Weekly Recap April 1st: Pokemon Sage, SJWs And Yooka-Laylee
Weekly Recap
(Last Updated On: April 1, 2017)

The big news this week, aside from Palmer Luckey – the co-founder of Oculus and the man who helped revitalize mainstream interest in VR – being ousted from his own company, was that fan project Pokemon Sage seemed to fall under the spell of SJWs and cause some serious internal project strife.

And keeping with the SJW theme, website Comics Alliance announced that it was shutting down after adopting SJW policies for its content. Apparently catering to SJWs just wasn’t very profitable. Yooka-Laylee devs also double downed and refused to offer refunds to people who didn’t like the fact that Playtonic used the game to make a political statement, which only made matters worse. Now there’s a lot of bad blood leading into the game’s release during the first week of April. These stories and more in this April 1st, 2017, not-so-April Fools edition of the Weekly Recap.

Pokemon Sage SJW Implosion

Politics can ruin any good friendship, which is why they always tell people don’t talk about politics and religion during holiday dinners when you’re getting together with family and friend. Well, that’s exactly what happened with Pokemon Sage, and the left versus right political headbutting led to one member getting booted from the team, and tensions rising above and beyond the level of normal cringe. A horse-raising waifu game called Uma Musume: Pretty Derby will have gamers raising derby girls and racing their waifus across the finish line. Even though the Australian Classification Board rated Outlast 2, it sounds like the game was censored in order to acquire its rating. Call of Duty could be returning to its World War II roots later this year, and the Yooka-Laylee developers doubled down by denying fans refunds and making mountains out of a molehill regarding their removal of JonTron from their upcoming game.


Destructoid Updates Ethics Policy

Destructoid took a major step in the right direction in satisfying the fight for improved ethics in media journalism. Not only that but they implemented a clause that could immediately terminate a staff if they’re found to have been engaged in an avoidable conflict of interest. A new NSFW RPG centered around the afterlife called Karmasutra has launched on the adult-oriented digital distribution platform, Nutaku. In a strange twist, one game that was censored for the sake of SJWs was then uncensored after gamers complained about the game being censored… the name of the game? King’s Raid. And the one mod everyone and their daddy has been waiting for has finally arrived… that’s right, the nude mod for Nier: Automata is now available to the general public for download.


Dark Souls Is Done

From Software’s president has confirmed that he doesn’t really have anything for Dark Souls at the moment, so after this last piece of DLC… they’re done… for now. And speaking of the DLC… if you need some help with the Ringed City DLC in terms of finding weapons and items and armor, there’s actually a helpful guide that was released. On the PlayStation side of things, gamers are still disappointed with Sony’s April 2017 line-up for PS Plus games. And a pro-#GamerGate critic was scooped up by Slightly Mad Studios as a consultant to work on the upcoming racing simulator, Project CARS 2. Oh, the sweet flow of salt running from the eyes of the eternally butthurt SJWs… if only we could see that flow in action.


Palmer Luckey Leaves Oculus

Following the media smear campaign against Palmer Luckey leading up to the U.S., Presidential elections, the Oculus co-founder decided to go silent. In the meantime the pioneer for bringing VR back into the mainstream ended up having to leave his position at Facebook. Bungie officially announced Destiny 2 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One… the sci-fi shooter is due for release this upcoming September. The controversial set of articles that The Escapist published on Star Citizen have been removed from the site, and a joint statement from Defy and CIG was released to announce the deal they came to in order to remove the articles.


Comics Alliance SJW Anti-Fandom Site Shuts Down

You want to attack your own audience? Ruin their day with identity politics? Badger them for not adopting the regressive left’s ridiculous personal ideologies? Well, you can do that but then be sure to look at the diagram for failure because you’ll see Comics Alliance there as a prime example of a site that pushed SJW politics and anti-fandom sentiments. To no one’s surprise, the site ended up shutting down. BioWare will address Mass Effect: Andromeda’s piss poor quality come April 4th, but I tend to doubt they’re going to completely redo a $40 million game with a few patches. The Witcher series managed to sell 25 million copies for CD Projekt over the course of its decade on the market. And Funcom’s The Secret World is relaunching as a free-to-play MMO soon, so look out for that if you’re interested.

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