Studio MDHR Will Release A Super Sneak Peek Of Cuphead Soon

Studio MDHR recently took to Twitter to show off a boss that is currently present in the game Cuphead. However, the boss is not accessible at the moment since the game is not out yet. But to ease the wait time Studio MDHR announced that a super sneak peek of Cuphead will arrive soon.

Speaking with honest intent here, Studio MDHR has created a masterpiece of artwork. Having made some animations and concept art myself, I know how difficult it can be to design a game like this and I can feel the passion and effort that went into the graphical spectrum of Cuphead. It’s absolutely no easy task to recreate that beautiful and fluent motion that see 24 frames drawn per second like in a lot of 1920’s and 1930’s Disney Silly Symphony films.

So as one would expect, this will take a lot of time trying to shape a game around such dedicated animations, which I’m glad the devs did not opt for 2’s or 3’s when animating, because that would be the cop-out route and would not show the ambition and talent behind Studio MDHR. This can be seen in the most recent post the team made on Twitter:

“We are sad clowns for the delays we’ve made, but please be patient with us on the “FINAL EXACT RELEASE DATE” :)”

But there’s good news in that a reveal of a new boss will be coming soon for folks to ogle. The boss will be new and will probably come in the form of a screenshot or teaser trailer.

While folks sadly have to wait for the super sneak peek, the devs released a GIF showing the Gemini Sisters conjuring some sort of fireball or light source that could potentially pose a threat to the duo that most deal with the devil. This is the boss mentioned in the first paragraph, as seen below.

Cuphead is set to release in the middle part of this year for PC and Xbox One. For more information on this game you can visit


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