The Fall Part 2: Unbound, Cyberpunk Sci-Fi Adventure Coming To Nintendo Switch
The Fall Part 2

Over The Moon announced that the second part of their sci-fi, side-scrolling, action-adventure, dramatic thriller centered around AI transcendence and a cybertopia in the far future called The Fall, will be making its way to the Nintendo Switch, in addition to launching for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The game is set to release at some point in 2017 for home consoles and PC. It puts players in the role of an old and broken AI module known as A.R.I.D. Players will attempt to help the AI recover from a collapsing operating infrastructure within her parameters before another presence takes over her routines for good.

Players will attempt to commandeer different android bodies for different purposes, utilizing A.R.I.D’s abilities to traverse the sometimes hostile terrain in order to discover a cure for the degenerative rampancy.

If it sounds like some hard sci-fi stuff that’s because it is. Game director John Warner explains in the press release…

“There’s a growing debate about the looming threat of artificial intelligence. Can we build an AI that serves us? One that we can control? Or at the very least, one that is psychologically healthy and isn’t a threat to us? For that matter, what is ‘health’? Can it be defined for the sake of building an AI, and do humans even have a good definition for that? How do you know that you’re healthy?”

You can actually see the game in action with a trailer below, which gives gamers an interesting look at some of the android bodies you can control, some of the puzzles you’ll need to solve and some of the action sequences you’ll partake in that features some really nifty looking choreography. Check it out below.

I doubt games like this will push Nintendo Switch units off store shelves but it certainly won’t hurt.

I mean the game looks indie as all get out, but it looks ambitious, too. I certainly can’t fault them for wanting to step outside the box.

The animations are a bit stiff for some of the characters, and the lighting could be improved in some areas, but if the story is well told and the combat and platforming is solid enough, then I think it might be enough for the game to get by on the merit of the quality gameplay mechanics it does right.

You can look for The Fall Part 2: Unbound to arrive for the Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC at some point during 2017.

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