SJW Awareness Is A Steam Curator That Warns You About SJW Games
Hatred - SJW Awareness

There are Steam curators out there for top-quality games featuring must-have waifus. There are Steam curators out there for games featuring a lot of sexy-time. There are Steam curators out there for games with only female protagonists; curators for strategy games; curators for notifying people about censored games; and even curators that focus on making the “wee wee juice” flow. Well, with so many different curators for Steam out there, it should come as no surprise that there’s now a curator that curates SJW content.

For those of you who don’t know, the presence of Social Justice Warriors have recently grown over the years, and since about 2012 they’ve been aggressively advocating for more political correctness in our media. They push for censorship, and even use violence to curb freedom of speech, as evident with speakers like Milo Yiannopoulos and Ann Coulter not being able to give speeches at universities under threat of violence, as reported by NPR and Fox News Insider.

SJWs have been especially aggressive in pushing developers toward censorship, or actively taking roles on localization teams to censor many games coming from out of Asia, such as Blade & Soul, Tokyo Mirage Sessions, Fatal Frame 5 and even Fire Emblem: Fates.

Well, one curator couldn’t take it anymore and decided to put together a Steam curation list of games either affected by or advocating for SJW sociopolitical ideologies, usually centered around third-wave feminism and Cultural Marxism.

The name of the group is called “SJW Awareness”.

It’s a fairly recent group that popped up at the end of March and only has one member at the moment, Sierra Madre.

According to Madre, he explains what the group is about and what purpose it serves, writing in the description…

”Tired of trying out a game and find out it’s lead character is a Mary Sue who don’t need no man? Tired of certain video game “”Journalists”” give 10’s to a game that’s pandering to their Far-Left, Marxist ideology? Tired of looking up a developer to an upcoming game and seeing them talk how stupid their own audience is while talking about how all white people are racists? Tired of being called a racist, sexist, or mysoginyst for having the wrong opinions?


”Well here’s the group for you where you can put your money to the right people. Send a message and say no to Social Justice, Feminist, and other Progressives by not giving them money for their product and spread the message on what they believe. “

There are multiple links to sources of how a game is depicted or portrayed as being part of the SJW ideology, including links to TechRaptor and One Angry Gamer.

Strangely, the appearance of this group actually angered Social Justice Warriors. An unironic community centered around circlejerking about video game circlejerking, conveniently called Gaming Circlejerk, actually made a post dedicated to berating the SJW Awareness curation community.

The curation group doesn’t have any members, and some of the entries for some games are copied and pasted into other entries, such as the one for Rust and Garry’s Mod.

Other games, like Dying Light, failed to get a recommendation because apparently the developers removed a line about a female character having acid thrown in her face.

Games like Yooka-Laylee get the thumbs down from SJW Awareness due to what transpired involving Playtonic getting involved in identity politics over a JonTron kerfuffle, which resulted in him being removed from the game due to a difference of opinion.

Other games like Life Is Strange is listed for being an “SJW wetdream”, and Christine Love’s Ladykiller in a Bind is listed due to the undisclosed connections the developer has with SJW game journalists.

Only a few games are actually recommended by the curator, including Destructive Creations’ Hatred, which gets a nod only because SJWs complained to Valve about it in hopes of getting it banned from the Steam store. In actuality, the requests did work and Valve did originally ban Hatred, but Gabe Newell stepped in and restored the game, as reported by GameZone.

Some people think the group is a troll group, others think it’s a joke, some think it’s fine and could use some refinement to inform people about SJW topics in video games.


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