Weekly Recap April 8th: SJW Comic Book Pandering Killed Marvel’s Sales
Weekly Recap

There were actually two really big stories this week, the first of which is that the Xbox Scorpio’s specs were finally revealed, giving gamers a clear and conspicuous look at Microsoft’s new system, which has three times the GPU power of the Xbox One, and it’s gunning for 4K at 60fps for many of its games instead of sub-4K at 30fps like the PS4 Pro.

The other big story that continues to keep people talking is that Marvel has finally acknowledged that shoehorning in all those poorly written SJW identity politics into their comic books has killed off sales in a massive way. In some cases their comic book series have dropped by 81% in year-over-year sales. Being preachy and forcing all that Social Justice Warrior nonsense into some of their most popular comics ended up turning off plenty of their longtime readers, and the SJW crowd was so tiny and insignificant that they neither bought enough comics nor supported Marvel to compensate for the loss of the typical comic book fan. However, the Marvel exec tried blaming it on readers not liking women in order for the media to run with the whole “comic book fans are all misogynist” narrative. Anyway, these stories and more fill up the April 8th, 2017 edition of the Weekly Recap.


Marvel Acknowledges SJWism Killed Their Sales

A Marvel executive finally acknowledged what we all knew all along: SJWs are cancer and they shouldn’t be catered toward. However, he tries to displace the piss poor sales of their SJW-ridden comic books on people just not liking females. Even still, it’s nice to see Marvel acknowledging that their SJWism has cost them sales. Xbox founder Seamus Blackley tries to cover for Phil Spencer and he explains exactly why he had to pull the plug on Scalebound. One of the things a lot of people didn’t see coming was Mad Catz filing for bankruptcy, signaling an end to the company after they’ve been in operation for years. And the latest version of Star Citizen has been released for backers, with alpha version 2.6.2 offering lots of new content and streamlined capabilities.


SPJ Hands Out Kunkel Awards

The Society of Professional Journalists handed out awards for the 2016 entries in the SPJ’s Kunkel Awards. The winners were mostly what you would expect, but there were a few notable standouts, including a piece from the beloved gaming journalist Brad Glasgow and a piece from Nick Monroe at Gameranx that also garnered some attention. Here’s a breakdown of why Cyberpunk 2077 might be rated Mature for nudity and gore. Fans have turned against Studio Wildcard like the WWE Universe turned against Goldberg after Studio Wildcard released patch 256 for ARK: Survival Evolved, and all of it has to do with the nerfing of flyers. Also, there’s some promise that a 64-bit version of Cube World could be coming sooner rather than… well, it’s likely coming later rather than sooner, but one can hope.


Microsoft Gunning For 4K Games On Xbox Scorpio

Microsoft wants to bring their 4K game to the Xbox Scorpio, including their third-party offerings. Reportedly, Red Dead Redemption 2, Call of Duty, Crackdown 3 and Forza 7 will all run at 4K on the Scorpio. A playable demo of Dragon Quest Heroes 2 has been made available, and there’s also a review of the game Herald up and available for viewing. Mass Effect: Andromeda has been cracked by CPY, and BioWare also announced that they plan to fix the animations in Mass Effect: Andromeda over the next two months.


Mobile Ad Pulled For Featuring “Sexy” Plus-Sized Models

If you thought that attempting to advertise your game featuring plus-sized models was one way of being able to draw in an audience, think again. The ASA deemed an ad featuring plus-sized models in swimwear while promoting the game Mobile Strike “offensive” and claimed that it “sexually objectified” women. On the better side of the political coin, at least a game that has no qualms about celebrating the beauty of the female figure is selling quite well… I’m talking about NieR: Automata shipping 1 million copies and selling 220,000 copies on PC alone. We have up a review of the very controversial Yooka-Laylee, and if you’re willing to separate the politics from the game, it’s suggested that the game may be worth playing after all. Microsoft unveiled the specs for the Xbox Scorpio, and BioWare also issued the first patch for Mass Effect: Andromeda that attempts to fix some of the faces.


Anti-#GamerGate Tech Journalist Fined $332,000

Matt Hickey just can’t catch a break. I suppose that’s the price you pay when you decide to spout feminism under the guise of being a male feminist, but in reality you’re actually a rapist. That’s Matt Hickey’s story, by the way. The former tech journalist is now facing additional fines of up to $332,000 for running his fake porn scam in order to lure lovely young ladies into his bachelor pad so he could sex them up and take photos of them. Gearbox Software also announced that they were cutting ties with G2A over the issue of having fraudulent keys for sale; this move came about after TotalBiscuit said he wasn’t going to cover Gearbox games anymore following news of Gearbox teaming with G2A for the release of Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition. And Persona 5 managed to ship 1.5 million units worldwide for the PS3 and PS4. Oh yeah, and there’s a free trial available for Dishonored 2 if you were interested in getting your hands on the first three missions of the game.


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