Weekly Recap April 22nd: ESA Misleads With Gaming Stats, Kotaku Starts Persona 5 Witch Hunt

Weekly Recap

The Entertainment Software Association released their annual figures for the gaming industry and they revealed that even though more women over 18 play games more than boys under 18. However, they failed to account for a lot of other variables and avoided detailing the fact that there are more women over 18 in the U.S., than there are boys under 18 in the U.S. The number fudging doesn’t end there, but also doesn’t compare to a more egregious crime committed by Kotaku.

The online media publication decided to take shots at Persona 5’s localization, attempting to create drama where none existed. Many gamers are claiming that it’s likely retaliation from Kotaku due to gamers having taking a royal, public dump on the piss poor localization of games like Fire Emblem: Fates, Tokyo Mirage Sessions: #FE and Blade & Soul, amongst others, many of which contained localizers who are friends with journalists who work for places like Polygon and Kotaku. These stories and more in this April 22nd, 2017 edition of the Weekly Recap.


Star Wars: Battlefront II’s Story Stars A Female Stormtrooper

In a twist that many people probably didn’t see coming, EA, DICE and Motive decided that the lead character in the campaign mode for Star Wars: Battlefront II will be a Hispanic woman. The real kicker is that the story will be canon, and will cover the developments between the span of 30 years taking place after Return of the Jedi and leading up to The Force Awakens. Also, the story was penned by Walt Williams from Spec Ops: The line fame, and from former IGN journalist, male feminist, and GameJournoPros member, Mitch Dyer. In news from people with masochistic tendencies… the lead developer for Mass Effect: Andromeda felt like all the game’s criticisms was like a punch to the gut, and most gamers said “good!”… emphatically.

Huffington Post Gets Trolled Hard And They Don’t Repent

Someone decided to take the Huffington Post on a ruse cruise, getting them to publish a purposefully inflammatory piece espousing racist and sexist views. The media outlet willingly took hold of the opportunity and published the hoax article, only for it to backfire badly in their faces when it was revealed that the white female they thought who wrote the piece, was actually a straight white male. Uber-burn. In lighter news… Halo 3 could be coming to Steam later this year, which could be a huge boost to the appeal of the series. Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds and NieR: Automata continue to tear up the charts, proving that gamers are truly interested in fun games, not fanatical sociopolitical commentaries with Tumblr-tier writing quality. And there’s a cool new stylish shooter game called My Friend Pedro due out at some point in the future.


Kotaku Goes Full Retard After Polygon Weaponizes Autism

What happens when a retard fights an autist? That’s kind of the story behind two of the biggest titans in video game journalism locking horns and twisting knots in sumo prick wrestling. Polygon and Kotaku butted heads over some Horizon: Zero Dawn drama and now Ben Kechura and Jason Schreier are mortal enemies, and everyone is better off for it… if only someone cared. Bandai could be getting in on the Super Mario Maker fun with a Pac Man Maker. Some new info surfaced that indicates when we might be seeing Cyberpunk 2077 making its next public debut, and it could be as soon as E3 or as far off as GamesCom. Crytek Shanghai has reportedly shut down and months before shuttering the doors reports surfaced that they weren’t paying their employees. And some Trump-hating SJW game developers told people not to buy their game, but people instead bombarded their Metacritic page with negative review scores. They’ve since apologized to Donald Trump fans and said they won’t be talking about politics anymore.


ESA Muddies Stats Between Male And Female Gamers

That whole 50% female gamer thing? Well, it’s a pretty shoddy stat that finally gets called out. The ESA tried muddying the stats between male and female gamers, and only does a disservice to the growth of the industry. Natsume has plans on releasing the HD version of Wild Guns: Reloaded on PC this summer. And Sledgehammer Games has intimated that they plan to make Call of Duty: WW2 the biggest game yet. The guy who outed the Huffington Post for being unethical hacks pushing racist agendas ended up losing his job for doing his due diligence, furthering the very obvious belief that SJWs are only making life worse for everyone. And new details and screenshots dropped for Code Vein, the new vampire game due out in 2018 from Bandai Namco.


Kotaku Starts Witch Hunt On Persona 5

Kotaku has decided to launch a crowdsourced attack on Atlus and Persona 5‘s translation based on… nothing. They decided to focus their efforts on some trivial aspects of the game menial depictions of various mini-games. Thankfully, gamers gave Kotaku flak for all of the nonsense they tried to put on Atlus, and a native Japanese speaker and #GamerGate supporter offered them some corrections. Activision finally announced the next entry in the Call of Duty series and it’s called Call of Duty: WW2. The Ultimate Edition of N++ has been made available for PC gamers for free and it’s coming soon to PS4 as well. The official release date has been set for Friday the 13th: The Game, and the full line-up of May’s Games With Gold have been revealed.

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