Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days Trailer Fails To Impress Gamers Heading Into May 18th Launch
Resevoir Dogs
(Last Updated On: April 18, 2017)

Big Games’ cartoony take on Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs has received an official release date of May 18th. You’ll be able to pick up a digital copy of the game from the Steam store on that date. To accompany the news about the release date, the publishers sent out a new cinematic trailer to give gamers an idea of what to expect from the top-down shooter, and a lot of gamers just weren’t having it.

The cinematic trailer for Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days clocks in at just over a minute, featuring a re-imagined look at the playable villains from the movie. You can check it out below.

Big Star Games’ trailer didn’t go down too well with the audience, though.

So what was the deal?

Well even though the trailer did little more than showcase the group of robbers go into a back, shoot some guards, get shot and rewind time to retry the event with (hopefully) better results, it wasn’t enough to convince gamers that this is something worth spending money on.

According to the general feedback, the biggest issue isn’t that it’s a top-down shooter or that it’s a bank heist game… the biggest issue is that people feel as if it’s a waste of the Reservoir Dogs license on a game like this.

You can’t blame them.

The last Reservoir Dogs title from a decade ago was published by Eidos for the PS2. It wasn’t a masterpiece, but it did introduce some interesting AI mechanics, specifically giving players a lot of control over AI interaction, and allowing players to choose to kill or let certain people live. It was a strangely addictive game with quite a bit of replayability despite the levels being linear and the gunplay being mediocre.

In this case, however, gamers just aren’t convinced right now that this arcade-style, top-down shooter is a game that deserves to be attached to a brand that was very story-heavy. A few people suggested that this should have been a game made by Telltale Games.

Anyway, Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days is due for release on May 18th. You can learn more about the missions and gameplay by visiting the Steam store page.

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  • durka durka

    The old reservoir dogs game was good enough, i mean fuck what you expect from a game?

    • I admit that I played it way more than I should have. It was strangely addictive, mostly because it worked as intended.

  • Any whining of there being no strong, independent, I-don’t-need-no-man obnoxious Mary Sue female protagonist yet?

    • Shocked they didn’t turn Mr. Pink into one, actually.

      • Disqusted

        I seriously thought that too. He probably has a big sidestory about secretly identifying as a pansexual inflatable dragon car.

      • durka durka

        well mrpink is already a giant faggot in the movie.

        • You’re right… they should leave him alone and make a new character named Ms. Red.

  • SevTheBear

    looks very forgettable

  • Pratim Gupta

    Mr.Brown looks like Heavy from TF2

  • Disqusted

    I guess this is another case of “they should have made an original IP instead of riding an existing one”? Then people wouldn’t have their expectations betrayed.

    Also wouldn’t be surprised if people are downvoting it because no strong, independent female protagonist. The media tells me that’s a BIG THING.

  • Gorgon

    There is no need for Reservoir Dogs games, since GTA series exist, and is extremely good at Tarantino-esque characters and story.

    • This is true.

      But improving or making new heist games that alter the formula is never bad. As good as GTA V was with its heist, I still like the ones in Payday 2 as well. The original Reservoir Dogs didn’t have a bad setup either.

      This game just seems kind of a half-arsed compared to the others though.

      • Gorgon

        Agreed. A game using Reservoir Dogs name is pretty much destined to be a cheap cash grab at best however, let’s be honest here.