Thor 3: Ragnarok Trailer Pits Thor Vs Hulk
Thor Ragnarok - Hulk vs Thor

The trailer for Thor 3: Ragnarok gets off to an explosive start. We see Thor all chained up at the very start, and then he tells us that it’s a very “long” story as to how he got there. We then see how his hammer, Mjolnir, gets disintegrated and then everything goes bust from there.

The Thor trailer sports a Led Zeppelin song and moves at a brisk enough pace. We don’t really get time to stop and soak anything in. It looks as is some villain emerges and destroys Asgard. You can check out the two minute trailer below courtesy of Kinocheck.

The trailer does a fine job of setting up the premise of the movie. It’s hard to tell how much of it is Thor losing everything and Asgard being destroyed and how much of it is Thor trapped on the planet where he’s forced to fight in the arena.

Near the end of the trailer we see that the Hulk – after he was last seen on a ship heading elsewhere at the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron – has been captured and forced to fight in the gladiatorial games.

Thor Ragnarok - Hulk

A lot of fans have pointed out that this appears to pull stories from the Planet Hulk comic. Others are excited that this might mean we get a Guardians of the Galaxy crossover, since Jeff Goldblum’s character from Guardians of the Galaxy 2 seems to make a guest appearance in Thor 3.

Some people are a bit disappointed that the trailer felt a little too campy and lighthearted given the subject matter. Others felt as if Marvel is just going with another cookie-cutter story.

It’s hard to get a grasp on how “dark” the movie will get. I think a lot of people are hoping that the movie will be at least as serious as the last two Captain America films, as opposed to the more campy Iron Man 2 or Ant-Man.

I really enjoyed the first Thor and thought it was a great visual spectacle with some sound character development. Thor 2 was okay. We’ll see if they can knock it out the park with Thor 3 and if the Hulk will make it worthwhile.

The film is set to go live this November in a theater near you.


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