Open Discussion: April 2nd, 2017
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In this edition of April 2nd’s Open Discussion, folks — like before and always — will be able to talk about whatever it is that’s pressing or interesting, or maybe something that’s completely unrelated to what is being discussed in this section. In other words it’s safe to gab.

Continuing on with the weekly Open Discussion that happens every Sunday, comes the sixth entry. Like always, folks will be able to say whatever it is that is on their mind and it will be allowed below in the comment section. If anyone happens to face some sort of censorship by WordPress or Disqus, just let us know and we’ll un-censor the comment.

This now leads to the Open Discussion that was pushed back twice in a row, but it’s finally here now — video game music.

According to some mainstream publications they say that video games induce violence into kids, as well as other harmful traits. But we all know that that is not true, because violence and warped-minded people have always existed, they just find different outlets to express their debased actions in some form or another, regardless of the media they consume. Take a look at WW1, there was no such things as video games during that period and that war manifested some of the most infamous individuals out there and events that we are still dealing with today.

What I’m trying to say here is that there are a lot of ignorant people who believe that video games only have one genre that produces “violent” and “sexist” individuals, when we all know that there are multiple video game genres out there that can help people relax and look at life from another perspective, and one of the many things that can help is music in games.

It’s funny how some of these people say that games teach people violence and so on, but they never take the time to shine light on people that learn video game music or how video game music can assemble an orchestra of talented people together that brings in a crowd to watch and listen.

Take this guy NightShader1 for example, he took the time not to be violent but to learn one of PSO’s end theme, as seen below.

It’s sad that people would rather focus on the negative side of gaming, but rarely take the time to see what other game genres, music and other things nestled into the medium can do for others that’s not detrimental, which if more positive news comes out regarding gaming it will only inspire more people to do stuff like the above.

With that said, what’s your favorite band, TV show, movie or video game song/music? sound off below.

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  • Bamf

    Killer Instinct. nuff’ said.

  • TheScienceEnthusiast1130
  • TheScienceEnthusiast1130
  • TheScienceEnthusiast1130
  • Disqusted

    Well, people who bitch about video games don’t know much about them. I grew up with people bashing me for liking game music, because they considered it inferior to their repetitive loud beat whatever. People love to assume perceived superiority and bash others. The same people probably like to stay ignorant for that reason.

    I used to grab lots of game soundtracks, but not much anymore. Too many recent games have very ambient-ish soundtracks, or similar-sounding Hollywood action film-ish soundtracks. Doesn’t help that a lot of recent games suck, so I haven’t been playing many games, either.

    I did like the Persona 5 soundtrack. Nier Automata music sounds nice too, though I haven’t played it. Looking at my recently acquired game soundtracks, I also liked Momodora 4 and Undertale. Been a while since I felt like listening to old soundtracks. Sometimes, I load up old SNES/NES soundtracks using SPC/NSF files. I miss how game music used to have catchy, memorable melodies/tunes.

    A Japanese friend once told me that one of the reasons old game music is better is because those composers put a lot of effort into making the best of the console hardware sound limitations at the time, and that’s why game music became respected in Japan. I guess it’s kinda like how games/movies nowadays are so much about rubbing technlogical/progressive epeener, instead of trying to make something special.

    • Despite both games being SJW-heaven, Horizon actually has a great sounding OST, and Mass Effect Andromeda actually has the best OST out of the four Mass Effect games. I was genuinely surprised about that.

      Neither tops the feels you get from the Nier Automata OST, though… that one is on a whole other level.

      But you’re right that a lot of other soundtracks just aren’t very good. The menu music was good in Battlefield 1 and that was it. I also liked some of FFXV’s tracks, and the overture for Halo 5 was pretty good.

      I can’t think of any other games in recent years that really had a knockout soundtrack equivalent to classics like FFVI, Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger, Diablo II or Baldur’s Gate. I would say that the main theme of I Am Setsuna is pretty good, along with Journey, and Valiant Hearts has a very heartfelt OST that I listen to often. But there’s just a lot of generic trash out there.

      • Disqusted

        I think older games were partially carried by good soundtracks, to make up for the lacking visuals, etc. Modern games often focus too much on fancy visuals and story, and so the music takes a backseat. I’ve also met people who like to play games with no sound, for some reason. Not sure what the deal is with that.

        I don’t even remember the music in any of the Mass Effect games. I listen to Journey’s music occasionally, though I haven’t played it. Usually I need to play/watch something to like it, but sometimes I can attach pre-existing memories/feelings or the music is just good and I can enjoy it as is.

        FFVI, Seiken Densetsu 2-3, Chrono Trigger are some of my favorites. Megaman and Castlevania series have always had amazing music. Mario series is always catchy. I also like Jaleco’s SNES soundtracks (Rushing Beat series, Dead Dance), Street Fighter 2/Zero/Alpha, King of Fighters 94-2000, Art of Fighting 1-2, Saturday Night Slammasters (aka Muscle Bomber), Final Fight 1 and 3, Capcom CPS2 fighters in general, Ranma 1-3, Fighter’s History, Melty Blood, Power Instinct (Goketsuji Ichizoku) series, Parasite Eve, the TMNT games, Ninjawarriors Again, the Twinbee games, R-Type series, etc, etc. Earthworm Jim 1/2 have some nice music, too.

        Haven’t played the other games you mentioned, but I’ve always liked the Diablo 2 Tristram theme. Speaking of Goketsuji Ichizoku, I only found out yesterday that they made a few more sequels that I wasn’t aware of. I think Matrimelee is pretty well known for its interesting soundtrack.

        Some other game soundtracks I really liked: Ninja Gaiden 1-2 on NES, Ninja Gaiden Shadow on GBA. Gran Turismo 1 and 4 JP soundtracks, Dead or Alive 1-3, Pangya, Ragnarok Online, Over Zenith (Sword of Etheria), Queen of Hearts/Party’s Breaker, Resident Evil 1, 2, Code Veronica, Soul Calibur, Jet Set Radio, Disgaea 1, TalesWeaver, Metal Gear Solid 1-2. Doujin games often have great music. Touhou series is always surrounded by tons and tons of good music. The Koumajou Densetsu (Touhou parodies of Castlevania) have great music. Ib and Fairy Bloom Freesia have really nice music.

        I miss when fighting games had character theme music instead of stage music. A lot of games I’ve played only have 1-2 tracks I really like, or some tracks that are very atmospheric but not really something I’d listen to when doing other stuff. Skyrim, for example. I’m more likely to listen to ambienty stuff when trying to fall asleep. Zelda games have some nice tracks, but somehow most of its tracks don’t feel like something I could listen to for a long time.

        • Hmm, a lot of classics in there. I’ll need to check out a few of them. I forgot how good the Gran Turismo soundtracks were.

          I miss when fighting games had character theme music instead of stage music.

          Yeah, what’s up with that? Back in the day Killer Instinct had some great character-themes, same with Street Fighter. They seem more interested in stage music these days.

          I’m more likely to listen to ambienty stuff when trying to fall asleep.

          Try playing Destiny. Puts me to sleep every time.

          Zelda games have some nice tracks, but somehow most of its tracks don’t feel like something I could listen to for a long time.

          It’s funny you mention that because off and on I listen to Zelda tracks… Song of Storms(?), Gerudo Valley and the Great Fairy themes; Zelda’s Lullaby is another I listen to infrequently.

          Also I forgot about the Soul Blade/Calibur series… that game did have some memorable tracks. Come to think of it, I might go back and listen to the OSTs again. Thanks for the reminder.

          • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

            What goes on in the Destiny video game? [Just a small summary of it]

          • Nothing. That’s what makes it boring.

            Take the most generic shooter mechanics imaginable and throw on a lazy coat of sci-fi graphics and you have Destiny. I kid you not.

            Imagine Borderlands without the humor, cool guns, vehicular combat and snazzy art-style.

          • TheScienceEnthusiast1130


      • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

        Perhaps the developers for Horizon: Zero Dawn (Guerilla Games) and Mass Effect Andromeda (BioWare Montreal) focused more on the music and graphics and little on the story, instead of balancing it.

        “Nier: Automata”, much like Final Fantasy XV, has Square Enix’s involvement, and Square Enix’s video games have a history of beautiful soundtracks in their video games.

        Other than that, aside from video games from both Nintendo’s top franchises (Note: Nintendo has an orchestra) and Sega’s top franchises, there are not many video games being made with awesome soundtracks. The “classics” are where the epitome of auditory perfection is at. 😀

    • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

      Much of society is often raised in a religious extremist lifestyle, so they take fiction too seriously (in a negative way) and are quite protective of the status quo.

      Video game music has not been as much of an issue compared to the more mainstream side of music, though there are a few recent soundtracks with shit rhythm. Also, speaking of less playtime on games, this chart might be interesting:

      Never heard of the soundtracks of “Persona 5” or “Nier: Automata”. Is there a hyperlink to them? Oh, and of course, older video games do have that “magic” feel to it (e.g. Super Mario Bros. , The Legend of Zelda, F-Zero), however, there are excellent soundtracks from more recent video games (e.g. Super Mario 64, Super Mario Galaxy, Sonic Unleashed, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Sonic Heroes…).

      And yes, there was a time when ALL well-known video game companies had awesome musical ensembles for the audio portion of their video games.

      Then again, it is most likely the USA’s fault for attempting to ruin video games…

      • Stats definitely check out.

        Poor software out there not selling hardware, poor hardware out there means low install base for potential software saturation.

        It’s a negative feedback loop due to piss-poor publishing methods and piss-poor games. The spreading SJW infection only makes it worse.

        • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

          The chart is accurate, but mainly to do with economic (rising prices? closing businesses? less games?), social (social media?) and political (POTUS, SJWs).

          Hardware is not so much of an issue, as software. As mentioned in this same comment, there are less video games, and [video game] businesses are closing, which both are intertwined. Some popular video games are even turning out to be somewhat mediocre or controversial. And the fact that politics is preventing video game companies from truly impressing its audience, only hurts the video game industry even more.

          “SJWs”, “Alt-Righters”, “PC Master Race trolls”, are shoving the industry into mediocrity. The community of YouTube, Disqus, Google+ and Reddit are probably the only mainstream communities that could somehow bring back all the good stuff of 2014 and below. (As for Twitter, some activism could take place, however, Twitter is fucked beyond comprehension. Tumblr is even more impossible, due to it being a paradise for SJWs.)

  • RichardGristle

    There is so much good game music out there and I feel the writers and composers don’t get a fraction of the respect they deserve. Especially when in comparison to the types of retards that win Grammy awards. Castlevania, Halo, Guilty Gear, Final Fantasy – there is such variety that you could just about listen to game music exclusively.

    • Ohhh, Castlevania… I’ve recently been listening to Óscar Araujo’s Lords of Shadow soundtrack again while revisiting that game. Wow oh wow… that music, just from start to finish is so good. It literally feels like he’s bringing that epic, Gothic fantasy world to life. Great stuff.

    • LurkerJK

      I never played Mercenaries but that soundtrack makes me want to try it …

      • The only thing that sucks is that there’s no access to fixed wing aircraft. Which is a damned shame when it’s from the same studio as the actually good Star Wars: Battlefront games that had really badass starfighter combat.

  • Hawk Hopper

    Even weapon channels are coming under fire from the tabloid media and YT.

    It seems to me like video content creators are purposely funneled onto YouTube exclusively. Facebook and Twitter could start ways to monetize users videos, but any talk of these companies doing so is mostly rumors or FB testing out doing such, but not a way that allows basically anyone to upload videos onto those platforms and then get paid. To me, its as though YT doesn’t have much competition when it comes to videos.

    Every time YT hits its users, ie the people that MADE the site, there is nowhere for video creators to go. There is and, but they aren’t as huge as YT. Since there isn’t anywhere for video makers to go, they stay on YT and have all their content in danger of being nuked because YT gets scared of hit pieces against their content creators.

    It’s just very strange that other large social media platforms aren’t trying to take a piece of YT’s pie.

    • It’s just very strange that other large social media platforms aren’t trying to take a piece of YT’s pie.

      It’s expensive and an infrastructure nightmare. You can’t run a service like that on goodwill and diversity hires who aren’t competent enough to keep it running smoothly.

      • Hawk Hopper

        I doubting its about money and infrastructure or even competency. Both Twitter and Facebook give users the ability to upload videos, which does already take up a ton of money and infrastructure.

        In fact, Facebook brags about how many more views its videos get than YT videos do. I know that Facebook is in the video streaming game because I’ve heard that on FB several rapes have been live streamed.

        • Yeah but the money part isn’t just in hosting, but the copyright stuff.

          Hosting videos and dealing with all the legal requirements that come along with it can get expensive, which is why YouTube setup the whole Content ID mechanism. This is where the infrastructure problem comes in: if they don’t have a system like the Content ID match then they have to design their own system, otherwise any video hosted would require manual investigating and takedown to avoid being sued by rights holders.

          • Hawk Hopper

            What I’m saying isn’t really about FB or Twitter not being able to host more videos or putting in copyright protections, it’s about how there is only one big platform for hosting videos. If FB wanted to, they could steadily become an actual threat to YT, money and copyright wouldn’t be as much of a problem for them because they would be able to make systems to handle those things. Even if you’re not dealing out money, you still need to obey copyright laws, which I don’t think Facebook is actually doing.

            What I’m getting at is that there is only one real place to upload videos and get paid for them. There is no real competition when it comes to mostly regular people to get paid for video content they make. People on Twitter don’t get paid for having viral tweets. To me, it seems like there are a lot of people who don’t like being in competition with people making videos on their own, without the backing of media corporations.

          • What I’m getting at is that there is only one real place to upload videos and get paid for them. There is no real competition when it comes to mostly regular people to get paid for video content they make.

            Sure, but you really have to reorganize how you setup the infrastructure to support monetization, and that’s where everything gets ugly.

            To me, it seems like there are a lot of people who don’t like being in competition with people making videos on their own, without the backing of media corporations.

            Exactly. And if the RIAA and MPAA don’t get on board there’s just a lot of ugliness they have to deal with regarding copyright and content management. Right now they don’t have to deal with that so long as people aren’t monetizing their videos on Facebook/Twitter.

            DailyMotion tried it and they got buried. I don’t know how well they’re doing now, though.

          • Hawk Hopper

            I really don’t buy that a monolith like FB wants to avoid ugliness, especially when money and copyright is involved. For example, Facebook was willing to dump tons of money into the fad known as VR and they also ended up paying tons of money the modder-exploiters known as Zenimax.

            If they were so concerned about things like that, they would have never bought Oculus which led them into a disastrous lawsuit about stealing IP (which I think they were found innocent of) and breaking contracts (which I think cost them majorly).

            FB is also willing to lie to investors about how many times videos on their site are watched, even if those videos are “watched” for only a couple of seconds and are also stolen from YouTube. So, Facebook is willing to make money off of videos on its site, just not willing to share ad revenue.

          • So, Facebook is willing to make money off of videos on its site, just not willing to share ad revenue.

            Ha, well I guess that’s what it really boils down to. And they don’t want to invest in the means to make it possible.

        • Disqusted

          I think sites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are too heavily intertwined with everything. They keep doing horrible things, but almost nobody wants to drop them because the alternatives are too much of a pain to deal with.

    • LurkerJK

      Its probably going to get worse before getting better, social media is imploding, its hard to guess what comes next but its a bit too early to get the “THE END IS NIGH” signs out, we had dark times before, things tend to sort themselves out, internet has always behaved like a force of nature

      I think the big day will be when the big ones make the move, Pewdiepie has the power to bring in a few million full time new watchers to the place of his choice

      Same with Trump, him leaving twitter would probably destroy the company, half of whats left of twitter is there to read and complain about his tweets, whatever site he chooses to keep posting those 148 characters all the left and media cannot help but dedicate their lives to reading and dissecting will gain tens of millions of users that day

      And after that youll have a cascade effect

      • Hawk Hopper

        I’m going to guess “the end” will be in the next 4 to 8 years so that news, searches, memes, etc about the US presidential elections can be manipulated.

        I don’t know when the big spergy war against YouTube will happen, because it seems like every time YouTubers are fucked over, a lot of the big ones actually say stuff like “this isn’t YouTube’s fault” or “don’t try going to YT competitors” and everyone, big and small, stays on YT. I’m guessing that mentality comes from the fact that YT is paying them, even if the drops of money are getting smaller and smaller.

        • LurkerJK

          Change is scary, specially for youtubers that have been wondering for a while how viable their kind of job is for the future, but you dont need much for the exodus to start, just one brave soul to try and make it somewhere else

      • Disqusted

        I’m sure it will get worse. People are still generally ignorant of how significantly the “cyber world” influences reality. Look at how ignorant most politicians still are about it. They don’t seem to understand anything, and they’re the ones who are supposed to be regulating stuff. They’re probably more likely to take advantage of the legal loopholes and exploit the web for personal profit.

        All this bullshit is gonna keep happening until we get proper systems in place to deter problems like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube from pushing their political agenda. Which could be a very long time, if ever.

  • Ghost

    My favorite video game music is from the original Halo trilogy. Marty O’Donnell played a huge role in that franchises success, and firing him with a huge mistake and display of disrespect.

    On a different note, I’ve recently started streaming. Unfortunately, soon after, I started going through a gaming burn out. Everything seems like trash to me. I’ve asked for suggestions before, and I’ve been given pretty good responses. But, still everything seems like trash. Can anyone suggest something to help me end this burn out?

    • RichardGristle

      Any backlog or classic games that you never got around to trying out? I feel a lot of people hit burnout these days because they hop from one new release to the next instead of just playing what they enjoy.

    • Can anyone suggest something to help me end this burn out?

      I know EXACTLY how you feel. I used to play Super Mario World, Sonic 3 + Knuckles and Streets of Rage Remake to get out of that funk. A lot of the older classics are just genuinely fun. Super Fire Pro Wrestling X Premium was another favorite of mine when newer games were giving me burnout.

      • I’m also pretty burnt out on games myself. Thing is, even when I’m playing some of those old classics, I still just don’t feel it. Maybe I’ve been spoiled by modern games, maybe I’m just not old enough to really respect some of those older games.

        But I’m just not really feeling modern games either. Maybe I’ve let myself fall too much into a singular niche of games, or maybe I’ve just played everything I thought I’d like and nothing interests me anymore.

        I will say that I’m looking forward to Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown, but that’s a ways out, isn’t it? I just feel like I’ve not been willing to try enough of a variety of games and so I just feel like all the games I like kinda blur together.

        I don’t know. I just want something, anything, that will get me out of this.

        • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

          It probably is due to the intolerance/paranoia effect of politics alongside other sources of grief, around everyone that distracts away from video games. Fight the politics first, and fiercely. Then maybe if the world finally gets more true freedom, then there can be more straightforward activism, and maybe, if successful, then video games can be more enjoyable.

        • Ghost

          I have found it to be quite entertaining to stream on chaturbate. It’s a troll stream, really. But, I’ve had a lot of fun conversations about video games, in between requests to see my cock. It’s pretty funny.

    • LurkerJK

      The best answer i can give you is to go back a few years , the question is how far back

      ive seen a streamer get a few kicks out of trying the MSDOS archive , play some games at random and have a laugh, youll find a gem every now and then, youll need to train your sense for when to bail out of a game tho, some terrible games are worth mocking for a few hours, some are better to drop quickly otherwise youll get burnt out

      You could go back to ps2, there are TONS of games you probably missed in there (an really, they do not look that bad, graphics have progressed very marginally since then), im doing this one myself although i got caught by Long War 2 and The Witcher 3 the past few months

      there are also tons of great games for ps1, snes and other older consoles (i would avoid 3d games, they have no aged well)

      you can also play the classics, specially if you have never played them, there are a lot of streamers resorting to doing this lately tho

      and a last one, free internet games, you can get a lot out of streaming those with the right mood if you can keep ppl entertained, the best streams i watched in the past two years were just the streamer narrating clickhole adventures (find some music to put on the background!)