Open Discussion: April 16th, 2017
(Last Updated On: April 16, 2017)

Welcome to the next entry to the ongoing Open Discussion series — a discussion series thatis opened up to anyone to say anything. And just like before, and in future posts to come, you can talk about games, politics, or events that are unrelated to the Open Discussion topic.

You don’t have to stay on topic, it’s actually encouraged that you bring up whatever it is that’s on your mind. But if you want to stay on topic… this Open Discussion entry is about your favorite mod or mods.

Good video games don’t necessarily need mods, but it’s always nice to have the option to mod good games to expand the longevity of a favorite title. But as for good games gone bad, mods are a must to fix something that was once an enjoyable title or series.

In addition to the above, there are some games that need mods; in some cases these games are so unplayable at launch that gamers must wait at least a month or so to play these rushed and broken games in a somewhat playable state after numerous patches, hotfixes and updates. Oftentimes months of patches still don’t get the job done, like in the case of Fallout 4, where modders to this day still publish mods to help fix the game.

And then we have developers who kowtow to groups that don’t even properly play video games, censoring or removing content, which in turn butchers a title or series upon release. This act causes gamers and modders to go in and uncensor a title that should’ve never been censored  in the first place.

In my opinion, developers allowing their games to be modded is the pinnacle of connecting with fans and increasing the lifespan of a game. So with that said, what’s your favorite mod that really helped a game to become more fun or more enjoyable?

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  • EroBotan

    I just notice something here:

    If you go to “Movie” section, you can see Red Ash: Gearworld anime!! Will this one actually be good? or will this run into problems like Mighty no 9? At least so far PR disaster has been avoided for this one.

  • Ebalosus

    Mods, and by extension good internal content development tools (StarEdit for Starcraft, for example), will give any game a really long tail, and basically make it playable if there are people still around to play it. It’s arguably one of the main reasons I’m a PC gamer, because not only do my games last longer; if the dev fucks up, either by censorship or limiting content or by not fixing the damn thing, modders can step up and fill the gap. Not that devs should rely on modders to fix their games, mind you, but it’s nice having people who can resolve issues that the devs can’t…like getting Halo 2 to run on XP machines.

  • urgelt

    Games which permit modding are delivering immense value to players above and beyond the base value of the games. I like modding so much that I only rarely play games that can’t be modded.

    That said, modding is a minefield. Many, many mods break vanilla content. For me, the most recent example is a mod for FO4 called ‘Keynuker.’ It’s a simple mod that promises to reduce inventory clutter by storing keys out of sight. Nice idea. But with that mod installed, if you approach the entrance to Nuka World, you’ll get quit-to-desktop crashes (QTD) 100% of the time.

    Mods are also a pain to set up in the correct load order, and conflicts between mods are often a problem. You have to be pretty dedicated to get the most out of modding your games; it’s time-consuming. Mods which change vanilla content, instead of adding new content, are always risky and hold out potential for conflicts. But there are some awfully good mods out there, and discovering them makes the effort worthwhile.

    I suppose my favorite mod of all time is New Vegas Bounties for FONV, actually two mods from the same author, someguy2000. New Vegas Bounties I and II fit seamlessly into the vanilla game and offer a ton of fun quests, some challenging fights, and wild plot twists. These mods are as good as the best DLC, add many hours of enjoyment, and the author has done a great job of bug-stomping.

    When Bioware turned its back on modding, I pretty much lost interest in that studio. They used to be one of my favorite game publishers.

  • From a fanservice point of view:

    Mods are great indeed, but at the same time it’s a shame that people are having to rely on mods for sexy female characters.

    If you don’t care about the tits then fair enough. But for those that do, the concept of solely relying on mods for this isn’t the way forward, and it does signal an increasingly authoritarian puritanism form of censorship when it comes to female characters. Not only in video games, but across all other forms of entertainment media.

    Anita Sarkeesian and people of her ilk are complete cancer to video games.

    • urgelt

      Just so we’re clear on what you are advocating:

      It sounds like you want vanilla games to present women as objects, and you are annoyed that lately, the only way to achieve this end is through modding.

      Is that about right?

      • Is that about right?

        Seeing as they’re nothing but computer-generated pixels, polygons and not real people, no that isn’t right.

        And even in other forms of entertainment media such as movies, actresses get paid to do it and it’s their choice to do it. It’s all fictional and doesn’t harm any person in real life.

        And if you actually thought about it, everyone is an object of some sort. But oh of course, everything is perfectly fine such as male characters being shot in the head, tortured, electrocuted, having their limbs chopped off, bones broken, run over by vehicles, etc… but a female showing a bit of skin is oh-so-problematic for you.

        Freedom of expression and creativity for the developer/creator and all that. Which they do not have any more.

        But don’t let me stop you from spewing your white-knighting feminist nonsense though.

        • urgelt

          Authoritarian? Me?


          I’m not advocating for restricting artistic freedom.

          Make any game you like. Make it pornographic, even. I won’t say ‘stop.’

          But you know, women are gamers, too. They’re customers.

          Studios have to walk a tight line. They’re going to upset *someone* no matter what they do. So, ask yourself: who would they rather upset? Women gamers? Or a crackpot who wants his games to present women as sexual objects? As things?

          You lose.

          You don’t lose because of me, or anything I said. You don’t lose because of anything Anita Sarkeesian said. You lose because your position is untenable.

          Turns out women are human beings, too.

          • But you know, women are gamers, too.

            They’re customers.

            Studios have to walk a tight line. They’re going to upset *someone* no matter what they do. So, ask yourself: who would they rather upset? Women
            gamers? Or a crackpot who wants his games to present women as sexual objects? As things?

            So this is where the indirect censorship comes in then.

            So Western developers basically have to restrict their own expression and censor fictional material in order to not upset some sensitive snowflakes.

            I don’t know about you, but this is nothing more than indirect authoritarianism through fear-mongering, which means that people who enjoyed the once-uncensored material has to lose out. Quite frankly, this is unacceptable, regardless of the gender ratio of gamers and the financial lines. What happened to the “diversity” and “inclusiveness” these SJW and feminist maggots always preach (but never practice)?

            And it’s not even a case of innocence either. If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last 5 years, you’ll see that judging from the climate of the video games industry, MSM and MSGM, It’s clearly an agenda-driven cause to erode any entertainment material that caters to straight men.

            If you ask me, I think some kind of a Safe Mode in a video game would be the best solution. You know a Safe Mode for the puritans and the full uncensored mode for normal people. But hey, guess what? When this idea is brought up, SJWs, feminists and women who claim to be gamers do not even want to hear it. I guess that speaks volumes…

            Jeez, Japanese developers must REALLY upset 50% of the population. Nuke them before they do any more harm to women!

            You lose.

            I don’t lose anything, I can get my share of kicks through adult gaming.

            All I’m trying to do is fight for and speak up developer/artist/creator’s free expression. The fan-service stuff just happens to be in the line of fire right now.

            I would be doing the same thing if violence, gore and guns (all things I personally enjoy as well) were getting censored.

            You lose because your position is untenable.

            My position is advocating for free speech, free expression/creativity, anti-censorship, and anti-political correctness.

            If that makes me a loser, then I worry for the Western video games industry.

            Turns out women are human beings, too.

            Male characters are shot in the head, tortured, electrocuted, have their limbs chopped off, decapitated, bones broken, raped, run over by vehicles, etc.

            Stop drinking that feminist Kool-Aid and quit the white-knighting. Video games are fictional material.

          • urgelt

            Y’know, this isn’t the first time that market forces have shaped products.

            It’s not the first time that minority tastes have been left behind as marketers seek higher sales.

            When governments get into it, when they dictate what can be bought or sold, a whiff of authoritarianism does enter the room – even if the end result is positive for a society. (What’s positive to regulate is always a fun subject for a debate – toxic chemicals in food, anyone? Lying labels? Conflicted airspace? CO2 emissions?)

            But in the US, government isn’t pushing to regulate gaming content. Heck, not even Anita Sarkeesian is pushing for governments to regulate gaming content, last I looked at what she’s puting out there. Like you, she’s a gamer who is letting publishers know her preferences for gaming content.

            Free speech, baby.

            Your argument that taking a particular stance in this argument is censorship or authoritarian is demonstrably false. It *could* become true, if Anita Sarkeesian advocated for censorship, if governments heeded that call and implemented it, but nobody has lifted a finger in that direction whatsoever.

            What’s at work instead is a cultural and marketing shift: more women are becoming gamers. And game publishers want those customers. They figure they can abandon the whole women-as-objects thing, enlarge their marketing base and still get guys like you and me into their tents with the games they’re marketing.

            And you know what? They’re right. If they weren’t right, you wouldn’t be buying these games and moaning about the fact that they don’t reliably, consciously objectify women like in the good old days.

            You’re on the wrong side of the argument. It doesn’t help that you fling accusations which are absolutely untrue. There is no authoritarianism here; only a customer base that’s in flux and marketers who are responding to it so as to maximize their profits.

          • There is no authoritarianism here. Your argument that taking a particular stance in this argument is censorship or authoritarian is demonstrably false. It *could* become true, if Anita Sarkeesian advocated for censorship, if governments heeded that call and implemented it, but nobody has lifted a finger in that direction whatsoever.

            Authoritarianism isn’t black and white, and most certainly isn’t limited to just official government regulation.

            There is also indirect authoritarianism and indirect censorship, which in this case, where SJWs/feminists infiltrate, take over the MSM and MSGM and use it to create a fear-mongering atmosphere whereby if any developer/publisher doesn’t abide follow their ideology when designing female characters, they get publicly criticised by the MSGM, leading to being bullied, harassed and pressured by the SJW maggots on social media. One or two games scores have even been deliberately marked down by Western reviewers for not portraying a female character “correctly”.

            When that happens, Anita Sarkeesian and her brigade of SJW followers will just say: “oh we didn’t censor the game, the developers just edited in the way they want”. Yeah right, after bullying, pressurizing and fear-mongering developers into censoring themselves.

            That’s pretty much authoritarianism in my view. It’s the same kind of behaviour (to a much lesser degree) to the case of the scientist Matt Taylor in the UK who wore that shirt with the cartoon women on it, and the SJWs/feminists basically bullied, harassed and lynch-mobbed him into a public apology where he was in complete tears. He won’t wear that shirt ever again, no matter how much he wants to, because the SJWs have made sure that they’ve fear-mongered him into not doing it again. This is authoritarianism through Social Justice, and the government did NOT regulate what kind of shirt he could wear.

            I surely hope that you don’t think this kind of SJW behaviour is acceptable.

            Like I said before, if you have not been living under a rock for the last 4-5 years you’ll have seen this climate.

            It should also be noted that Anita Sarkeesian once went to the United Nations and tried to censor free speech “hate speech”. I think that tells you the mindset of her and people of her ilk.

            What’s at work instead is a cultural and marketing shift: more women are becoming gamers. And game publishers want those customers.

            Like I mentioned/suggested earlier, I am one for ALL sides (male gamers, female gamers, feminists, SJWs, LGBQT, minorities, etc.) getting what they want in video games.

            It’s become a problem because the once original existing material that caters towards male gamers, is being censored, banned and removed entirely and replaced with material that only caters to SJWs, minorities and female audiences. It’s done because there is clearly an anti-straight-male agenda that operates to erode any entertainment media that caters to heterosexual men. See Ghostbusters remake.

            Which leads me to my Safe Mode option idea in video games. You know a Safe Mode for the puritans and the full uncensored mode for normal people. I really do think it’s the best solution, because that way everyone wins. But like I said before, years ago when GamerGate brought this idea up to SJWs, feminists and women who claim to be gamers, they reject it immediately. Which goes to show you that this is nothing more than a biased agenda aimed at taking away entertainment media that caters to straight men.

            Sure, there are of course genuinely girl/women gamers who are sensitive and dislike seeing fictional female characters being sexy and showing skin in videos, but it sure as hell does not give them the right to act like spoilt, self-righteous princesses and have the offending material censored, banned and removed purely on the basis that they personally dislike it. It means that the people who enjoyed the original material (regardless of how small the demographic is), loses out. And from a moral point of view, I do not accept it. I mean, the SJWs and feminists are the ones that keep spouting about how everything needs to cater to minorities, so by that logic, the fan-service minority should be included.

            You can keep arguing market forces all you want to excuse the censorship, but the fact remains that at the current moment, the gender ratio of PC and console gamers are overwhelmingly male, and will be for a long time. It’s a bad idea to drive a portion of the male audience away by excluding them – and I’m not just talking censoring of fan-service, I mean other things as well such as the shoe-horning of Mary Sue female protagonists, anti-male elements, anti-white elements, gender politics, race politics, etc.

            The solution is to have something in place caters to all groups (such as 1 or 2 Safe Mode options), as going by logic, that would maximise profits. But like I mentioned earlier, this is an idea the SJWs/feminists (the ones in power in the MSGM) reject outright, which just proves that it’s nothing more than a biased, authoritarian political agenda.

            More female gamers and catering video games to them is all good. But censoring, changing and shaping the entire culture just to cater to them is completely unacceptable.

          • urgelt

            Your 4Chan talking points are not convincing.

            “…where SJWs/feminists infiltrate, take over the MSM and MSGM…”

            News flash: feminists are among the harshest critics of MSM and MSGM. Our culture uses young women’s bodies to sell practically everything, to the point where dysfunctional body image disorders are rampant in the female population. Some of them die from it; it’s serious. Feminists would love to stop it. They are powerless to do so.

            Both MSM and MSGM are male-dominated, especially MSGM.

            It’s true that feminists are struggling to influence both MSM and MSGM. And they *have* obtained some influence – though not nearly enough to achieve their dream of eliminating sexism and objectification from the culture. But they’ve taken over neither MSM nor MSGM, and sexism and objectification of women’s bodies is still solidly entrenched practically everywhere capitalism operates.

            Especially in MSM.

            What we see happening in MSM and MSGM isn’t a take-over by feminists. It’s male leaders in both starting to question what the heck they’re doing and pulling back from extremes – for the very good reason that they want women to consume their products, too. This level of questioning and introspection was prompted by feminist criticism, but feminists are not in the driver’s seat. They never were.

            Feminist gains in gaming are awfully modest. If you want breast-jiggling combat, or even rape games, there are games that will deliver it to you. And there are mods for many games that will transform a general audience game into just about anything you could desire. The more extreme fare won’t get reviewed and rated, or at least won’t get reviewed and rated positively, in most gaming magazines, but they’re out there. I’ve heard no calls for them to be censored, though perhaps there are some feminists who would like that. Nobody takes censorship seriously. The US Supreme Court’s rulings on obscenity make censorship a tough nut for would-be censors. Perhaps with Trump appointing justices, the Supreme Court will be more eager to embrace censorship, but it hasn’t happened yet.

            AAA titles, out of the box, are not going to venture into extreme objectification of women or blatant sexuality, because they’re selling to a market full of teens and anxious parents. Mom isn’t going to give her teenage son a rape game for Christmas. It’s a marketing decision catering to the cultural preferences of the market. You feel left out; but AAA game publishers do not owe you the game you want. Their obligation is to produce games they can sell broadly to customers of all sorts, not just straight men – they all have money in their pockets and they all want to see themselves in game characters. And none of them wants to see representations of themselves as stupid, or as one-dimensional objects.

            And so your argument overstates the influence feminists have over the content you can access, and ignores the simple fact that what drives content decisions in AAA titles isn’t feminists wielding a censorship ax, but common-sense marketing. I really don’t think your argument makes any sense whatsoever.

  • VersVlees

    I love playing mods. There are a number of games on steam that started out as mods like Day of Defeat, Insurgency, Red Orchestra 1, Natural Selection 2, Project Reality and Killing Floor.

  • Well, I don’t know how much this one counts… I actually recently got into Zandronum, the multi-player oriented DooM sourceport(though I only ever use it for single-player), and have been playing the FreeDooM .WADs in it. Pretty damn fun, even if it’s not an exact recreation of the 90s classic. I’ve been thinking about getting Steam’s $15USD “Classic DooM Complete” pack for the .WADs to use because of it.

    The other big one was PayDay 2. I never really got into modding that as much, though I did use quite a few mods from LastBullet, an officially sanctioned mod repository. I dropped PD2 on October 15th, 2015 for obvious reasons; but before that, I played with several mods, including “Better Bots Mod”, “Block That Bot”, “Bot Weapons” and also a mod that changes the look of the Commando 553 assault rifle by making it into a pretty slick looking all-black rifle. The standard black-on-green clashed pretty heavily and was pretty ugly if you ask me.

    And then there’s Sky Rogue… Over two hundred different mod airplanes to fly via the game’s Steam Workshop, and we also have our second mod with animated wings: a high poly F-14A Tomcat. Its stats don’t really make it feel like a Tomcat should, though, so I stick with the base game’s Raiju Interceptor if I want a high-speed swing-wing bomber killer.

  • fnd

    Played some Gothic 3 with community patch and content mod

  • Disqusted

    I thought Skyrim was trash until I used mods to fix all the shittiness. Too many other mods to name that fixed shittiness in so many other games. Jill’s face in Revolution 1, for example (although I still haven’t gotten around to playing it). Dark Souls 1 PC’s horrible port quality fix. Stuff like that.

    I also like mods that let me play as characters I like. More games should let you play as other characters by default. I mean, if the data is already in there, it seems like a huge waste to not take advantage of it. But nobody seems to want to do anything extra anymore, unless they can make money out of it.

  • durka durka

    heart of evil, they hunger, the specialists for haf life, nights edge, tactical ops for unrea tournament. a bazilion mods for doom. On falout 3 i got over 70 guns.

  • Hawk Hopper

    New Nerd Crew, possibly one of the few good things to come out of the yearly shitting out of Marvel and Star Wars.

  • LurkerJK

    Long war for xcom: enemy within definitely, that mod gave me 700 extra hours with that game and i would have kept playing it had xcom 2 not come out

    Xcom 2 kinda turned me off tho, long war 2 gave me 100 hours or so but i dunno, the stealth and the timers makes it boring, the funny thing is that xcom 2 was made with mods in mind and all the mods in the store did not manage to make the game as good as the first one with long war

  • Michael P

    On topic:

    RSRBR 2013 for Richard Burn’s Rally was my first mod and was also the most trouble I’ve had getting a mod running to date. Took me 2 days and a migraine to get it all working but it was worth it!

    Skyrim has been the most fun to mod, god knows how many hours and broken playthroughs I’ve wasted just setting mods up for that. Fave ones would be SkyTweak, AddItemMenu, Vilja, Sofia and Throthgar followers, Sexlab/Amorous Adventures, The Paarthurnax Ultimatum, Riverside Lodge and the crapload of beautification mods for UNP.

    Basically my Skyrim is now a rule 34 porn parody.

    The ME3 happy ending mod IS a must if you want all those hours in the original trilogy to count for something. Wish I could get back the time I wasted playing it on 360 for that war crime of an ending.

    Gotta mention the Xtreme car handling/realistic bike handling mods for GTA 5 too. The driving’s actually fun now, instead of just passable.

    Off Topic

    Any of you horrible faggots playing Persona 5? Not a crazy fan of Japanese games and I despise turn based combat but it’s my GotY so far,

    • Disqusted

      Yeah, I don’t normally like RPGs or turn-based combat, but Persona 5’s combat is a joy to behold and experience. Kinda wish it had more content revolving around the combat, outside of story stuff.

      • Michael P

        Yeah the combat being non existent outside of palaces is kind of lame.

        Kinda can’t stop playing it though and those kinds of games are getting few and far between. The last one for me was The Witcher 3 and I can’t remember the one before that.