New Open World Dynasty Warriors 9 Set To Gain More Info In May

Producer Akihiro Suzuki recently took to Twitter to announce that information regarding Dynasty Warriors 9 will be coming soon. How soon? This May. No specific or given date in May was provided, but it’s likely that a trailer or live stream of some sort will go up during said month for Koei Tecmo and Omega Forces’ open world Musou game.

Not too long ago an interview went up on Famitsu featuring Koei Tecmo’s Masaki Furusawa and Akikiro Suzuki, the interview covered some of the features that will be in the upcoming ninth Dynasty Warriors game, which includes 83 characters, Zhou Cang and even more new characters.

Around the same time as the interview by Famitsu comes a post by publication site Games Talk, who posted up a list of changes that the company is currently working on for the game:

“All of China is reproduced. While the Chinese land is a vast one, there are a lot of mountains, so places where battles can take place are limited. For this reason, they’re creating places like Hulao Pass and Zhongyuan in detail.


Know-how is shared within the company. Because the nature of the open world is different from that of Toukiden 2, that technology cannot be used as it is, but that which can be appropriated will be utilized.


They want to change input methods such as Square button for a standard attack and Triangle button for a charge attack. The concept of “being a match for a thousand” will remain, so something like Musou Ranbu will remain.”

As of today we learn that the same producer Akihiro Suzuki — found in the Famitsu interview — has posted up a tweet stating that more information regarding Dynasty Warriors 9 will be coming during this year’s May.

If you’ve missed the teaser trailer that depicts a painted landscape nestled with soldiers from afar and the heroic figure known as Zhao Yun riding a horse into battle, you can check out the 18 second long teaser video below.

I know this info stands to be an announcement for an announcement for another reveal trailer, but those who are excited to see Dynasty Warriors attempt to explore the open world scene should keep their eyes open during May for additional details.


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