Nintendo Announces New 2DS XL For $149.99, Features New C-Stick And ZL/ZR Buttons
New Nintendo 2DS XL
(Last Updated On: April 28, 2017)

The new Nintendo 2DS XL was recently announced by Nintendo for $149.99. The new pocket-sized handheld will arrive later this year during the summer on July 28th in North America as well as in Europe.

The news about the device was accompanied by a near two-minute long trailer featuring a brief overview of the Nintendo 2DS XL features, including the iPhone-inspired dual-screen, built-in Amiibo support with near-field communication, an enhanced pressure sensitive C-stick, improved trigger-oriented ZL and ZR buttons,  and a compact design that makes it easy to stash the 2DS XL away in a back or side pocket.

The remainder of the trailer talks about a “fast processor” and shows a bunch of people having fun and smiling while playing with their new 2DS XL out and about.

It’s a really odd decision from Nintendo to introduce the 2DS XL for 3DS games when the Nintendo Switch just came out.

More than anything it would seem like they should be focusing on putting out more content for the Switch, pumping out more peripherals and developing more software for it. Adding another 2DS/3DS variant to the marketplace just seems… odd. Especially given that this seems like it’s nearing the end of the 3DS’ life-cycle, so adding yet another variant just seems wasteful.

Anyway, Nintendo definitely knows their own market far better than armchair analysts, and they’ve proven time and time again that they can make stuff that seems like crap that people will buy in droves. So who am I to judge?

They didn’t mention any new games accompanying the device, but they’ll likely announce some additional titles at E3 this year as they make the stop in Los Angeles ahead of the new system’s launch at the end of July.

You can learn more about the new handheld by paying a visit to Nintendo’s official website.

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    Even when I owned a 3DS, I never used the 3D gimmick as it made my eyes hurt severely when I DID use it. In all honesty, I actually approve of this, and the cheaper price for those of us that don’t use the 3D shit.

  • Gooniesmurf

    Off topic:

    Is it just me, like every now and then whenever I click on an article from the site landing page, the directed link is the mobile site version though I’m opening it from my desktop?

    • MONAD

      Every now and again I’ll get the mobile (lite) version of it, but I think that has to do with your cache and refreshing it.

      • Yeah sometimes under heavy load it might load the mobile version from cache instead of the full page. It happens sometimes.

  • mikebrand83

    My take on the New 2DS XL is that it’s intended to be the final notable revision of the 3DS family.

    Looking around various online discussion forums and social media, it’s not hard to find those who say that they’d be interested in the 3DS library, but not committing because of reasons such as apathy to the 3D display feature, the price point, and/or the “kiddy” form factor of the 2DS. This revision basically address all of those points, as the removal of the 3D screen brings the price down, while the response to the new clam shell design seems pretty positive from what I’ve seen so far.

    Also, with functionally identical internals to the New 3DS revision, the New 2DS has access to the full 3DS library, including games that were previously New 3DS exclusive (Xenoblade Chronicles 3DS, and the upcoming Fire Emblem Heroes), and enhances the gameplay experience in other 3DS games (such as better FPS, shorter loading time, and others in Hyrule Warriors Legends and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate).

    • MONAD

      Oh, so it CAN play new 3DS exclusives. I might bite on this then if that’s the case.