SJW Awareness Is A Steam Curator That Warns You About SJW Games
Hatred - SJW Awareness
(Last Updated On: April 30, 2017)

There are Steam curators out there for top-quality games featuring must-have waifus. There are Steam curators out there for games featuring a lot of sexy-time. There are Steam curators out there for games with only female protagonists; curators for strategy games; curators for notifying people about censored games; and even curators that focus on making the “wee wee juice” flow. Well, with so many different curators for Steam out there, it should come as no surprise that there’s now a curator that curates SJW content.

For those of you who don’t know, the presence of Social Justice Warriors have recently grown over the years, and since about 2012 they’ve been aggressively advocating for more political correctness in our media. They push for censorship, and even use violence to curb freedom of speech, as evident with speakers like Milo Yiannopoulos and Ann Coulter not being able to give speeches at universities under threat of violence, as reported by NPR and Fox News Insider.

SJWs have been especially aggressive in pushing developers toward censorship, or actively taking roles on localization teams to censor many games coming from out of Asia, such as Blade & Soul, Tokyo Mirage Sessions, Fatal Frame 5 and even Fire Emblem: Fates.

Well, one curator couldn’t take it anymore and decided to put together a Steam curation list of games either affected by or advocating for SJW sociopolitical ideologies, usually centered around third-wave feminism and Cultural Marxism.

The name of the group is called “SJW Awareness”.

It’s a fairly recent group that popped up at the end of March and only has one member at the moment, Sierra Madre.

According to Madre, he explains what the group is about and what purpose it serves, writing in the description…

”Tired of trying out a game and find out it’s lead character is a Mary Sue who don’t need no man? Tired of certain video game “”Journalists”” give 10’s to a game that’s pandering to their Far-Left, Marxist ideology? Tired of looking up a developer to an upcoming game and seeing them talk how stupid their own audience is while talking about how all white people are racists? Tired of being called a racist, sexist, or mysoginyst for having the wrong opinions?


”Well here’s the group for you where you can put your money to the right people. Send a message and say no to Social Justice, Feminist, and other Progressives by not giving them money for their product and spread the message on what they believe. “

There are multiple links to sources of how a game is depicted or portrayed as being part of the SJW ideology, including links to TechRaptor and One Angry Gamer.

Strangely, the appearance of this group actually angered Social Justice Warriors. An unironic community centered around circlejerking about video game circlejerking, conveniently called Gaming Circlejerk, actually made a post dedicated to berating the SJW Awareness curation community.

The curation group doesn’t have any members, and some of the entries for some games are copied and pasted into other entries, such as the one for Rust and Garry’s Mod.

Other games, like Dying Light, failed to get a recommendation because apparently the developers removed a line about a female character having acid thrown in her face.

Games like Yooka-Laylee get the thumbs down from SJW Awareness due to what transpired involving Playtonic getting involved in identity politics over a JonTron kerfuffle, which resulted in him being removed from the game due to a difference of opinion.

Other games like Life Is Strange is listed for being an “SJW wetdream”, and Christine Love’s Ladykiller in a Bind is listed due to the undisclosed connections the developer has with SJW game journalists.

Only a few games are actually recommended by the curator, including Destructive Creations’ Hatred, which gets a nod only because SJWs complained to Valve about it in hopes of getting it banned from the Steam store. In actuality, the requests did work and Valve did originally ban Hatred, but Gabe Newell stepped in and restored the game, as reported by GameZone.

Some people think the group is a troll group, others think it’s a joke, some think it’s fine and could use some refinement to inform people about SJW topics in video games.

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  • Raging Papist

    Good. I’ve wanted a group that puts stickers on games that warns me away from SJW faggotry whether it be from developers or whats in the game itself.

  • AlecJ

    The more information the merrier…..i always say.

    We all know thats not how the soft left (and ill never give them the respect of calling them the “hard” anything) operates though.

    Censorship in the name of curbing sexual abuse through verbal violence…..or other meaningless phrases built to excuse tyranny.

    Viva la Steam

  • Ben Champ

    Social justice warriors are a cancer to gaming and really need to just sod off and die. Every time they force their way into influencing games the games and the development companies come under serious fire and lose sales as a result.

    The most recent example of this was the racist developer who was working on the latest mass effect game who was posting repeatedly that he hates white people.

    Ultimately people play computer games to escape the BS of politically correct crap that SJWs are constantly preaching, and games have repeatedly stated they want nothing to do with it.

  • Mike Campbell

    this is they dumbest Steam curators I ever seen

    • Even dumber than the Wee Wee group?

      • Mike Campbell

        close but if you recommend like hatred and downplay hyper light drifter because the dev supports anita then they are no better than the sjws

        • ItEotWaWKI

          I… don’t actually disagree, entirely. So long as the product in question isn’t full of propaganda, so long as the creators aren’t preaching at me, pontificating from on high as if they are the arbiters of morality and truth, I really don’t care who was involved with the development.

          However, the things a dev believes or supports is usually a good indicator of what will be in the product. Recent case in point, Manveer Heir rants about the evil white devil on Twitard, later mASS Defect: Androgynous releases and the player is extremely limited when it comes to creating pale characters.
          Turns out, the limitation is artificial. The sliders can go paler, but there’s a numerical block, that the devs had to have deliberately implemented, preventing that from happening.

        • That’s a good point about Hyper Light Drifter, because it really is a good game.

          I’m more of a mind to let consumers sort it out in the best way they feel benefits them. I feel like so long as there’s a conduit for them to receive information, they can choose whether they feel the content that they deem is “SJW” is infringing enough on their sensibilities to avoid it or try it.

          The thing is, there are a lot of SJW lists out there calling games sexists, etc., so is it really entirely bad that people have information with lists that are opposite of that?

  • JeremyC9

    I’m glad I’m able to keep things basic, and not care about what the creators of games have done, whether it be pro or con SJW. I really don’t care either way.

  • sown laughter

    .. so everyone can’t make what the fuck they want with out some shit head getting butt hurt. So more or less your idea of freedom is to burn or bash anything that offends you Even games?? try Not supporting it if you don’t like it who gives a fuck . why show your ass to make a statement .because its sexist . jesus fucking christ you would have Hitlered in the 90’s or the 70’s . its a fucking game if some idiot takes shit to heart because they played a game the issues are with your mind and your ego. the deveolpers cant even make satire or creation games . garrys mod gets attacked because of porn animations so does source film maker . why because a few assholes used it Different than intended. Most of the time You all just LET IT GET TO YOU. fucking grow up and grow some reality checks. How about the fuckers who support this group fly on out and Petition GTA5 ya lets see that team spirit … right NO FUCKS GIVEN picking on the small shit cause your balls to small to fight actual fights what fucking corporate BULLIES

    • People can make and do whatever they want. There are tons of lists out there from SJWs calling games/gamers sexist/misogynist/racists so why can’t there be a list to warn gamers away from games/devs who are anti-gamer or anti-ethics or consider themselves to be SJWs?

      • sown laughter

        People can make and do whatever they want . yes and many do which is why we have laws for the amount of People can make and do whatever they want.. otherwise id be killing stupid people making ye old weapons etcetera. but we have internal morals and external laws … how about this How is SJW different than WSJ.

        • … how about this How is SJW different than WSJ.

          It’s not… the Wall Street Journal are SJWs, which is why they tried getting PewDiePie’s revenue pulled by making up the fake news about him being a Nazi.

  • sown laughter

    Oh for fucks sake! 1# Just don’t play the damn game and 2 # ask for a fucking refund and 3 # carry the fuck on.. or better yet MAKE YOUR OWN FUCKING GAME AND PLAY IT. Seriously tired of fucking nut-job groups that make Tipper Gore look like a saint in comparison.

    rather than sadistically bash others while driving some rebel flag name plate of pseudo justice of inane assumptions learn to ask steam for a fucking refund. some one shoot these assholes with a dose of LOGIC

    • Dank Farts

      shut up, they can organize boycotts all they want you whiny bitch.

      • sown laughter

        son id break your 16 yr old jaw . if you care to fight do more then toss it verbatim i am the crazy fuck who would bury you in my backyard trust me

        • Paul Darko

          You must be a nice person, wanting to kill somebody/ getting physical, because of a comment. Edgy, 10/10

        • ItEotWaWKI

          I grew up among religious people, therefore I’m pretty fluent in ‘moron’, so allow me to translate this last post.

          Sown Laughter:
          son id break your 16 yr old jaw . if you care to fight do more then toss it verbatim i am the crazy fuck who would bury you in my backyard trust me

          The poster in question is at least subconsciously aware they don’t have an intellectual leg to stand on, so, roughly translated, what they’re saying here is:

          Fight me bruh!

  • duder

    there’s nothing far left ’bout sjw’s…on the contrary that movement belongs on the controlling right.

    • MusouTensei

      The left is the new right.

    • Except it’s the left pushing everyone to the right by labeling everyone who doesn’t agree with them as an “alt-right”, Nazi, racist, misogynistic sexist transphobe. No one on the right is trying to push people to the left through ostracizing and denigration.

    • Ben Champ

      The regressive left is exactly where the SJWs come from, its the lefts inability to engage in normal dialogue with anyone. Its the left’s ability to use primary school level arguing tactics of petty name calling that is seen in so many SJWs tactics.

  • Utan

    > Tired of certain video game “”Journalists”” give 10’s to a game that’s pandering to their Far-Left, Marxist ideology?

    Who are those journalists and what are those games? I need them in my life. 😁

  • Phasmatis75

    To be fair while Dying Light (and it’s expansion) were good the developers openly admitted to catering to Feminists. When the feminists went after the developers they were shocked because they wrote a feminist character who was strong (and basically a little too perfect).

    Frankly when the developers do something like that the public should know. Dunno if they’ve finally given up on pandering to feminists, but probably not as their expansion was full of forced gay characters and how country folk are backward and oppressive.

    • Warscent

      Nothing is ever “good enough” for a leftist.

      • Phasmatis75

        Makes a lot more sense when you understand their long term goals. Regular people when we complain about something we think: Owe they must have an issue with this. When a leftist complains it’s to shift the standard.

  • Aldershot

    are you sure this isn’t a false flag troll? all of a sudden they’re crediting this site as the curator

  • Gamedick

    i want the sun to devour the earth

  • This is a good idea. If the group focuses on objectively measuring what exactly is SJW about a game, I for one would happily use it as a resource.

  • Alistair

    The Curator must get a warm thumbs up from me it refreshing to have a post about shout outs a public service that calls out regression bullshit.

    Name shaming is what they do, it only natural we do it to games any SJW devs gets zero money out of me.

    I liked to see more of these, it the only fucking way.

  • Jim

    Wait… Wait what?! You’re kidding me! I created that group so I can track which games not to buy for myself! Ummm, thanks? @[email protected]

    • Well now you’ve got nearly a 100 subs.

      • Jim

        I wanted to document which games or devs to avoid (ones that are heavily into SJW ideas or have links with them) in order to potentially starve them out of the industry. The whole “vote with your wallet” thing taken to its conclusion. I was thinking maybe a friend or two would join at best. How did you find it?

        I started it when I saw a recent link to the 2017 GDC conference and found that there was a massive 1.5 hour talk about “representation” and other buzzwords that I knew was SJWFeminist talk to try and push their ideas on people at the conference. So I made the group, put up a list as a set of reminders based on past incidents on who and what to avoid.

        I was aware and a part of GamerGate even before the name was coined when the Zoey post came out and found how much was being covered up. I watched in the background as things snowballed from there and I’ve been mega redpilled since. I thought I was a liberal in principle but I’m ashamed to even call myself that these days since anything with that label seems to be for Identity bs.

        • Funnily enough I found the group after some SJWs started mocking it. Some people linked to this site and began complaining about the ads and stuff, so I figured if they hated this site and hated your Steam group, it must be worth covering.

          • Mr.Towel

            That escalated quickly.

            Way to backfire for them, kudos!

        • Don’t worry, you’re not the only one.

          I think a lot of people, especially men, are getting extremely tired of the obnoxious, unattractive, I-don’t-need-no-man Mary Sue female characters that are forced into all of entertainment media.

          It’s also the fact that SJWs and feminists inject this garbage not only because it fits their authoritarian world view of what all women should be, but also because they do it to issue a big “fuck you” to straight men.

          As someone who has debated/argued with plenty SJWs/feminists in the last 5-6 years, I can tell you that they’re far more concerned with hurting and making it a misery for men rather than for the “female representation” ideas they peddle.

        • sown laughter

          Ants form where theres food you should be ashamed . if it was outright OBVIOUS then yes preach but Subtle re-occurring themes of character is usually due to Improv of character. meaning The devs were not once in their life a feminist a hayseed a black male ect But they tried their best to make due with what they found via statistical research.
          now if it was a game where a queer guy had to slam his face into a wall or a black guy had to collect watermelon and chicken as health items then YES those are OBVIOUS . your Group is bashing with slander.
          Attacking in only speculations only to have the “ANTS” swarm in stupid numbers to propagate HATE. more or less then they SPECULATE what isn’t right good or proper then slander it . which i could have sworn is an illegal practice known as Libel.

          • What are you talking about?

          • sown laughter

            Jim said he made such a group . well that would cause a wildfire of people attacking developers based on their amateur assumptions. meaning mild or minor issues they take to heart would become some grandiose mess en masse. if he does not have a control on what is seen as explicit .if there is no basis level to go by and its anything goes if its frowned upon that would lead to Libel and Slander as a group.

        • jlenoconel

          I’ve bought “SJW games” before. Firewatch, One Night Stand, and a few others. I got them mainly on sale, and I didn’t know One Night Stand was an SJW game. Thing is, if people can get these games for a few bucks, I don’t think they’ll care if they’re SJW games. A lot of these games come in bundles too.

          I’d be more worried about AAA games succumbing to SJW ideology anyway, because those games are what we’re paying the most money for, and most of us don’t want those particular games to become sanitized.

          • I’d be more worried about AAA games succumbing to SJW ideology anyway, because those games are what we’re paying the most money for, and most of us don’t want those particular games to become sanitized.

            I actually like that the SJW Awareness group have some good discussions breaking down what games have SJW themes and which ones get a pass. It could be a very useful resource in the future — just as you mention about AAA titles — warning people about whether or not those games we pay $60 (or more) for have those SJW themes shoehorned in there.

          • jlenoconel

            AAA gaming is shite now anyway. I’m much more excited about a lot of the indies I can get on PC. Games like Princess Remedy in a World of Hurt are making me excited about gaming again but in a different way.

          • warning people about whether or not those games we pay $60 (or more) for have those SJW themes shoehorned in there.

            In some games it’s not even just shoehorning, it’s a complete infestation.

            I don’t care how people say what a great game Horizon Zero Dawn is, the game completely reeks of feminism.

          • I’d be more worried about AAA games succumbing to SJW ideology anyway

            Are you implying that they haven’t been?

          • jlenoconel

            Oh no, I know they already have, I totally agree. I don’t wanna even fuck with mainstream gaming anymore because of it. Look at how many upcoming games have a female only option in them. Before Sarkeesian, it would have been moving more towards a 50/50 type thing where you get to choose your gender, but I think she messed that all up. Games aren’t gonna let you customize your character anymore either because of “sexist” outfits. She’s taken a lot of the fun out of gaming.

          • Even when they do have character customization, like ME: Andromeda, they uglified everyone so you can’t even make attractive looking females. SMH.

          • jlenoconel

            I am not sure I’m ever, ever going to play that game. I’ve not played most the Mass Effect games, so I would probably be better off with sticking with the original trilogy and ignoring Andromeda anyway.

  • Not Your Safe Place

    Gratz on getting top story on Voat!

    Miss the old Billy D articles on CinemaBlend.. I understand why you are self-censoring over there, everyone’s gotta make some money.. It’s awesome that you have this place to spread the real topics you want to write about.

    • CB is now owned by a corporate entity, so yeah… they have some strict policies on wading into politics and tone policing.

  • Mark

    aaaaaaaaaand subed

  • TheOnceAndFutureKing

    Steam continuing to crush the hopes and dreams of SJWs entering the industry <3

  • INB4 the Ironic censorship.

  • RichardGristle

    This is actually fantastic and I’ve been hoping for something like it.

    There are too many shitty pixel indie games on Steam that blue-hairs developed in their parents basement and it would be nice to have a curator that sifts through all that smelliness.

    I just hope it is indeed serious and grows in size.

    • sown laughter

      no its anti propaganda . more or less if it has too much titilation or some Anti christian message or sexist dialogue . aka anti freedom to art is what it usually ends up as.

  • Disqusted

    Hah. I think it says a lot that such a group has become a welcome necessity. That description is spot on.

    Last I heard, SJWs are still insisting that SJWs do not exist, despite the increased use of the term seemingly everywhere. If they wanted to keep a low profile, they’re not doing a very good job. Hell, we wish they kept a low profile.

    It’s also interesting how FAKE NEWS is still trying to paint Milo as a white supremacist, and claiming the free speech rally at Berkeley was a protest against Trump that was attacked by violent Trump supporters, and not Soros’ “AntiFa” militia, of which Berkeley’s first Latino Mayor is apparently proudly a member. FAKE NEWS is trying hard to paint that fully-clad-in-black, masked, bottle-wielding, attack-glove-wearing pornstar as an innocent victim, too. Because innocent people love to dress like ISIS ninjas in broad daylight!

    Not sure what to say. It’s crazy how “professional” assholes can just make up complete bullshit about events they were never at, and so many people believe it without question. What a world, eh?

    • Hell, we wish they kept a low profile.

      I don’t. If they had kept a low profile it would be very hard to call them out.

      People have only started to see Social Justice and feminism for the cancer it is because they went overboard in pushing their propaganda.

      If Social Justice and feminism wants to survive and lessen the criticism, the best thing they could do is to keep a low profile. And I sure as hell do not want that. I want the movements to kill itself like it is doing now.

    • Last I heard, SJWs are still insisting that SJWs do not exist, despite the increased use of the term seemingly everywhere.

      This is the thing that angers me so much. We all know SJWs are a thing and that they exist, yet they still go around censuring and censoring people who use the term, all while saying “SJWs don’t exist!” It’s both infuriating and funny all at the same time.

    • sown laughter


  • Dank Farts

    Finally a group that calls out the annoying faggots

    • sown laughter

      like dank farts?

      • Dank Farts

        no, like you.

        • sown laughter

          how am i the sexist bigot calling out for attention to myself , all you stated was hate . im more or less trying to go to the root of assumptions so idiots stop attacking each other

  • Pratim Gupta

    in the words the great Vivec, what a bunch of N’Wah’s

    • ItEotWaWKI

      I’ll have you know I identify as “Outlander”

      Check your native privilege

      • Pratim Gupta

        To the Slave pens with you

        • ItEotWaWKI

          Eh, I wasn’t doing anything important anyway, but you should know, I have a tendency to min-max, abuse exploits, and hold grudges. So when I get out, you and your Telvanni friends are gonna be a priority. BTW, I’m from the future. You won’t know what this means, but the Thalmor lose, and I’m the reason why.

          P.S. What in the unholy name of molag bal are these lizard bird things?! I’ve killed dragons that were less of a nuisance. Dragons… Let that sink in… In fact, now that I think about… everything in the past seems to hit harder… but especially those damned bird bastards…

          • Pratim Gupta

            Ah yes, the cliff racers, something that drove dragons out of morrowind, drove me nuts on my first adventure in morrowind.

            Dark elves might be the most xenophobic, racist, hypocrite race ever

          • ItEotWaWKI

            Eh, the Dunmer aren’t too much worse than the Nords to be honest, and Vvardenfell is their homeland. It’s the Altmer (High Elves) and, to a much lesser extent, Bosmer (Wood Elves) that are the driving force behind the Thalmor.

          • Pratim Gupta

            Dunmer are the worst of Mer races, they treat beast races as animals and beasts of burden, they don’t even consider them as people, in TES Redguard comic, they are treated worse than animals in Dres slave pens, a whole guild called Camonna Tong dedicated to kill and drive out all outsiders, they ban necromancy on Dunmer dead but it’s okay if they use it on other races, whom they consider lesser beings, they don’t even like Dunmer born outside Morrowind

            Nords are wary of outsiders, but if you earn their trust, they will become fast friends, they gave Solstheim to Morrowind and emptied entire snow quarter to make room for refugees

  • Strangely, the appearance of this group actually angered Social Justice Warriors.

    Is it really that strange that it’s angered them?

    You know how these authoritarian f**kfaces hate it when their ideas are exposed and put in a negative light.

    Regardless of whether it’s a troll group, joke or serious, I expect this group to be removed or deleted when the SJW lynch-mob brigade goes crying to Steam. I hope I’m wrong though.