Palmer Luckey Smear Campaign Was Fake News, According To UploadVR
Palmer Luckey
(Last Updated On: May 1, 2017)

Palmer Luckey, founder of Oculus and former front-man for the VR company (which is owned by Facebook), recently left the company this year. This came after a tumultuous media blitz during the 2016 election season, where the media labeled him as a racist, sexist, Trump supporter, and smeared him and his girlfriend in a concentrated attempt to cost him his job and reputation in the public sphere. It worked.

Blake Harris from UploadVR is working on a book about the resurfacing of VR in today’s culture and burgeoning growth of VR during this generation of technology. While doing research for his book about Oculus, he recounted the events that led to Palmer Luckey being ousted from Oculus, and he realized something everyone with common sense already knew: the fake news media machine spearheaded by the mainstream media cost Luckey his job through propaganda malfeasance and misinformation.

The media claimed Luckey was a supporter of Trump; Luckey actually supported Gary Johnson. The media claimed he was a racist because his girlfriend was a Trump supporter, and they claimed both Luckey and his girlfriend were sexists because she was a #GamerGate supporter. The media established a harassment campaign against Luckey and his girlfriend over her affiliations with #GameGate (a movement about establishing better ethics in media journalism), forcing her to shut down her social media accounts, and forcing her off Twitter.

According to Harris, all of this vitriol kicked up over Luckey and his girlfriend all came from the media purposefully misconstruing his funding of Nimble America, a small political action committee who made a single billboard that said “Too Big To Jail” with a picture of Hillary Clinton on it.

In doing research into the matter for his book, Harris explains…

“Nimble America was not responsible for creating or spreading any memes online.
Nimble America’s goal was to take meme-like images [like the billboard above] and put them into the real world (via billboards, t-shirts and stickers).


“There is no evidence—nor, based on my research, do I see any reason to believe—that this organization promoted any sort of racist, sexist, misogynistic, anti-Semitic or white supremacist agenda. Neither is there any evidence of Nimble America engaging in any sort of trolling, harassing or “astroturfing.”


“Milo Yiannopoulos had no affiliation with Nimble America other than to endorse the cause and, in his capacity as a moderator of the The_Donald subreddit, verify that there was indeed a wealthy backer [Luckey] who had donated to the organization [a little less than $10,000].”

That didn’t stop the media from dragging Luckey and his girlfriend through the mud, so much so even the SPJ President, Lynn Walsh, commented that such baseless invectives were “not ethical”.

However, the media managed to do exactly what they set out to do: strike fear into the hearts of anyone not willing to toe the regressive line and support the candidate of their choosing, Hillary Clinton.

Luckey was made an example of, even though all he did was financially support a political action committee that made one billboard that said “Too big for jail”.

Contrast Luckey’s anti-support of Clinton to other celebrity endorsements for Clinton, such as Joss Whedon and the Avengers coming out and badmouthing Trump and talking up Clinton in an advertisement that gets deconstructed and lambasted appropriately by YouTuber DuckSpeak.

None of the Avengers cast were dragged through the mud for openly badmouthing Trump, nor were their careers or fame put in jeopardy at the behest of the mainstream media. Instead, they received support for their actions.

The media’s response to the anti-Trump PACs were supportive and positive, saying the Avengers were assembled to “Save the Day”.

Luckey paid in less than $10,000 to an anti-Clinton ad without adding any sort of personal message, and he was labeled as a racist, sexist, Trump-supporting misogynist.

Harris was disgusted at the media’s clear bias and “fake news” propaganda, writing…

“Ars Technica’s How your Oculus Rift is secretly funding Donald Trump’s racist meme wars or Boing Boing‘s Facebook ‘near-billionaire’ Palmer Luckey secretly funding racist pro-Trump hate meme machine—as well as the social media assassination of Palmer Luckey (and his girlfriend).


“An assassination that, by the way, I’d argue would have been warranted…if what was described in those headlines had actually been true. But that’s just not the case. Not even close.”

Unfortunately, calling out the media’s lies now is too little, too late.

Journalists who should have got out in front of the news and took to task the other unethical journalists driving the smear campaign through the driveway of Palmer Luckey’s reputation. Instead, people like Blake Harris sat back and watched just until it served his own interest to fact check for his own book.

This isn’t the first or last time the media will run such smears, but don’t expect journalists like Harris to speak up until it serves their own interest. Besides, it appears the only people who care about ethics in media journalism have to fight tooth and nail to get the issue into the public sphere, only to be condemned as “sexist misogynists” and have their freedom of speech impeached by bomb threats.

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  • Disqusted

    Not surprising at all. As far as I’m concerned, all mainstream news is fake news. They only report what they want us to know, and dictate how they think we should react. I don’t need paid liars to tell me how to behave like a decent human being.

    They like to mix a few facts in with their lies, to make people think everything they’re saying must be true. They also report things in a way that people want to believe that what they’re saying is true.

    Of course, I’m not saying non-mainstream is reliable, either. Nobody should expect any source to be 100% true or reliable. We should always be gathering as much information as we can, from as many different sources as possible, whilst being aware that every piece of information may or may not be inaccurate, or even outright false. Especially in the digital age, where it’s become so much easier to manipulate information and spread lies.

    Most people are too quick to judge and take action, even though they only know a tiny fraction of the big picture. They just believe what they want to believe.

  • AlecJ

    Every time those naive fuckers at Giant Bomb bad mouth Luckey on the pure basis of slander pushed by the slap nuts, San Fran clown clan, i wanna seriously flick their ear and let them know how incredibly sinister their religion of echo chamber reach arounds has become.

    They seem like decent guys but are so fricken programmed to bend over at first stank of the virtue signal, they semi literally jerk themselves until lathered about the latest cis gender fictional super villain like theyre nonplussed by North Korean internet censors

    Its all very joyless.

  • Bamf

    I like Thor. He stayed out of this shit 🙂

    • LurkerJK

      Yes, he was too busy making Ghostbusters

  • anopolis

    when will this shit end?? i mean…at first I was against trumps stance on the media..( not that i trusted them, but for the sake of free press I disagree’d) but now…fuck em fuck em all…these asswipes that make up shit should be prosecuted. what the ever lovin fuck happened to journalistic integrity?? How dare these little shits consider themselves press…the words they write should hurt..they should bleed ..but NOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooo..whatever the bias of the day is…just follow like little fucking sheep. I hate the media more than pedophiles…and lemmie tell you..i wouldn’t pee on a pedo if he were begging for urine while in a white hot pile of liquid MAGMA…i love that word magma….its hot…fuck you media..i hope you die.

    • I don’t like Trump, but I definitely agreed with him about tightening up the libel laws so more media outlets could be prosecuted for libel and defamation. Too bad he’s too much of an idiot to know how to better improve libel statues to prevent more of these kind of cases from popping up.

      A lot of people cried “muh freedom of speech” in defense of corrupt MSM, but they only say that because it’s not their lives being ruined by blatantly false bullcrap and lies designed to defame and crush their livelihood.

      • Alistair

        Hmm does freedom of speech of the media to piss on consumer and viewers.

        Does freedom of speech give the right for censorship bullshit in media like games and other media platforms.

        The MSM never hear of give and take.

      • mikebrand83

        > There are limits to free speech!
        The same people:
        > The MSM should be able to print whatever​ they want (as long as they toe our line)!

        The irony is that even if defamation/libel laws are changed so it’s easier for common folk to sue the MSM, that does nothing to change the protection of press freedom… By the very fact that the truth would still be an absolute defence (even ignoring the inherent financial advantage held by the big/mega media corps).

      • d0x360

        The laws don’t need to be tightened up, the problem is nobody ever takes People or media to court to sue them when they start spreading the false information​.

        Until people finally​ do we can continue to expect this nonsense to take place. The real issue is the fact that it’s prohibitively expensive to actually Sue and it can also take years.

        The entire legal system is this way and that’s not something Trump can fix. There is no equal playing field in a court of law. Whoever has the most money has the major advantage.

      • Disqusted

        I noticed that with most people in the West. They have complete lack of empathy, sympathy, interest and understanding, up until they’re the ones getting shafted up the ass. By then, it’s waaay too late. They always seem to act like, “it doesn’t affect me personally now, so it never will”.

        What makes you say Trump is an idiot? I don’t really know enough to have a proper opinion, but the impression I get is a lot of corrupt politicians are trying real hard to stop him from doing anything, and using that to make him look like an impotent idiot.

        So I feel like it’s hard to tell how much of it is Trump and how much of it is the media/corrupt assholes making up bullshit. I don’t trust any of them.

    • Disqusted

      I think the problem is people assume the press is free by default. In reality, the press can easily be manipulated and controlled behind the scenes. You know what they say, “everyone has a price”, and for the ones that don’t, there are plenty of ways to get rid of them.

      People think Trump attacking the press’s lies is “an attack on free speech”, but if someone really wanted to do away with the “free press”, they usually wouldn’t be so brash and obvious about it, would they?

      Besides, it’s a fact that the press lies like crazy and cherry picks everything. If that’s what “free press” is, I don’t want it. They should be obligated to report as objectively close to the truth as possible.