Open Discussion: April 2nd, 2017

In this edition of April 2nd’s Open Discussion, folks — like before and always — will be able to talk about whatever it is that’s pressing or interesting, or maybe something that’s completely unrelated to what is being discussed in this section. In other words it’s safe to gab.

Continuing on with the weekly Open Discussion that happens every Sunday, comes the sixth entry. Like always, folks will be able to say whatever it is that is on their mind and it will be allowed below in the comment section. If anyone happens to face some sort of censorship by WordPress or Disqus, just let us know and we’ll un-censor the comment.

This now leads to the Open Discussion that was pushed back twice in a row, but it’s finally here now — video game music.

According to some mainstream publications they say that video games induce violence into kids, as well as other harmful traits. But we all know that that is not true, because violence and warped-minded people have always existed, they just find different outlets to express their debased actions in some form or another, regardless of the media they consume. Take a look at WW1, there was no such things as video games during that period and that war manifested some of the most infamous individuals out there and events that we are still dealing with today.

What I’m trying to say here is that there are a lot of ignorant people who believe that video games only have one genre that produces “violent” and “sexist” individuals, when we all know that there are multiple video game genres out there that can help people relax and look at life from another perspective, and one of the many things that can help is music in games.

It’s funny how some of these people say that games teach people violence and so on, but they never take the time to shine light on people that learn video game music or how video game music can assemble an orchestra of talented people together that brings in a crowd to watch and listen.

Take this guy NightShader1 for example, he took the time not to be violent but to learn one of PSO’s end theme, as seen below.

It’s sad that people would rather focus on the negative side of gaming, but rarely take the time to see what other game genres, music and other things nestled into the medium can do for others that’s not detrimental, which if more positive news comes out regarding gaming it will only inspire more people to do stuff like the above.

With that said, what’s your favorite band, TV show, movie or video game song/music? sound off below.


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