Open Discussion: April 30th, 2017

Welcome to the latest Open Discussion… a forum that is open for anyone to say anything — whether the matter is pressing, video game related or something entirely different. This Open Discussion, like past entries, will dive into yet another question, which is also opened for other topics of all kind.

As noted in other Open Discussions, if a comment/post is censored just let us know and we’ll try to sort things out whether it is through Disqus or WordPress.

Now on to this week’s topic, video games are known for their protagonist, deuteragonist and antagonist, and some of these characters speak while some don’t. This is sometimes a good thing because it allows for a player’s imagination to run wild while playing a game.

In other words, there are a variety of characters out there and will continue to grow if developers and creators keep up the imaginative thought process. This is how iconic characters are formed, which happens through not listing to other people who are jealous, insecure or want to see a project/character canned because it triggers them.

The list goes on regarding iconic characters like: Mario, Sonic (A.K.A., Sanic), Mega Man , etc. As we know characters can bring forth a lot of memorable moments in video games,  and  in some cases they might even add another new playable character to the story in order to add an extra layer to the story through the eyes of an alternate perspective, like The Getaway or Max Payne 2.

So with that said, who is your favorite character? The person or thing does not have to be from a video game, the characters can be from other mediums as well, meaning that this includes movies and TV shows and, of course, video games.

Lastly — you don’t have to stay on topic — whatever is pressing or on your mind is more than welcomed to be inserted in the comment section.


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