The Path To Die Trailer Features A Journey Through Feudal Japan
Path to Die

A new top-down adventure role-playing game called The Path to Die is prepping to head into the crowd-funding phase on Kickstarter soon. There was a pre-Kickstarter trailer released not too long ago from the developers to inform the gaming community that the title is headed toward the crowdfunding service.

Indie developer Cat Logic Games informed their followers about the news following a recent update on their Greenlight page about the Kickstarter starting soon.

The Path to Die was originally greenlit for Steam back on September 20th, 2016, paving a way for the developers to release their title onto the Steam store. According to the update, they’ll be announcing the actual Kickstarter date and when people can begin to contribute “soon”.

The game itself doesn’t look too bad. Instead of being a typical survival game or hack and slash title, it appears to be more adventure oriented than a typical run-and-slash style game. The environments are designed to mimic the old Edo era of Japan, and there’s a certain zen element to the game’s design. You can see what it looks like with the trailer below.

The game attempts to use a more realized approach to combat. You won’t be doing super fancy moves with thousands of button presses and over-the-top combos. The idea is that sword strikes are deadly, and getting hit is even deadlier.

The team is also using a new technique in how attacks are carried out. Instead of relying on basic face-button strikes, the game relies on the motion of the right analog stick on a gamepad. Depending on the position of the character and the movement of the right analog will determine how the sword strikes are carried out. It’s not a bad way to try something new.

You can keep an eye on the game’s eventual launch on Kickstarter by checking out the Steam Greenlight page.


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