Omega Labyrinth Z Promises Lots Of Boob Fondling, Monster Bashing, And Cleavage
Omega Labyrinth Z
(Last Updated On: April 10, 2017)

D3 Publisher announced that Omega Labyrinth Z will be making its way to the PS4 and the PlayStation Vita starting July 6th, 2017 later this year. The game will feature all new bouncing boob interactive mini-games and advanced jiggle physics as if the fate of mammary glands depended on it.

They also released a new four and a half minute long trailer covering the game’s mechanics, playable cast of characters and the overall plot of the new RPG.

You can check out the Japanese trailer below.

The first half minute covers some of the over-the-top boob features, and then they quickly run through the various characters that you’ll play and their measurements.

What’s the significance of their measurements? Well, as you battle through the game’s various labyrinths and discover items and battle enemies, you’ll level up the characters and earn bonuses that will make their boobs grow.

The larger their boobs get, the more they start to spill out of their clothes.

The game’s most controversial and hilarious mini-game also returns: rubbing items between the breasts of the characters.

In order to unlock special items, you’ll need to rub the capsules between the cleavage of the girls.

The more you massage their boobs around the capsule, the more the capsule grows, and the more it grows, the more it looks like a sex toy. Eventually it’ll unlock an item for you.

Omega Labyrinth Z - Fondle Mini-Game\

Omega Labyrinth Z - Mini-Game 3

Speaking of sexy time… the game borrows heavily from Criminal Girls when it comes to the whole touching/petting mini-game, where the girls will be in various poses and allow you to interact with the live 2D images, such as smacking them on the bottom or caressing their arms, or grabbing their boobs.

Also, don’t expect to see this game here in the West. The comment section even knows what’s up.

Sadly Japan just doesn’t want to deal with all the bullcrap that Western SJWs bring to the table, so they keep all their very overt Otaku stuff over there. Alternatively their games get butchered in localization like what happened to Criminal Girls 2, where more than half of the game’s sexy scenes were censored for the West. Thankfully, when the original Criminal Girls landed on Steam, modders did the great blessed work of Saint Fapcis, and managed to make an uncensored nude mod for the game.

If you want to get the region free version of the game for the PS Vita or PS4, you can do so by visiting the official D3 Publisher website and ordering the game when it becomes available. You can look for Omega Labyrinth Z to launch on July 6th, 2017 for ¥10,044.

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  • MusouTensei
  • Make no mistake, Japan (and possibly Korea) are the last bastions of providing mainstream fan-service games for boys/men.

    In the West, if you place yourself into a developer’s shoes and think from his point of view, it’s frightening on how you’re not allowed to design female characters that depict them and treat them in “negative” ways. Because if you do, you’ll face the consequences of being lynch-mobbed, have their company’s reputation ruined and have their game being deliberately marked down because of it.

    The person STBill who made that comment in the screencap has it spot-on. SJWs simply need to die. And when that happens we will see genuine freedom of expression and creativity once again.

  • Gozu Tennoh

    Had a good laugh at the Saint Fapcis bit.

    Artwork looks great, not too sure about the gameplay though.

  • Alistair

    Speaking of regressions SJWs bullshit, after a long thought i consider them as terrorists.

    Think about it, not terrorists that kill people, but “economy Terrorists” And hate speech against gamers.

    Treat them as spys get treated, if the sales faulter it not the gamers fault. As SJWs doesn’t give two shits about the devs in the first place.

    Gamers has every right to boycott a game, but SJWs Hasn’t got any leg to stand on to dictate to others.

    edit: A other example was a trader fiddle the markets and bad banks that had a terrible effect on a economy. And he went to prison, you could consider him a “economy terrorist”.

    How much did he wipe out?.

    • Economic terrorists is a very apt description. That’s exactly what they’ve been doing, and so far a lot of the markets they’ve infected have been collapsing in on themselves.

      • RichardGristle

        Economic, free-thought, cyber – they could honestly be described as terrorists in many ways. I’d say someone that tries to censor or shut down free-speech and artistic expression is absolutely a political terrorist, and certainly not the friend of a free people. They’ve frightened nearly an entire industry into censoring itself and walking on egg shells.

        Of course this not even taking into account the penchant many of them seem to have for children and/or sex crimes.

        • Alistair

          And have wicked ways of women, under harassment. Maybe ecchi games remind them of what bad people they are. “It your fault games you too dam sexy”

      • Alistair

        Any thing that strangled freedom of speech and expression is a god dam political terrorist too.

        And using certain buzz words is just tools they use.

  • Alistair

    Why this game not coming and the rest similar ecchi titles that mimic such mimi games do come over here censored and uncensored.

    This game should Not be treated unlike the rest of them. If this game does come over it will possibility be censored.

    Edit: The safer bet is put it on Steam and let sony and microsoft rot in hell.