Street Fighter 5 Mod Goes Old-School With Skullomania
Street Fighter 5 Skullomania

Capcom may not be able to use Skullomania these days in Street Fighter but modders have taken the opportunity to revive one of the most popular characters from the Street Fighter EX era and plop them into Street Fighter V.

Modder TheJamk posted up the mod over on his official Patreon page.

The Rar file is only 14MB large, and it takes Rashid and alters him to look like Skullomania. It changes Rashid’s first costume, so you can still play as the mid-east playboy with his other costumes.

YouTuber BlitzMightyN7 put together a video showcasing the Skullomania skin in action, which you can check out below.

The video gives you a nice look at the skin in both the gameplay and the cinematics. There’s a lot of high-quality details on the skin, including texture depth to give the impression of geometric tessellation.

Technically, if no one was ever told that the skin was a mod, you would be hard pressed to find any flaws in the skin to assume it was custom made. In fact, when you see the Skullomania skin on Rashid in the cinematics, it actually matches more than the normal Rashid skin. That’s some top notch work from TheJamk.

It’s a nice little tribute to the classic Street Fighter EX character.

Additionally, BrutalAce recently released a new mod for Cammy as well, putting her in a super sexy swimsuit. You can download the Cammy swimsuit mod from over on DeviantArt.

The mod makes some obvious changes to Cammy’s model, and BrutalAce explains that he had to give her an all new body, which is why the file clocks in at 71MB….

“The mod is particularly made to showcase her new body which is another mod under the hood, after Laura, RMika, Juri and Karin, Cammy is the fifth girl to get a new body and that puts me one step closer to the completion of my base body project.”

You can check out the mod in action running in Street Fighter V with the video below.

According to BrutalAce, he used 4K texture mapping for the bikini and skin, he included barefoot and sandal options, along with long and short nail options, dry and wet skin and improved jiggle physics for her breasts, along with refined collision detection.

BrutalAce does warn users that there is a bug where the physics will cause Cammy to disappear during Act 3 Chapter 1 Scene 1 of the story mode, but otherwise it should work well.


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