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(Last Updated On: April 10, 2017)

Back on February 20th, 2017 Amazon had the IMDB forums shut down for good. It was an invaluable resource that a lot of people used to find movies, talk about movies, discuss the movie-making business and discover new avenues in the realm of motion pictures. Well, one site has realized just how invaluable that resource was and they’ve decided to offer an alternative for those looking for a replacement for the IMDB’s forums.

The name of the website is called

You simply have to sign-up using a username, a password, and a e-mail address and you’ll be good to go. Once they send you a verification for your e-mail address, you’ll be able to deep dive into the forums and pick up conversations you last left off on IMDB.

The site offers general discussions, trivia, TV talk, film talk, and forum boards for each movie, television and short film entry in the database.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for on the main page you can use the search at the top of the bar to find what you’re looking for.

The site operates on donations, so if you do think that is a worthy successor (or at least an adequate enough replacement for IMDB’s message boards) you can actually donate using the donate button.

If you’ve felt as if there was a hole missing in your leisure time activities after the IMDB forums shut down, well now you have a replacement.

Alternatively, there’s also The Movie Database. It’s also a potential replacement for IMDB’s boards. The only problem is that a lot of the boards on TMDB don’t have a lot of activity, so it may take some time for them to catch back up to where IMDB used to be, in terms of discussion board activity. Alternatively, seems to have a lot of action taking place on its forums and is quite active despite being rather new.

Back in early February IMDB announced that they were shutting the forums down, because they were no longer a productive user experience and that people could instead use Facebook and Twitter. Obviously, you can’t have a conversation on Twitter about anything unless you troll, post memes, or enjoy seeing SJWs versus normal people who are fed up with the BS (assuming both sides aren’t shadowbanned and throttled into oblivion).

Anyway, some people think that IMDB was embracing the whole SJW mentality of censoring and controlling speech. Others believe that it was a ploy from Amazon to cut off communication because the forums cost money to run but didn’t generate revenue. The latter theory would be silly if it were true, because technically Amazon could have slapped some display ads into the forum and it would have generated some extra revenue.

But that’s all besides the point. The point is that you no longer have to sit around, wallowing in the empty pit where your heart used to be… you can fill it with something new… something better (well, not really but you get the gist). If you want to dive back into conversations for movies you can check out

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  • MargaretK

    I really would love a well-designed website for movie discussions, but I’m sorry I am not going to use a near copy/paste of imdb’s code. The least MovieChat could do is improve upon imdb’s outdated forum interface. I’m not going to click a thousand times just to read one thread.

  • Mystik Al

    Its no coincidence that IMDB closed shortly after the Globalist over lords realized that their Political Correctness was dieing rapidly among the under 30’s.
    As everyone knows the Shitposter/Troll community are the enemy of the paid SJW/Liberal/Globalist shills and IMDB was a hub of intelligent and tallented shitposters.
    The death of IMDB is a direct attack on free thought and free speech.

  • Doften av ångest

    The IMDB forums were toxic in the state that they were. I am glad they were shut down. Wouldn’t have been so bad if they were actually moderated and multiple accounts weren’t allowed, though. It was ridicilous that a single person could brigade a topic with 10 different accounts.

    • What? SOME of the forum boards were “toxic” and full of trolls, but a lot of the others weren’t. It makes zero sense to me to shut down the entire forum board because movie discussion you partook in were “toxic” to you.

      There were a lot of us out there who just liked discussing a lot of esoteric films and never came across trolls and brigaders.

      • Doften av ångest

        Yea, it’s not like I spent 13 years on those forums and saw it grow all over (I did). I am glad you had your own clique that wasn’t like this, but a large part of the forums were absolutely infested.

        • Yea, it’s not like I spent 13 years on those forums and saw it grow all over (I did).

          I’m pretty sure I’ve been on there a while… let me check… okay, it shows I’ve been a member for seven years. So almost half the amount of time you’ve been there. Even still, what movie forums were you in where all you saw was an infestation of “growing” trolls?

          I am glad you had your own clique that wasn’t like this, but a large part of the forums were absolutely infested.

          Huh? I wasn’t in a clique, there were no groups. I watched a lot of foreign films and would go discuss it with people (I presume they were definitely older and not stupid little booger teenagers) so I never encountered any trolls. I also watch a lot of political thrillers and classic films, so no, I didn’t see this “infestation” you speak of.

    • Daiseymae

      I was there for nearly 12 years, and I was sorry that they were shut down. There were some really intelligent and informative followers who really knew their stuff about the history of film. I still miss the imdb forums.