Overdrive Trailer Makes It Look Like A Really Terrible But Fun Movie
Overdrive (2017)

You know those movies so bad they’re good? Well, that’s what the new Scott Eastwood flick looks like judging by the recent trailer for Overdrive. It’s like Need for Speed meets Fast & Furious meets The Italian Job, all rolled up into one nice little action-packed thrill-ride that happens to be both fun and terrible all at the same time.

The dialogue is cheesy, the actors look like they’re there for a photoshoot, and the action seems as ridiculous and over-the-top as the Transporter flicks. If you’re a-okay with that kind of cheese, then you’ll love the latest trailer for Overdrive, which you can check out below courtesy of New Trailer Buzz.

So the basic plot is that Scott Eastwood and Freddie Thorp are half-brothers who are also car thieves. They steal high-class, high-value, rare sports cars.

Well, one day they end up stealing the right car from the wrong guy, and it nets them a world of explosive trouble. Instead of killing the duo, he sets them on task to steal an even rarer car from an even more dangerous fellow, and they only have a week to pull off the task.

So with a plot pulled right out of Gone in 60 Seconds (the Nicholas Cage version), our two anti-heroes must put together a crew, race some fast cars, and steal an even faster car. Throw in the typical kidnapping subplot, and lots of vehicular spins, powerslides and explosions, and you have yourself a nice little, high-octane, testosterone fueled romp; replete with a scene of sexy young people dancing in a club and a bunch of model-tier actresses chewing up the screen.

Essentially Overdrive seems to be the hackneyed remnants of the vomit spilled from a Fast & Furious hangover.

Even still, if this is a fun and entertaining flick then it’s all good in my book. It’s not like any of us watch The Fast & Furious flicks for their compelling plots or deep characterizations.

You can look for Overdrive to land in theaters on June 25th.


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