainly the extremist type), which hates pleasure-seeking, as the religious traditionalist authorities require the person to be a solely a bland and ignorant unit of society, instead of an individual. Feminazis are a huge part of these extremist authoritarian societies, as much of the fucked up “philosophies” of feminazis are quite similar to religious traditionalist extremist “values”. This is why in traditionalist sovereign states such as Russia, United States, there are plenty of feminazis.

  • Bamf

    Finally an ad I’m glad they censored 🙂

    • Yeah we won’t be able to see the landwhale again, but this really does highlight how leftists have complete control over society and the media.

      • TheScienceEnthusiast1130


  • Mr.Towel

    Sexually objectifying? Do they believe all males are BBW lovers?

    • Bitterbear
      • Disqusted

        People always seem to ignore the fact that most women don’t easily show off their assets because they know they have priceless value and swaying power. They want something of equal worth in return. I think that’s one of the main reasons why women hate when people get a free peek.

        I’m sure plenty of women hate when other women show off their assets, because it ultimately undermines their own value. Especially feminists, who mostly seem to have little value to begin with, often of their own doing because they’re too lazy to look after their own bodies. Easier to blame others.

  • John27 Put all the feminists in burkas and stone them to death if they take them off. That’s apparently what they really want.

    • Bitterbear

      Burkas are the best way to hide cellulite skin. Why do you think Feminist love it so much?

      • Disqusted

        At the same time, it hides competition. They don’t seem to realize that we can still tell the difference in body curvature and girth.

    • Why not just stone these whining intolerant pieces of shits regardless?

      • Disqusted

        Wouldn’t be surprised if the stones just bounced off all that pillowy fat.

        • Aim for the face. Hopefully it will take their eyes out and they will never have to look at a slim sexy woman ever again.