Street Fighter 5 Mod Turns Kolin Into The Sultry Poison
Street Fighter 5 - Poison Mod

Modders have been toying around with the latest character to join the Street Fighter V roster, Kolin. What they’ve managed to do is turn the Russian minx into the sultry Poison.

The mod is available right now for the PC version of Street Fighter V. Modder Megatonclaw has the mod up and available via the DeviantArt download page.

The mod is packed tight into a zip file that clocks in at 23.0MB even. It’s kind of hefty for what it offers, but fans seem to enjoy it.

As noted by Megatonclaw, the mod replaces Kolin’s battle costume and turns her into Poison, the ring valet for the gargantuan wrestler named Hugo.

He admits that this is the first made-from-scratch mod he’s done, but most people are showering him in praise for his high-quality efforts. You can check out the mod in action below courtesy of YouTuber BlitzMightyN7.

I wasn’t originally sold on Kolin as Poison, but her mannerisms and movements do seem to line-up enough for her to pull off the cosplay in a convincing enough fashion.

MegatonClaw did have to modify her eyebrows a bit, shrinking them down.

He managed to capture the hair in about the right manner, and the hat fits well without any obvious signs of clipping.

Street Fighter V Kolin v Poison Mod

She has the iconic falling-strap t-shirt on with the collar, bright red shoes, and the short-shorts that stop right at the archway of the moon’s dimples. The skin comes in a variety of different colors, some of which make Kolin/Poison quite pale while others give her a deep tan. It kind of offers a little bit of something for everyone.

It’s not a bad first effort at all, and if he keeps at it there’s most certainly plenty of other worthwhile mods he can focus on as well. Anyway, the mod is available for download right now.


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