Open Discussion: April 23rd, 2017

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In this entry — like all the other past entries in the series — no topic is off the table. Anything that strays off topic is more than welcome and will not be censored or banned. If a comment faces censorship by Disqus or WordPress, please let us know and we will try to restore the comment.

Recent I’ve been thinking about something… what’s the most hated or irksome thing about the gaming industry, publishers, developers, games , etc? I commonly hear that some folks are displeased that games are going backwards in innovation and features as well as stunts like DLC and microtransactions. I also hear that other stuff going behind the scenes of a game and the standpoint of a development team also plays a part as to whether gamers will take to a game/dev team or not, which leads to the next part…

There are a lot of comments and videos out there talking about problems in games — more so broken content and features — but rarely I see or hear actual suggestions to fix the problem(s) accordingly. Take for instance If a weapon or an ability in a game stirs up controversy most people will complain about it, but rarely offer up thoughtful conversations on how to fix said issue(s), resulting in the problem just staying stagnate and lingering around like the stench of moldy cheese.

This now leads to the last part, what problems are looming around in the gaming industry that you don’t like, but more importantly, what is a solution that you feel will help better the situation? Sound off below.


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