Tactics Elemental Launches On Nutaku; Combines Strategic Role-Playing With Mature Themes

Tactics Elemental

One of the newest games to land on Nutaku is the isometric, turn-based, strategic role-playing game, Tactics Elemental. If you’ve been a fan of games like Tactics Ogre and Disgaea then you’ll be right at home with Tactics Elemental.

Adult artist Fred GD Art has made his debut for the first time into the world of interactive entertainment with the adult-themed Tactics Elemental, which is being published by Perry Art Enterprises.

Players will explore the realm of Nowhere, assuming the role of the Sage of Arach Niac, as she journeys with her company of heroes across up to 90 different battle stages, fighting enemies and engaging in side-quests of an erotic nature. There are 20 different characters to romance, 220 different interludes and more than 500 drawn out scenes.

The game even borrows a bit from Persona and the Shin Megami Tensei series, where players can use the Bond-Enchantment to increase their power and enhance their abilities to take down stronger foes. The Bond system sees players attempting to pair off characters with one another and increase their bonds to make them stronger, thus the more intercourse they have the stronger the pair becomes and the more effective they are on the battlefield.

You can see what Tactics Elemental looks like in action with the NSFW trailer below.

The game actually seems to be a real game. They even have a visual novel style interaction system with stories and character interactions playing out over the course of the game, giving players up to 56 different pairing combination options.

If Tactics Elemental does well enough they have plans on rolling out additional DLC expansion packs containing new campaign missions. They also announced that the game does not have any DRM.

If Tactics Elemental seems like something you might be interested in playing, you can learn more about it or pick up a digital copy from over on the Nutaku web store for $25.

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