Outlast 2 Gameplay Walkthrough
Outlast 2 - Gameplay Walkthrough

Red Barrels’ Outlast 2 is currently available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The new horror title is already capturing the attention of a lot of gamers due to its horrific thrills and uncompromising violence and scares. If you need a bit of help getting through the game, there’s a gameplay walkthrough available to help you get through each segment.

YouTuber MKIceandFire has a playlist available featuring a handful of videos. You can check it out below.

Blake Langermann and Lynn Langermann head to rural Arizona to investigate the murder of a pregnant woman. The game starts with a cinematic where you get briefly acquainted with using the camera to film. The game then switches over to a flashback sequence in a school where you’ll simply need to walk through the halls to the end and then the sequence will end.

You can use ‘X’ (or ‘A’ on the Xbox controller) to jump across ledges at certain segments or leap over objects and fences. You can also press in the right analog stick to activate night vision so you can see through dark areas. Keep in mind that it will drain the camera’s battery, so use it wisely. When the battery runs out you can press Triangle (or ‘Y’ on the Xbox controller) to replace the depleted battery.

Outlast 2 - Crucifix

Proceed through the nearby village and enter into the house where the dead body is located. Pick up the suicide note and read it.

You can also peek around corners to avoid actually stepping out by using the left and right triggers to peek left and right.

You can hide in barrels, crawlspaces, cabinets and under beds. When enemy NPCs emerge, be sure to hide since you cannot fight back.

Head inside one of the houses near the tragedy wall – through the window – and there’s a battery inside for the camera on one of the shelves before you exit. Take the battery.

Exit out of the house through the fence and head through the graveyard to the manger where the bloody crib is located.

Outlast 2 - Crib

Instead of reading each note using the camera, read the note and take a snapshot of it and then turn off the camera and read the note through the snapshot you saved instead of using the camera.

Head through the camp site where you can hear the whispers of the incantations. Head into the barn and push the crate over so you can climb up.

You can also use the microphone on the camera to hear through walls. Use the microphone to hear through walls and spot when enemies are nearby. You can also use Circle (or ‘B’ on the Xbox controller) to hide through waist high foliage and plants. You can use this as a way to crawl and stealth past enemy NPCs.

After the blinding light incapacitates the enemies you can head toward the Hillybilly Vatican.

Follow the linear path through the church until you find Lynn. A cinematic will play then after.

Outlast 2 - Lynn

During the flashback sequence you’ll need to move through the old classrooms and hallway.

It’s quite linear here all the way through with Ethan, where he’ll lead you back to his place and get you all fixed up.

Proceed through the water after exiting the cabin, and head past the burning bodies and through the cornfield.

There will be several men roaming the cornfields with lights. Hide and stay low to avoid being spotted and make your way toward the light that leads to a fence that you must jump over.

Follow the blood trail on the ground toward the born. Stay low and out of the light to avoid the man in the rocking chair with the machete. Make your way toward the barn door and go inside.

Hide inside the barrel and wait for the enemy to walk past the barrel. Then sneak around and push the cart toward the broken ladder and climb up.

Read the letter on the desk, pull the chain and exit the barn as you search for a way back to the village.

Climb up the rocks as you make your way out of the field and head into the heretic temple. There’s a dead body with a battery nearby; take the battery.

Continue to move through the mountain pass into the village of the heretics. You need to head to the elevator but the power is cut off. You’ll need to turn the power back on by activating the generator.

A woman with a knife will be walking through the small village; use the microphone to keep track of her movements and avoid being spotted.

There’s an opening in the fence you can move through to get to another house. One of the houses has a battery inside if you head up where a man is sleeping. Slowly open the door and grab the battery off the desk by the guy sleeping on the bed.

Continue through the village until you get to a tower-like shack with multiple floors. Head upstairs and the generator will be in the corner. Exit the tower and head back to the elevator at the start of the area.

When you reach the top of the chapel area and attempt to head inside another flashback sequence will occur, this time placing you back into the school hallways where you’ll need to navigate the rooms until you hear Jessica scream. Follow the screams until you find the dead body down the hall from the television with static on it.

When the flashback ends and the crazy hillbilly knocks you down the steps, run through the rooms and head under the floorboards and avoid the crazed man. Wait for him to move into the crawlspace and then exit from the other side. Run across the yard to the other house and move through the door and it will buy you some time.

In the next room, hide under the bed and wait for the hillbilly to pass by, and then move into the next room and hide in the dark room – don’t try to go downstairs first or you’ll be spotted and beaten by a second cultist.

Once the cultists leave the staircase area, head downstairs and move the bookshelf over to pass through the corridor shaft.

When you finally make it outside, the cultists will chase Blake again – during the pursuit run and slide underneath the house and crawl through until you get to the shack. Break through the floorboard before they break in and then crawl out and run around behind them back toward the house. Enter inside through the basement window.

Proceed through the chapel and record the classroom area.

Head through the room and out the window. Go over to the cart and push it toward the fence. Be wary, for there are dangers on the other side.

Find the cart and push it toward the next gate and use it to climb over and get to the other side.

Make your way to the chapel and record the front of the chapel. When you get to Josiah, hide inside the confession room and watch as they torture Josiah’s wife.

After you witness the cinematic, you can record the dead bodies and then exit the chapel. You’ll need to make your way to the road that leads to the mines; there will be cultists chasing you so don’t slow down; don’t stop; and don’t look back!

Head to the store house with the closed door. If the cultists give chase, make your way through the back of the house as quickly as possible and race up the steps through the water tower.

Continue through the small house with the woman and the dead children in coffins.

More cultists will be outside, searching for Blake. Use the cornfield to hide from men and follow the light from the lamp toward the road that leads toward the waterwheel.

You’ll need to stop the waterwheel; you’ll find a crank inside that you will need to turn off the waterwheel. Take the crank up the tower just outside the shack where the wheel is and use the crank to turn off the water.

Two cultists will chase you if they spot you. However, you can hide in the barrel to avoid their gaze.

Wait for them to go up the door and then sneak past them and crawl underneath the waterwheel. Run through the door and slide down the mound to escape them.

In the next area there’s a barn that you’ll need to pass through. You’ll need a hook to activate the chain.

The leader of the heretics will begin to canvas the area. Wait for her to walk past and then move through the area where she came from. Head around to the back of the tower and squeeze through the gate. Head into the meat curation storage and use the chain to pull the hook close to you and then take the hook. Head back to the barn area with the missing chain link and place the hook on the chain.

Take the pathway toward the mines and eventually another flashback will play, taking Blake back to the school.

You’ll need to solve a light puzzle involving a hangman on the wall. You’ll need to push the projector toward the image to reveal the word “Unforgivable”.

Head out of the classroom and a light cinematic will play involving a monster and the lockers banging. Head back into the classroom and use the tray to climb up into the vent, which will take you out of the school and back to reality.

Proceed across the ledge overlooking the chasm, which leads to the railway bridge.

After the cinematic just keep heading through the forest towards the mine.

Make your way to the village of diseased people. Their gonorrhea and syphilis will prevent them from giving chase, so you don’t have to worry too much about being stealthy. Some of the sex-diseased fiends will attack you if you get too close to them, so keep your distance.

When the sex-fiend knocks you off the cliff down into the lair of Deacon Laird, run!

Laird and his followers will attack you from all sides, so keep running until you until you get transported to the school in yet another flashback.

Proceed through each of the rooms and read the computer e-mails along the way. There are a few batteries in some of the rooms that you can take. A few cinematics will play play along the way. There are a lot of repeated pictures of two creepy-butt looking Catholic priests.

Keep heading down the hall until you get to the part where a piece of the ceiling falls down to the floor. Climb up through the vent to escape the flashback.

The reincarnation of Master Blaster from Mad Max: The Thunderdome will beat the crap out of Blake and a cinematic will play.

Quick-time your way off the cross after Laird the Master Blaster leaves.

You’ll have to then sneak your way through the syphilis camp, and avoid the sexually diseased heretics.

Sneak over the ledge and into one of the tents where you’ll find some bandages. Heal up and proceed across the overlook.

Stealth through the next segment to avoid being spotted. You won’t have your camera and won’t be able to use night vision to see around.

Make your way to Laird’s lair where you can recover the camera and take a trip back into the school where you’ll need to follow the sound of the ringing phone.

A monster will pop out and chase you, so run down the hallway until you get to the office just to the left of the exit and hide behind the desk while recording the Silent Hill-style room deformity.

Follow the sound of the ringing phone until you reach the office and a hentai tongue comes out to molest Blake for a little bit. Hang up the phone and exit the office and another monster will chase Blake.

Run down the hall and follow Jessica until you reach the end of the hall with the locker, where Blake will enter into the locker and find himself back in Laird’s lair.

Escape from the window as Laird, the Master Blaster, begins firing arrows at Blake.

Laird will chase you through the forest. Run; hide; dodge his uncanny filth until you are safe.

Head toward the cliff’s edge where a plate of food is situated. Shimmy across the ledge to your left. Proceed to travel across the tree bridge to the other side.

Watch out for the arrows.

Keep running along the path until you run into Master Blaster again, where they’ll bury Blake alive.

Bust out of the rickety coffin and run through the forest. You’ll have to outrun and outlast the horde of diseased syphilis fiends. Run heading west until you get to a fence and crawl underneath it to escape from the sexual monstrosities.

Proceed toward the shack where you’ll need rope to activate the pulley system. One of the sex fiends will go alert the others, use the tall brush to hide and stealth your way through the small village to find some rope.

The rope is at the top of an incline wrapped around a tree. You’ll find the incline on the side of the village near a campfire. The rope is wrapped around the neck of one of the dead sex fiends.

Head back to the cabin and attach the rope to the pulley system and proceed to climb down. Laird will die in the process after one of the fiends clumsily knocks him down the hole.

When Blake wakes up, he’ll be in another flashback.

Head inside one of the buildings and proceed to go down the stairs. This part can be tricky because the monsters come from both above you and below you. When you go down and encounter the first monster, head back up the stairs until you see the monster again. Proceed to race back down the stairs and go outside.

You’ll find a hatch that leads you further down into a maintenance tunnel that will eventually lead you back into the classroom.

Follow the pathway up the hill until you can see the radio tower in the distance.

Run and jump across the gap where the orange torch burns bright.

Another settlement will be just up ahead with crazed cultists there. Be careful.

Move through the village until you get to the raft and paddle your way to the other side. Navigate through the rapids and avoid crashing into the rocks.

Following the inevitable crash, make your way down around the rocks through the sacrificial zone and back onto the raft.

Eventually the raft will get destroyed and you’ll have to swim through the water to get away from the monster chasing you. Escape from the pool and you’ll end up in the swimming gymnasium back inside the school.

Head into the girls’ locker room and witness lots of menstrual symbolism take place, from bloody showers to bloody toilets. Nothing subtle there.

Head through the boy’s shower area and then escape upstairs. Go through the halls until the monster begins chasing you. Head back through the halls and follow Jessica’s screams until you reach a storage room with a ladder. Head up the ladder to escape the flashback.

Follow the pathway through the building; it’s all linear.

Another flashback will take you back through the school where you’ll need to mess with the computer, leave the computer, mess with a different computer, exit the room, and follow the hallways until you hear Jessica screaming again; follow the screams.

When you finally get back to the real world, make your way through the mining facility until the Resident Evil monster starts chasing you. Run fast and don’t stop until you jump out of the window.

There’s another school segment to get through, this time a maze. There’s a shadowy figure moving through the library maze. Follow it.

Get out of the maze and then follow Jessica’s screams to get out of the school flashback. Use the nearby table to push toward the wall to get over the barricade once you exit the flashback.

Head through the next area and push the cart toward the opening in the ceiling in the room just below the monster making rapist noises. Proceed to run from the monster.

In the flashback sequence in the school, make sure you head in the bathroom stall when you hear the creepy molester song from the Catholic priest. The molestation virus will creep along the floor, so be sure to move from stall to stall to avoid being molested by the grossness. Wait for the Catholic priest song to end and then dash out of the bathroom to escape the child molestation virus spreading along the walls and floor.

The next task is to get through the game’s mine shafts. It’s a bit of a maze but they block the pathways where you’re not supposed to go and force you through the areas where you’re supposed to head through. The main goal is to avoid the crazy heretic monster.

You’ll need to sneak past the monster and pull the cart back and then switch the tracks and then move the cart to the other lane. You can then pass through and pick up another chapter of Knoth’s bible for Temple Gate.

Follow the path through the cavern until the cinematic plays.

Move through the water way when the woman begins chasing you. Follow the lights until you get to a room where there’s a cabinet. Push the cabinet aside and open the door to move to the next segment, where you’ll need to follow the wires in the shaft to the power switch. Turn the power off and pass through the area that was previously blocked by the live wires.

When you get to the mine cart, pull the lever to switch the tracks, and then pull the cart back as far as you can and then let it go. It will bust through the wooden barricade. Keep moving through the tight crevices while the heretic chases you down.

Keep going until land in the water and follow the water toward the light. Be careful because there are heretics about, but they won’t be able to see you unless you make a lot of noise… so be very, very quiet.

Keep going until another cinematic plays and it’ll take you back to school to reveal what happened between the Catholic priest and Jessica.

Help Lynn escape from Martha and follow the path away from the village toward the sun.


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