Star Wars Battlefront 2 Trailer Reveals Female Protagonist; Story Is Canon
Star Wars Battlefront 2 Trailer
(Last Updated On: April 15, 2017)

EA and DICE followed through with releasing the new Star Wars: Battlefront II trailer. What I didn’t expect to see was that Motive and Criterion have been offering their services to help with the upcoming multiplayer shooter game.

The trailer starts by outlining the story of the female special forces commander who was engaged in the final battle on Endor’s moon where the shield bunker was located for the Death Star. It turns out that she’s like a Death Trooper and not the Tie Fighter pilot that we originally thought she was.

It’s a little confusing because it looked like she was wearing pilot gear, but they came to the aid of Storm Troopers and Scout Troopers on Endor’s moon, and they are referred to as “Special Forces”.

Anyway, the two minute trailer can be viewed below.

I’m not sure why they tried making Kylo Ren seem so cool in that trailer. He was a whiny little beyotch in the movie and there was nothing cool about him.

Anyway, not much more is showcased in the trailer than what we saw from the original leaked footage. In fact, I’m almost under the impression the leaked footage was purposefully leaked by EA just to see what the feedback would be for the game.

As far as content and gameplay is concerned, we don’t get to see any. Based on the way the trailer was cut together, though, it looks like there’s going to be a stronger focus on the single-player campaign this time around, similar to Pandemic’s Star Wars: Battlefront II. The campaign will supposedly have five different chapters to play through.

And the real doozy? Apparently this story is all canon.

I have no idea how well this is going to play out and given that EA is notorious for using social justice issues as a way to virtue signal in an attempt to make a quick buck off things, it wouldn’t surprise me if the game’s story was as bare bones as it gets just to get the approval of “Canon” from the big Mouse.

We’ve seen EA in the past use SJW topics as a way to drum up media attention for their games, from the fake LGBTQI bots used to mitigate criticisms away from Mass Effect 3, to latching onto the anti-white hate train with Mass Effect: Andromeda, EA is not above using sociopolitical hot-button issues to move copies.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Campaign

The game will also feature the Clone Troopers, the Droids and all of the special little gadgets and vehicles from the Clone War era. I do wonder if we’ll get all the heroes from that era or if they’ll sprinkle some of them out and then release the rest as DLC? I would be pretty pissed if I had to pay separately for Jango Fett and General Grievous.

Squads and the class system are returning, something that didn’t make sense to me as to why they were removed in the first place. The Star Card system is going away for a more traditional progression system like Battlefield, and space battles will be part of the base game and not sold separately as DLC like in Star Wars: Battlefront I.

Anyway, Star Wars: Battlefront II is due for release this November for PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS4 Pro and Xbox Scorpio.

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  • BSolo

    Stop crying.

    There’s been 2 trilogies, dozens of games, and 100+ books based on male protagonists… but get a woman out front a few times in a row, and the universe is overrun and you feel like *you* are in danger of not being represented.

    BTW, Empire cares about it being *humans* in their ranks, rather than other species. (That’s why Thrawn as a Grand Admiral was such a big deal.)
    It (the Empire) has been equated to Nazis because that’s easiest way to help folk understand. So kick rocks with your space Mexican BS – that’s not how it works.

  • Concerned Parent

    Why do women scare you all so much? You’re either cockgobblers or have never been laid, which is it?

    • You’ve got us. We’re all schlong slurpers. The presence of women makes us fear that they’ll impede on our schlong slurping sessions, and we won’t be able to schlong slurp anymore once females take over the space.

      All right… pack it up guys. We’ve been had. This Concerned Parent caught us. There’s nothing else for us here… we’ll go back to our caves and suck and slurp and savor our schlongs away from those fearsome, fearsome wemynz.

  • Concerned Parent

    Too bad you’re obviously a faggot who would rather look at a mans ass on his screen, sorry that EA took away all your faps you sorry fucking cocksucker.

  • jlenoconel

    F*ck mainstream gaming nowadays, seriously. Bored shitless with the constant pandering to SJWs and feminists now.

  • Gamelore

    While watching, 100% of my attention was distracted by the obvious pandering to SJWs — less the female part than the non-white part. 0% of my attention was on anything related to video gaming. Sad.

  • MusouTensei

    Yeah totally not agenda pushing there with yet another female lead, skip.
    If I need Star Wars I play Rogue Leader or the real Battlefront II, those games are still great, this like the 1st one will be forgotten in 20 years.
    Star Wars is dead.

  • Disqusted

    Not that I was ever interested in this to begin with, but I’ll stick to female protags who act feminine and aren’t invulnerable shallow gods of war, thanks.

  • GuyGuysonEsquire

    All these “Stronk feemail protagz” and yet all of them show no sign of muscles. Am I supposed to believe that all these weaklings are capable of tearing scores of mooks with their bear hands? Or is physical training considered as catering to patriarchy and “impossible standarts”?

  • Regarding this game, apparently according to an article on TGG, some SJW-feminist maggot named Madeline Ricchiuto from some outlet called Bleeding Cool has cherry-picked some “anti-SJW” material and used it to blame GamerGate for “misogyny”.

    If you want to get an idea of what this writer is like, I’ll leave you with this…

    “There are some guys who get it, or if not, are willing to let the nerd rage go. Because ladies, tonight is our night to break out those Aalya Secura, Shaak Ti, Jyn, Ahsoka, and Rey costumes. We’ve finally got a seat at that table, and we’re going to win it. Star Wars belongs to us now. Yes boys, we are taking another one of your toys”. – Madeline Ricchiuto, Bleeding Cool

    Link to the TGG article:

    • No surprise.

      They’re gonna keep rubbing it in the faces of people just like with Ghostbusters and other female-led media.

      The reality is that all this feminism bullcrap is just going to keep pushing normies away.

      A lot of people in the YouTube comment section are starting to see the writing on the wall. If the media just keeps hammering this BS into the head of normies, they’ll eventually rebel and just give up on this stuff.

      • Turbodactyl

        I would love to know if this libtard pandering hurts sales significantly. We know it has effected the sales of comic books with Marvel recently admitting to sales drops due to a white male genocide business model.

        Every lead in every star wars project since the Disney era has been a female, isn’t that kind of overkill even from a [normal type] perspective.

        • Every lead in every star wars project since the Disney era has been a female, isn’t that kind of overkill even from a [normal type] perspective.

          That should be one of the clearest indications that it’s nothing more than an SJW-feminist agenda being forced.

          But unfortunately there are still people who do not believe it.

          All they have to do is look at: A) the current climate of MSM, MSGM and politics; B) the sudden injection of obnoxious Mary Sue female protagonists in the last 3-4 years; C) the feminist ideology that social media companies adopt; and D) the social trends.

          There’s an obvious pattern and it’s clear as daylight.

          • jlenoconel

            Also, The Last of Us and Uncharted sequels/spin offs have a female protagonist with no male choice in the next games.

        • No idea if it’s hurting Star Wars’ sales.

          It has hurt game sales. Watch Dogs 2 has struggled to meet the sales of the original game, even though technically it’s better in every way (except for car physics). Dishonored 2 hasn’t been able to match sales momentum to Dishonored 1, and plenty more games (sequels or otherwise) are struggling right now in the AAA space.

          We won’t know how much this has affected Star Wars until we can get a full spectrum analysis of the sales data and chart the theatrical runs, especially once SW BF2 and The Last Jedi launch. We’ll then compare them to the other releases and see how well they measure up.

      • jlenoconel

        I don’t even fuck with mainstream gaming anymore.

        • Just go retro/emulation for now, and hope that when you come back, the cancer will be gone.

          I load up Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike on the emulator from time to time and I enjoy that much more than modern Western mainstream games.

          • jlenoconel

            I game on PC and play a lot of indie games (non SJW ones as much as I can). The mainstream industry is going down the shitter now. All it is is pandering because it’s all become too mainstream.

          • It wouldn’t be as bad if they catered to the Social Justice crowd BUT at the same time also keeping the existing stuff which caters to the original crowd.

            The fact is that now, the stuff that once catered to gamers and men has to be completely censored and banned and replaced with stuff that only caters to SJWs, minorities and female audiences.

            It’s funny because these SJW fuckwits are always preaching “tolerance”, “diversity” and “inclusiveness”, but yet are perfectly happy to censor/ban anything they dislike and exclude heterosexual Caucasian men.

          • jlenoconel

            The AAA companies care only about money. This is why I can’t be bothered with them. I set myself free from their trappings when I bought my PC and stopped buying $60 games. I doubt I’ll buy a game for that price again in my lifetime.

    • daniel_ream

      those Aalya Secura, Shaak Ti, Jyn, Ahsoka, and Rey costumes.

      Who the fuck are those?

      And do these landwhales even understand that anyone who dresses up as a Star Wars character is making a foolish spectacle of themselves in public?

      Go ahead, girls. Take one of our “toys”. Because we’re not ten-year-olds chasing each other around the backyard making “pew pew” noises. They’re just fun movies that have been getting worse and worse as everyone, including the creators, takes them too damn seriously.


    People want to keep on harping on the “Female Commander” bit. Has NO ONE heard of Admiral Daala?

    • Disqusted

      SJWs don’t care about past famous female achievements/high positions/characters, etc, because that’s not “progressive”.

  • HisShadowX


  • Muten

    didnt they just release one 2 years ago, what’s gonna happen to the people who bought that one?

    • LurkerJK

      They buy the new one and the throw the old one in the trash bin, just like every other Battlefield, Call of duty or clone

    • That one is dead to EA.

      Two-year turnarounds is common in the AAA business.

      • LurkerJK

        Disposable multiplayer trash, the way of the future

        Do they ever wonder if anyone would want to play this in 20 years like it happens with older games today ?

  • John27

    Leftists have developed such a racial hatred of normal white men that it’s gotten to the point where they can’t even have a white guy be the protagonist in a game about the Empire, an organization that is supposedly ‘white supremacist.’

  • David Digi

    A woman commander, let the ridiculousness of that sink in.

    • LurkerJK

      well, they DID lose

  • LurkerJK

    They *could* throw in a male main character for every 3 strong women that need no man mary sues, just saying

    I do like the empire perspective tho, I still hold Tie Fighter as the best use of the star wars franchise in a game

  • John27

    Cunt Wars: A New Bitch

    I’m surprised they haven’t banned the Death Star for looking like a testicle.

    • I’m surprised they haven’t banned the Death Star for looking like a testicle.

      They consider it part of a removed set, and a man with only one testicle is only half a man, and half a step away from being a eunuch, so it’s okay in their book.

      • daniel_ream

        They did blow up two of them.

        • Imperial Death Eunuch confirmed.

  • More reason for me to believe that Star Wars died when Disney bought up LucasFilm.

    • David Digi

      They openly admit to catering to women now

    • Narmy

      It died long before then.

    • LurkerJK

      It died the second they thought showing Vader as a child was a good idea

      Now we have crybabies like kylo ren as the villains

  • Jumping Pearl
    • John27

      A Mexican chick as a Stormtrooper commander? That’s forced SJW bean counting, not canon.

      Reminds me of the line from Aliens:
      ‘Somebody said “alien” she thought they said “illegal alien” and signed up’ – Private Hudson

      • GuyGuysonEsquire

        Didn’t these assholes say that Empire is now “white-supremacy”? Way to contradict your own message, retards!

      • Concerned Parent

        Like everyone on this page is a polesmoking faggot, I would much rather look at a hot woman’s ass on my screen than some fucking dude. I mean, to each their own, but you guys are too obvious about your cocksucking fetishes.

  • Ax

    no thanks

  • Vero

    Another forced female lead in star wars great.

  • Migi

    let the pandering begin. The star wars universe is pretty much dead to me, with all the new movies having characters with very little personality let alone a compelling story.

    • John27

      They weren’t hired for their personality, they were hired to tick diversity boxes.

  • Not that I particularly care about Star Wars (never really been that much of a fan of the franchise in the first place), but let me guess, yet another forced female protagonist to shove down our throats for Social Justice and feminism?

    • Pretty much. They even have her facing off against Luke Skywalker. Unless she ends up dead there’s gotta be some deus ex machina to step in to save her, otherwise any other outcome just won’t make sense. Unless, of course, Luke “converts” her to the light side.

      • MONAD

        I’m not so convinced about the “Female Protagonist for the sake of being Female” angle yet. One of the main reasons why Rey wasn’t particularly well liked (and that’s being generous), was because she really WAS a Mary Sue kind of character. Episode VIII will either redeem her character, or fully cement it as the Social Justice hamfisted hack that it is.

        With Battlefront II, I’m willing to forgive a lot of it, ’cause of the playing as a soldier for the Empire angle. We simply don’t know much about her yet to pre-judge it just on a two minute trailer. Regardless of how anyone feels about it, fuck, EA’s CG division certainly can cut an awesome trailer. And the whole confrontation with Luke thing could be simply just a confrontation there. I hate to sound like a broken record, but we simply don’t know enough about that situation from a brief three second clip.

        • LurkerJK
        • Jumping Pearl

          I’m not so convinced about the “Female Protagonist for the sake of being Female” angle yet.

          some quotes for you:

          Director of Star Wars Episode VII:

          “At Comic-Con 2015, the director of the hotly anticipated “Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens” calls ethnic and gender diversity in film roles “a big consideration.”

          Tasia Filippatos, Senior Vice President for Communications at Disney Consumer Products:

          “As you may have noticed, hopefully you did, the lead character in the Force Awakens was the lightsaber wielding Rae, a very strong empowered female heroine who really took the movie and the world by
          storm. Let me just say, you know, that was purposeful, that was purposeful on Disney’s part and purposeful from the filmmaker’s perspective to make that lead character a strong empowered female.”

          • Disqusted

            Ugh. I hate that word “empowered” so much. It always seems to imply that people are so weak and helpless and useless, unless they act like a “manly badass”.

            Take “the world by storm” my ass. That Filippasshole self-deluded regressive moron has obviously never seen any Asian media depicting “very strong empowered female heroine” characters for the past 40+ years.

            Nausicaa is always the first example that immediately comes to my mind. Says a lot that she’s mostly unknown in the West, doesn’t it?

        • While true….

          I would be forgiving if this was any other company that wasn’t EA or drenched in SJWism.

          I mean if she were a pilot I would say okay… a female Tie Fighter (or even a commander of a Tie fleet) would make a lot of sense. But she’s not a pilot like we first thought… she’s a special forces elite unit equivalent to the Death Troopers from Rogue One. It instantly gets REALLY hard to believe that the Empire would have female troops on the ground… especially as part of their elite special forces unit, unless she was like half-cyborg (but that doesn’t appear to be the case).

          In lore, it made tons of sense for the Rebels to have females on the ground because they were desperate and everyone had to fight. It was very believable.

          If the Empire could conscript the best of the best (or even use some of the remaining clones) why would they have a 120lbs female as a commanding officer of a special forces ground unit? If she were a Jedi/Sith, then that would make sense.

          Also, EA has been diving head-first into the whole SJW thing. They’ve proven as much with ME: Andromeda.

          I mean, you’re definitely not wrong about waiting and seeing, but even within Star Wars lore this seems silly, and it’s not like DICE are the best storytellers around. But yeah… we’ll have to wait and see.

          • MONAD

            I dunno, man. Keep in mind, this is the same universe that brought us Admiral Daala. She had to fight tooth and nail to get EVERYTHING she wanted. Maybe we’re seeing the same kind of situation with this. While I do agree that it does seem silly given what we know of the Empire from the Lucas Bible, I’m at least willing to hold off on judgement until the game is released, then I’ll likely rip into it.

          • I dunno, man. Keep in mind, this is the same universe that brought us Admiral Daala. She had to fight tooth and nail to get EVERYTHING she wanted.

            Dude, this literally ties into what I mentioned about her being a pilot, though. Daala was a commander of the Imperial navy… not a ground fighter.

            As I said… if Versio was a pilot or in the navy and had to fight and claw her way through the ranks, then sure that’s believable. But she’s the leader of the equivalent of the Death Troopers. It’s like a woman leading Delta Squad’s ground forces into combat or commanding SAS units.

            I mean, sure it’s possible, but even within Star Wars’ own lore that’s something that they veered away from on the Empire’s side.

            Heck, even in Daala’s own history they note how the Empire discriminated against her due to her gender, and that was just a woman trying to make it in the navy!

            I’m trying to figure out what happened in the Empire between the Galactic War and the First Order where a human female could excel in the Empire on their ground forces and command their most feared, elite unit? If this were the Rebels I don’t think anyone would have a problem, but it literally just doesn’t make sense according to the Star Wars lore established for the Empire.

            I don’t know if I’m making any sense, though, but hopefully I explained that properly.

          • daniel_ream

            Historically, female fighter pilots have been a freaking disaster. And you don’t get to be a naval commander without being at best a junior rating first, which means you have to be able to repel boarders, do damage control, load ammo, and a variety of other jobs that require you to be fairly robust.

            But it doesn’t really matter, in a world where space kenshi wave laser swords around and fighters go WHOOOSH in airless space.

          • But it doesn’t really matter, in a world where space kenshi wave laser swords around and fighters go WHOOOSH in airless space.

            Actually… it does seem to matter. In one of the Tie Fighter novels they explained the grueling process that was required for the cadets to become an actual Imperial pilot. It was a darn good book, and it reminded me of the earlier Halo novels.

            Despite all the space magic, Star Wars still maintains a sense of grounded lore that asks for a moderate amount of suspended disbelief. Aspects of it mirrors a lot of real life military procedures and standards, but then we get stuff like this new Inferno Squad Commander who just goes against all the standards that they’ve setup within their own universe.

          • daniel_ream

            I know Star Wars is the new Star Trek, but seriously. The Star Wars lore has never been consistent or coherent. I know a couple of people who wrote novels for them and Lucasfilm simply didn’t care about continuity, consistency, or correspondence with the onscreen canon. The EU used to have three separate levels of canon-ness, then only two, now they’ve arbitrarily jettisoned half of it. To say that anything is typical of the overall Star Wars universe is essentially incorrect. (I’m not kidding when I say that a couple of the Star Wars novel series were literally the author’s unpublished generic SF manuscript with the names of characters and locations changed to Star Wars ones).

          • The Star Wars lore has never been consistent or coherent. I know a couple of people who wrote novels for them and Lucasfilm simply didn’t care about continuity, consistency, or correspondence with the onscreen canon.

            Sure, there are a lot of fairly inconsistent things about the Star Wars mythos and lore, but there is some continuity. For instance, Kyle Katarn was generally accepted as being the one who stole the Death Star plans, even if how he got them isn’t always consistent.

            It’s generally accepted that Boba Fett survived the Sarlacc pit, even if there are some inconsistencies about the durability of the armor and its role in the monster’s death.

            But some things have been mostly consistent in the lore for a while: it’s generally accepted most X-Wings are more powerful than standard Tie Fighters and that Tie Fighters require more skill to pilot. It’s generally accepted that the Rebels recruit men, women and aliens of any race or gender to help them fight on the frontlines, and it’s generally accepted that the Empire mirrors a lot of its tendencies on fascism.

            You generally didn’t see aliens under Imperial command (but they weren’t against hiring alien bounty hunters to do their dirty work), they usually didn’t let females on the frontlines, and most of their conscripts (before Disney took over) were generally volunteers or those plucked from able-bodied societies.

            Sure some of the novels and games got pretty wonky (like Force Unleashed) but there have been some general rules they’ve abided by for the most part… just until Disney scrubbed it all and started from scratch.

            Honestly I don’t even know what the rules are anymore. For instance, if the Empire is okay with non-white women leading their most feared troops, then they obviously can’t be as evil and fascist as they’ve been portrayed in the past. What exactly are people rebelling against then if the Empire is now accepting diversity hires?

            It gets kind of confusing.

    • Disqusted

      EA + female protag + SJ mindset probably means she will be extremely utlra super powered invincible infallible perfect emotionless flawless. In a masculine badass action hero sense. Expect story to revolve around that.