Agents Of Mayhem’s Knight Rider Trailer Pays Homage To Akira
Agents of Mayhem

Volition Software’s Agents of Mayhem hasn’t been doing so great in the PR front. A lot of the gameplay videos and themes seem to center around a game that’s little more than a reskin of Saints Row 4, but without the customization or multiplayer features. Well, one new trailer for the game almost makes it look like fun given the fact that it hearkens back to the days of old, the classic era when Knight Rider was king and Akira was taking the industry by storm.

The “Knight Rider” trailer features the actual theme song from the show and a voiceover from none other than David Hasselhoff. He seems to be getting picked up lately by one game company or another for a variety of retro-themed projects, including making an appearance in Infinity Ward’s Zombies Mode in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Kung Fury before that.

Nevertheless, the near-two minute trailer focuses a lot on the aerial vehicle stunts, and some of the other playable character hero classes in the game. You can check it out below.

First thing first: That nod to Akira with the Kaneda-wannabe three-wheeler is legit.

Stuff like that could actually tempt jaded cynics like myself to consider buying the game from a Steam sale.

The rest of the trailer seems to put it in line with other open-world third-person titles like Crackdown. There’s a lot of jumping and turbo-blasting, a lot of ramp-usage and vehicles taking flight. There’s nothing wrong with that at all.

The combat still looks like it’s the weakest part of the game, and they still haven’t shown off much in terms of AI being challenging.

As far as flash and panache is concerned, the game has some semblance of style, but the substance seems to be seriously lacking.

Trailers using old 1980’s theme songs and motifs will only carry you so far. The actual gameplay seems pretty derivative and boring, a problem that both Saints Row 3 and Saints Row 4 suffered from.

Typically in the comment section a lot of people keep saying they would rather just wait for Crackdown 3. I tend to concur.

They’ll really need to give gamers a reason to want to dive into this game other than that the trailers are a throwback to a bygone era. If they release it for $30 then I could see it being halfway okay, but nothing on display so far justifies a $60 price tag.


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