Weekly Recap April 29th: Snopes’ Fake News And Huffington Post Apologizes
Weekly Recap April 29th 2017

The official Fact Checker of the internet, Snopes, was caught peddling fake news by fabricating lies about #Gamergate without properly citing their work. This proceeded a rather satisfying event where the South African version of the Huffington Post was forced by the Ombudsman and the government to not only apologize but to make amends for propagating hate speech through their online publication. This rather blatant ethical lapse resulted in the South African editor-in-chief being forced to resign.

The classic Night Trap – an FMV horror-strategy game for the Sega CD – is being re-released for today’s generation of gamer. The title was hit hard in the censorship department many years ago and was pulled form shelves, but the remastered version will get a new lease on the shelf life for the Xbox One and PS4 this summer. These stories and more in this April 29th, 2017 edition of the Weekly Recap.


Huffington Post Editor-In-Chief Resigns After Getting Ethically Butt Blasted

Justice comes in a lot of flavors, including high sodium. SJWs cried tears after realizing that one of their own had to lose her job after she got ethically butt blasted by the South African Ombudsman for the News24 corporation, the parent company of the Huffington Post’s South African affiliate. This all came after the government came down on the Huffington Post for instigating and advocating for racist, sexist discrimination against white males. Take-Two took their legal matters to an extreme when they came down hard on modders for attempting to port over a Red Dead Redemption map into the PC version of GTA V. Disqus plans on ramping up their SJWism by implementing shadow banning tools. And Randy Pitchford got his social media rectum ruptured from the unadulterated ravaging of rebellious users who took him to task after he tried making it like Activision copied off Brothers in Arms with Call of Duty: WW2.


Brash Games Shuts Down… Briefly

There’s trouble in the modding paradise. As indicated in the video above, MxR – the popular YouTube channel focusing on Skyrim and Fallout mods – ended up allegedly getting hammered with a legal conundrum. Things appear to be settled now, but the video above goes through all the nitty gritty of what supposedly transpired. Additionally, Brash Games finally paid the ultimate price, shutting down and leaving their writers without a home… well, writers who still had their bylines. Studio MDHR may not have fully released Cuphead yet, but they’re not afraid to talk Cuphead 2, much to the chagrin of people who just want to play the first game. And Cemu 1.7.5 has launched for Patreon backers, giving them access to improved compatibility and far fewer crashing in a variety of games thanks to improved interpreter support and CPU stability.


Night Trap Makes A Return After 25 Years

One of the cheesiest FMV games from back in the day has now finally returned to form in the form of Night Trap for the PS4 and Xbox One. The game that helped create the ESRB has been remastered in partnership with Limited Run Games, so gamers today get to experience what gamers were playing in the yesteryears. The early DLC announcements for Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite has already managed to piss off some people, as the game’s content has barely been announced but Capcom is already selling pre-order bonus DLC. A mod for Mass Effect: Andromeda reveals that BioWare lied and that the pale white skin was already in the game. And Rocket League only had a budget of just a $1 million and only needed to sell 56,000 copies to profit. The team only had to settle with 9.5 million copies being sold instead.


Snopes Caught Fabricating News

The liberal leaning official fact checker of Facebook, Snopes, was caught red-handed fabricating lies to suit their agenda for news, making bold claims without citing their sources and using unfounded assumptions to shape their story. Viviendi is also reportedly seeking a hostile takeover of Ubisoft later in 2017. The official release date for Call of Duty: WWII has been set for November 3rd. Speaking of Call of Duty: WWII, Sledgehammer confirmed that they’re embracing progressivism for Call of Duty and will feature minorities and strong, independent women, but even then it wasn’t enough to please Polygon. And the XSeed localization issue involving the term KKK in Akiba’s Beat had a rather unfortunate turn of events for one of the localizers working there who is anti-censorship.


90% of Purchasers Who Wanted The Nintendo Switch Are Male

Nintendo dropped a statistical bombshell on the gaming industry, revealing that right now the major target demographic of the people playing on the Nintendo Switch are males. The disparity? 90 to 10 in favor of males. It kind of puts the whole 50/50 thing regarding male and female gamers to rest, eh? Nintendo also announced a New 2DS XL, due for release this July for $149.99. The team working on the SKSE-64 Bit have been pelted with death threats and doxing threats, as some people have become so impatient that they are willing to put the lives of the developers at risk. Capcom has a major AAA title that they plan on announcing soon so that they can release it in March of 2018, but they gave no hints as to what it might be. Many are hoping for a new Dino Crisis game or perhaps a new Devil May Cry. And we’ve got up a review for the newly released Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap.


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