Senran Kagura For Nintendo Switch Promises HD Rumble Boob-Physics
Senran Kagura Nintendo Switch
(Last Updated On: April 14, 2017)

Tamsoft and Marvelous Entertainment will be releasing some version of Senran Kagura onto the Nintendo Switch at some point later this year. The game was supposed to be announced for the Switch during the April 12th edition of the Nintendo Direct but somehow missed out.

The working title for the game is a bit odd, and there’s no direct translation for the name シノビリフレ, but the closest — in terms of English pronunciation and the lack of direct meaning for “Fure” in English or in Japanese, other than a Japanese surname — is possibly Senran Kagura: Shinobi Fury, or Senran Kagura: Shinobi Refresh (since “Refure” isn’t a word either).

Anyway, Nintendo Life spotted a post on the official Nintendo of Japan’s YouTube channel featuring a minute long segment for Senran Kagura on the Switch, majority of which is compromised of how they plan on implementing HD rumble effects to coincide with squeezing titties and jiggly breasts.

Based on the last part at the end, it appears as if they’re trying to capture the feel of big soft titties being squeezed in your hands.

Nintendo never expected the Joy-Con to bring such joy to gamers.

The Senran Kagura series has always been known to push the boundaries between excellent smooth-as-sunbathed-legs gameplay and super-ecchi content. You have to balance between using both heads to enjoy the games to their fullest.

According to Censored Gaming the title is expected to launch in 2017, and the genre for the title has not been decided yet.

In this case, if Tamsoft is sincere and the HD rumble is used to elevate boob physics to the next evolution of 3D mammary science, then we could see a whole new way for gamers to experience the Senran Kagura games.

It would also be amazing if Marvelous decided to make the Switch their home base for their games. It would be a devastating blow to PS4 gamers, for sure. Nevertheless, you can expect to see Senran Kagura on the Switch at some point in the future. It’s hard to tell if this game will come to the West, especially with how mainstream the Switch has become. There’s a big risk of SJWs completely dragging XSeed Games and Marvelous through the mud if they ever caught wind of their next-gen boob mechanics.

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  • Itachi UcHiha

    It’s a shame that gaming news sites like this don’t get enough attention.

    • Meh, we get enough attention. Too much attention and we’d have to deal with an influx of SJWs. We still deal with them occasionally, but just about everybody who visits this site are real hardcore gamers.

  • Mr.Towel

    You can be sure that if they truly implement the boob squeezing feeling with the joycon, there will be a deafening scream from the harpies telling us this game teach men to grope and rape.

    • Check the headlines from the usual suspects… they’re already revving the vocal chords.

  • There’s a big risk of SJWs completely dragging XSeed Games and Marvelous through the mud if they ever caught wind of their next-gen boob mechanics.

    As opposed to every time? Literally nothing stops XSEED. The only possible way to harm them would be to get the mainstream media to pull a manufactured controversy surrounding children’s safety, like with YouTube. But the game is too niche for them to care at this point.

  • mikebrand83

    Brought to you by the same people who created Senran Kagura in the first place because​ he concluded 3DS = people wants to see 3D boobs, lol.